21 Best Bar Carts For Your Home Bar This 2022

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S.A. Yanes Modified: April 7, 2022
21 Best Bar Carts For Your Home Bar This 2022

Perhaps you have at least two types of wines in your prized collection. There are, most likely, wines for the most special of special occasions, hidden away in a cabinet. And there are some (probably your favorite weeknight bottles) that you want to be readily available at a moment’s notice. For the latter, a stylish and functional bar cart is what you need.

Over the years, a bar cart, or a cocktail cart, proves to be a handy furniture piece offering a spot for your wine, liqueurs, drinkware, and more. And not only is it a great way to showcase your bottle collection, but it doubles as home decor too. Even better is that most models are on wheels! Meaning, you can conveniently move them around the house come party time.

Whether you fancy a minimalist bar cart, a modern-styled one, or something that won’t put you over the budget, we got you covered. Here’s a roundup of the best bar carts up for grabs. Plus, a helpful guide to smooth out your buying journey.

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Our Favorite Bar Carts at a Glance

21 Best Bar Carts To Get This 2021

Bar carts are available in many designs and materials, from modern to vintage and from wood to glass. Considering that there are seemingly endless choices, deciding which bar cart to buy can be difficult. By and large, each is of high quality and accentuating any design aesthetic. So, we highlighted only the best ones for you! We rated each product with its overall quality in mind, as well as its functionality and design.

1. Best Overall: FirsTime & Co. Francesca Bar Cart

What We Love

  • Beautiful modern design
  • Features five wine compartments and six wine glass holders
  • Easy to maneuver
  • Versatile

What We Don't Love

  • Maybe a bit small for some

So, you stock up on a few great bottles of wine. Perhaps you’ll agree that good wines deserve the best bar cart there is for storage. Now, among the leading bar carts that you can buy today is the FirsTime & Co. Francesca bar cart.

Functionality and design are what we like most about this specific product. Having a 32.5 inches height, 30 inches length, and 12.25 inches width, this two-tier alcohol cart has plenty of room to store your wines and even your champagne glasses. What’s more, underneath the top tier, you’ll notice five wine compartments and six racks for wine glasses. Moreover, you can even use the top to set your favorite margarita mix and snacks! Maneuvering this cart around the house is also a cinch, thanks to its four swiveling metal wheels.

Touching on its design, the combination of metal and wood gives it a modern aesthetic. All in all, this stunning bar cart with gold and brown accents suits any kitchen interior. At a glance, it’ll surely impress your guests. To add, you can also use this top-rated bar cart as a coffee cart or as dining storage.

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2. Best Outdoor: Best Choice Outdoor Rolling Wicker Bar Cart

What We Love

  • Versatile
  • Durable
  • Equipped with an ice bucket
  • Easy to move around

What We Don't Love

  • A bit hard to assemble

There are good reasons why this particular product is the best outdoor bar cart that you can get on Amazon. Among the good factors of this liquor cart are its versatility and design. While it can be used on the poolside or even on the patio, this cart also fits right into your kitchen or dining room.

We also appreciate the dedicated space for wine bottles, allowing you to display the best bottles of sweet wine from your collection. It also has wine glass holders underneath the top tier, where you can place a few of your favorite champagne glasses. Another reason why we love this patio bar cart is that it comes with a steel ice bucket as well! Meaning, your favorite drinks stay cool while you splash around in the pool.

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Durability-wise, this bar cart features handwoven, all-weather wicker, and a solid steel frame. That being so, it can hold up to 80 pounds of refreshments for years! Moreover, for a complete outdoor experience, you can put your favorite cocktails and snack platters atop the 43-inch tempered glass tabletop. This outdoor bar cart also has a set of front-mounted wheels and a pair of handles to boot. Given that, moving this cart around wouldn’t be much of an issue.

3. Best Vintage: Haotian Bar Serving Cart

What We Love

  • Features a stylish industrial vintage design
  • Has wine and hanging glass rack
  • Features a removable top shelf
  • Has a 50-kg capacity

What We Don't Love

  • Somewhat difficult to assemble

Whether you place this bar cart in the kitchen, the dining room, or your vintage-themed home bar, it won’t fail to bring about aesthetic accents in the room! Why, this car from Haotian boasts a stylish industrial vintage design, befitting any interior.

On the surface, we love the wood effect prints on the MFG material, matched with black powder-coated steel frames. This vintage-looking rolling bar cart also features a wine rack that can accommodate four bottles and hanging glass storage for six wine glasses. Moreover, the removable top shelf also doubles as a food tray! This rustic liquor cart measures 90 centimeters in height, 40 centimeters in width, and 79 centimeters in length. It also has a 50-kilogram capacity. Having four swivel castors, with two of them featuring brakes, this rustic cart promotes impeccable mobility as well.

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4. Best Gold: Silverwood Sinclair 2-Tier Serving Cart

What We Love

  • Metallic gold finish
  • Sophisticated design
  • Has two built-in handles
  • Features locking caster wheels

What We Don't Love

  • Can be a bit wobbly

Put this wine cart in a corner and see it still steal the spotlight! After all, its shiny gold finish demands attention. So, if such furniture matches your style and taste, consider getting this Silverwood Sinclair serving cart.

First, let’s talk about its design. The entirety of this liquor cart screams elegance, having been coated with a gold metallic finish. Aside from gold, you also have an antique gold and dark oil rubbed bronze option. But whichever you pick will surely add a touch of sophistication to your home bar. Diving deep into its features, we appreciate its built-to-last steel frame and two tempered glass shelves. Since per shelf has a 50-pound capacity, this two-tier gold bar cart also makes for a suitable company come party time! Thanks to its two built-in handles, you can transport this cart from one place to another without much trouble.

Not to mention, it also features locking caster wheels. As much as you can use this serving cart during a gathering, moving it around and all, you can also station it as a decorative display. Just toggle the switch on the locking casters, so the cart stays put right where it is.

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5. Best Black: Nathan James Carter Rolling Bar Cart

What We Love

  • Has a straightforward design
  • Durable
  • Spacious storage
  • Features locking casters wheels

What We Don't Love

  • A bit hard to assemble

If you want a functional alcohol cart with a straightforward design, then this black rolling serving cart from Nathan James Carter is among your best choices. After all, this particular cart is outfitted with all the features you need in a good bar cart.

We can all agree on one thing: a black cart goes well with just about any interior. Be it in the kitchen, living room, or cocktail room, this furniture piece will look right at home in any setting! On top of the overall appearance, you can also rely on its durability, having been made with quality materials. The frame is made of sturdy metal, whereas the top shelf of glass material.

In the matter of capacity, you’ll be happy to know that this durable bar cart can accommodate up to ten bottles at once, including some bottles of dry gins like Tanqueray! Having four-wheel casters and a raised handle, this rolling cart is easy to maneuver as well. Not to mention, you can keep it in place when merely using it as a display, all thanks to its locking casters.

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6. Best Modern: FirsTime & Co. Gold Odessa Bar Cart

What We Love

  • Unique and stunning design
  • Impressive functionality

What We Don't Love

  • Can be a bit wobbly

For every wine lover who doesn’t have the space for a designated home bar, a bar cart is the next best option to have. Naturally, you might want to pick out something that is both beautiful and functional at the same time. And sitting between the intersection of impressive design and functionality is this modern bar cart from FirsTime & Co.

This liquor cart is about 33 inches tall and 27.5 inches wide, with a 14-inch depth. With that, it’s just as handy in holding a decent number of bottles of wine and liqueurs, snack platters, and more. In addition, it also features a gold metal frame and two glass mirror shelves. The open design also carries a few benefits. With such a construction, you can easily set drinks and cocktail snacks on each tier. Even better is that you can use this for coffee-related stuff and as dining storage as well.

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7. Best With Wine Rack: O&K FURNITURE Industrial Bar Cart

What We Love

  • Spacious storage
  • Stunning overall design
  • Durable
  • Has four universal wheels for easy maneuvering

What We Don't Love

  • Taller wine glasses won’t fit

In a nutshell, this product offers a fantastic combination of versatility, functionality, and design. So, it’s no wonder this bar cart with a wine rack is among the best picks that you can choose from. Besides, who can say no to a cart that can hold 15 wine bottles and up to 18 stemmed glasses?

Let’s begin with how stunning this kitchen cart is. Overall, it has a rustic and industrial look, bringing about a beautiful style to any room. The wood grain details are beautifully matched with a black sleek frame. Moreover, durability is also among its strong suits, having been crafted with MDF board and sturdy metal.

Perhaps you’ll be glad to know that you can even place other stuff on the top shelf, including trays, wine buckets, and snacks. As it’s designed with four universal wheels, with two of them being locking casters, you can move them anywhere with ease.

8. Best Small: Mind Reader Mobile Kitchen Cart

What We Love

  • Space-saver
  • Lightweight
  • Removable wine and wine glass rack
  • Two built-in wheel locks

What We Don't Love

  • A bit flimsy

This bar cart may look small, but you’ll be surprised at how efficient it is. Overall, this mini bar cart only measures 11.8 inches in length, 18 inches in width, and 39.2 inches in height, weighing only around 20 pounds. Nonetheless, function-wise, this small kitchen cart is among the best that you can get on Amazon.

Speaking of its design, this liquor cart has a rustic yet modern aesthetic to it. Off the bat, it’ll give a wooden look of sophistication to any kitchen interior. More importantly, it’s functional as much as it is exquisite. After all, its small size boasts many perks. One is that moving this cart requires minimal effort on your part, given its lightweight build. Next is you’ll never have to worry that it’ll take up too much space. So, if you have a tiny area dedicated to your wine collection, then this one is one of the best options to get on Amazon.

Another thing we appreciate about this particular cart is the four-tier shelves outfitted with a removable wine and wine glass rack. Not only can you use it as storage, but it also comes in handy should you need to serve food and cocktails. While doing so, you can rest assured that you can smoothly maneuver this cart around, being outfitted with four omnidirectional smooth gliding wheels. If not in use, there are two built-in wheel locks to keep this cart in place.

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9. Best Large: Tayene Bar Serving Cart

What We Love

  • Features a wine rack and a hanging glass storage
  • Made with high-quality MDF and steel
  • Has four swivel castors
  • Removable top shelf

What We Don't Love

  • Can be difficult to assemble

Say, the party you’ve organized is in full swing. And like any other busy gathering, going back and forth to the serving area for a refill might spoil the fun. That’s why every party host should have a good liquor cart. Luckily, we have on our list a quality three-tier wine cart to conveniently keep your bottles of liquor or flavored liqueur like crème de cacao and other barware.

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On the whole, this cart measures 31 inches in length, 15.7 inches in width, and 35.8 inches in height. There’s a wine rack that can hold four wine bottles as well as hanging glass storage designed for six wine glasses. Now, on the shelves, you can place your favorite wines, liqueurs, and drinkware. Not to mention, you can easily remove the top shelf, which also doubles as a food tray.

The construction combined high-quality medium-density fibreboard or MDF with wood effect printed and coated steel frame, ensuring many years of faithful service. Such materials also give it a stylish industrial-vintage appearance, making it a lovely addition to just about any decor. Whether your guests are in the living room or the patio, you’ll have no trouble serving them some wine, thanks to the four swivel castors, with two of them having brakes.

10. Best 3-Tier: Chara Vector Bar and Serving Cart

What We Love

  • Has enough storage space
  • Features a towel rack or push handle
  • Has four rolling spherical casters and two locking brakes
  • Waterproof and easy to clean

What We Don't Love

  • Quite difficult to assemble

A good kitchen cart should be able to hold wine essentials and more. That’s exactly why this particular product is on top of the heap. Given its overall design, it proves to be efficient just as well.

To start, this serving cart offers enough storage space. It features shelves with a single-deck wine rack and two-row glass holders. Conveniently, there’s also a towel rack that doubles as a push handle. Featuring four rolling spherical casters, you can swivel it anywhere around the house without trouble at all. Since the two casters have locking brakes, you can keep this serving cart steady in one place if needed.

While it may look basic appearance-wise, it doesn’t fail in functionality and durability. This product is made of high-quality wood and metal materials, making it suitable for many years of use. Plus, the surface is waterproof, an attribute that makes it easy to clean as well! So, no need to worry about spills and such.

11. Best Round: Linon Round Gold Bar Cart

What We Love

  • Versatile design
  • Features three wine glass holders
  • Has two wheel locks
  • Has dual handles

What We Don't Love

  • Has a small capacity

There’s something about a round liquor cart that looks truly dynamic. What’s even better is if it’s just as purposeful! If you’re looking for a tasteful and efficient round cart, you can rely on this product from Linon.

With its versatile and sophisticated design, this wine cart will go well with just about any setting as it provides a touch of class. It also features a mirrored top shelf, which only adds up to its elegant flair. Moreover, you can choose three of your most favorite wines that you wish to have on display. You’ll also notice three wine glass holders underneath the top level. For easy transport, this alcohol cart is designed with dual handles and four wheels, two of which have wheel locks.

12. Best Globe: Design Toscano Sixteenth-Century Italian Replica Globe Bar Cart

What We Love

  • Unique and vintage design
  • Functional
  • Comes with a bottle opener

What We Don't Love

  • Somewhat small

A true-blue traveler and a wine enthusiast at the same time? Well, check out this uniquely designed cart from Design Toscano! At a glance, this bar cart resembling a globe will capture anyone’s full attention. After all, it’s among the most creative options that you can spot on Amazon today.

We appreciate the fact that it’s carefully hand-crafted with solid hardwood. Meanwhile, you’ll also find the same 16th-century Italian maps usually found only on antique furniture on the cart’s surface. Moreover, this cart can hold your favorite liquor bottles, drink glasses, and other accessories. If you buy this, note that it comes with a bottle opener.

13. Best Rolling: WGX Design For You Bar Cart

What We Love

  • Retro design
  • Durable
  • Features four wheels
  • Can be used outside

What We Don't Love

  • A bit pricey

Roll it out during your next party, and this wine cart is sure to capture the attention of your guests. This rustic industrial kitchen cart, considering its design and all, is already a statement in itself.

First off, if you fancy a retro-style cart, then you’ll appreciate the vintage vibe from this product. Plus, it’ll fit any decor, and it can be used anywhere, may it be in your bedroom, living room, or kitchen area. Furthermore, this cart boasts durability as it’s made from quality pipe and solid wood materials. As functional as it is, you can transport this cart from one place to the next if necessary. What’s more, it features four wheels, two of which are locking wheels, plus handles. Even better is you can use this particular cart outdoors!

14. Best Industrial: DOFURNILIM Industrial Bar Cart

What We Love

  • Made of solid wood material
  • Unique design
  • Has a large capacity
  • Features wheel locking casters

What We Don't Love

  • A bit difficult to assemble

Another top-notch product that made it to the list comes from DOFURNILIM. In terms of style, this industrial bar cart makes a commanding impression. One glance, and you’ll be amazed at how its frame is innovatively crafted with a water pipe. It boasts a perfect balance of vintage and industrial style. As such, this wine cart is sure to be a scene-stealer.

Having been made with solid wood material, you know that it can last for many years. Moreover, as it has two tiers, with each able to accommodate 400 pounds, you can conveniently use this cart to hold your favorite wines or liqueurs and even your books! If there’s an event, you can effortlessly transfer it from one place to another, all thanks to its handle and four wheels with locking casters.

15. Best Glass: Christopher Knight Home Danae Industrial Modern Iron and Glass Bar Cart

What We Love

  • Straightforward design
  • Functional
  • Robust

What We Don't Love

  • Not ideal for tiny areas

At a glance, this liquor cart has a straightforward design, but it doesn’t fail when it comes to functionality. Minimalist as it is, this cart is one of the best ones made with glass materials. You can rely on its robustness as it’s made with high-quality metal and tempered glass.

First off, this tasteful serving cart serves many purposes beyond holding wine bottles for you. We mean, it can be used as a mobile stand as well! Plus, the silver finish makes it a suitable decor anywhere from the kitchen to the dining room. Feel free to place your favorite wines and liqueurs atop the glass shelves.

16. Best Acrylic: Christopher Knight Home Evee Acrylic Bar Trolley with Glass Shelves

What We Love

  • Sophisticated design
  • Provides enough storage space
  • Made from quality materials

What We Don't Love

  • Expensive

Whether you’re a wine lover in need of storage space or a party host, you can never go wrong with this acrylic bar cart. In the matter of style and function, this bar trolley doesn’t disappoint.

On the surface, this bar cart looks pristine, bordering on sophisticated even. Who wouldn’t want to serve wine or tea drinks in such style, right? The entire construction is also noteworthy. It has an acrylic frame with tempered glass shelves to boot. Furthermore, this cart stands at 31 inches high, 37.25 inches wide, and 17.88 inches deep. As such, it provides ample storage for your vino and drinkware, from bottle openers to wine glasses.

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17. Best Wood: Sauder North Avenue Bar Cart

What We Love

  • Durable
  • Features two spacious storage shelves
  • Has easy roll casters

What We Don't Love

  • Can be hard to assemble

This wooden bar cart is functional and among the most affordable options available in the market today. Not to mention one of the sturdiest, having been made with engineered wood.

The two wooden shelves are supported by a robust black metal frame, ensuring functionality and durability. Moreover, this kitchen cart can efficiently carry your wine bottles, glasses, and other drinkware. Now, should you need to transfer this from room to room, you can do so with no trouble at all! Plus, it’s outfitted with easy-roll casters if you need it in one place.

18. Best Metal: Signature Design by Ashley Kailman Modern Glam Metal Rolling Bar Cart

What We Love

  • Stunning appearance
  • Functional

What We Don't Love

  • A bit wobbly

This attractive liquor cart offers excellent functionality while also being a fancy home decor. Whether you need something to accent the room or you simply need a spot for your fine wines, this metal kitchen cart is a smart bet.

At 32 inches long and 27.75 inches wide, this stunning cart is spacious enough to hold several wine bottles and other drinkware. Since it features two shelves and casters, this cart also is a great serving tool during a party. Meanwhile, in terms of appearance, you’ll love its metal materials that have striking gold tones. Consider this if you wish to add a luxurious appeal to your room.

19. Best Portable: mDesign Portable Rolling Bar Cart

What We Love

  • Compact size
  • Durable
  • Has easy-glide and durable wheels
  • Easy to maneuver

What We Don't Love

  • No instructions included

Not everyone fancies a towering kitchen cart. More often than not, a compact and portable cart will do just fine, provided it’s well-made and of high quality. So, if you somehow have a small wine collection, this rolling cart is among the best ones up for grabs.

Thanks to its compact size, this bar cart will fit right into your bedroom, craft room, or small kitchen area. Nonetheless, there’ll be enough space for your bar essentials, having two spacious shelves and all. In terms of mobility, this product passes muster as well. It features four easy-glide and durable wheels, ensuring that every glass is filled with fine wine without your guests having to return to the serving area. And it even has side handles to boot!

Furthermore, the overall construction of this cart shouldn’t be ignored either. The frame is made with durable alloy steel and the shelves with MDF wood. You can also count on the durability of the caster wheels as they’re constructed with durable plastic materials.

20. Best Budget-friendly: FirsTime & Co. Industrial Joliet Round Bar Cart

What We Love

  • Stunning overall design
  • Compact size
  • Features four metal wheels

What We Don't Love

  • Can be a bit flimsy

If you have a limited budget, you’ll be happy to know that FirsTime & Co. offers an inexpensive bar cart. This round cart boasts functionality and design, all while carrying a cheaper price tag.

What we love the most about this product, besides being affordable, is its compact size. At about 33.5 inches high, 15 inches wide, and 16 inches deep, this cart offers enough storage space whether you have a small area. Because of its size, finding a dedicated spot for this particular wine cart is a breeze!

Moreover, we also appreciate the open circular design of this cart. With this, you can easily set cocktail drinks and snacks whenever. Evidently, the combination of the black metal frame and two dark brown wood shelves makes it a stunning addition to any setting. Plus, it’s easy to maneuver this cart around because of its four metal wheels.

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21. Best Luxury: Silverwood Serving Cart

What We Love

  • Elegant design
  • Impressive functionality
  • Provides enough storage space

What We Don't Love

  • Can be a bit wobbly

One glance at this wine cart and you know it’s bound to impress your guests. It’s the definition of elegance, evident from its gold color to its overall sophisticated design. More importantly, like most carts listed here, this one is impressively functional as it is stunning.

This wine cart will add a touch of class to your dining or living room. Beyond this, this gorgeous cart also provides sufficient storage space, all while being portable. You can place drink essentials on the two glass shelves from your spirit of choice to your favorite whiskey liqueur, say a bottle of Drambuie. However, you should note that each glass shelf can only carry 30 pounds.

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What to Look For In A Bar Cart

bar cart

Jeannine | Flickr.com

But, how do you go about cherry-picking the best liquor cart? Let’s face it: choosing the best bar cart isn’t a walk in the park. Considering the cost of such exquisite furniture, naturally, you must see to it that you’re getting your money’s worth. So, here are some determining factors to help you single out the best bar cart to buy for your home bar.


Before buying a kitchen cart, consider the materials first. The materials used, at some point, deeply influence the durability and the life span of the product. Plus, each material can be suitable for a particular setting or design scheme. Thankfully, bar carts today are available in a variety of materials. So, you have lots of options to choose from.

There are wood serving carts that make for a great choice, being versatile and durable. Such carts will fit whether you have a country, industrial, or modern home. There are also options made from manufactured wood (MDF). Though they’re much affordable than solid wood, note that they’re not as durable.

Meanwhile, metal bar carts are good choices in terms of durability and style. Glass carts, on the other hand, won’t make your living room seem crowded. All in all, always pick the one that ensures durability and top-notch functionality.

Style and Functionality

A stylish cocktail cart steals the spotlight come party time. However, picking the best one may be difficult, given that most models are on par with each other. So, to make things easier for you, consider the design or style of where you’ll be placing this particular home bar essential. Opt for the one that best suits your aesthetic scheme, with a matching functionality.


Moreover, you also have to consider the size of the cart. However, to determine which size is best for you, consider the number of wines and other drinkware you’re planning to have on display first. If you have a growing wine collection, go for the large options. On one hand, if you have limited space, smaller ones will make for a great choice.


Another significant factor to consider is whether or not the cart is easy to maneuver. That is if you’re going to use this for tasks that require a constant transfer from one place to the other. Choose the ones with easy-glide wheels for much easier movement.

Other Features

  • Locking Wheels – If you need the cart stable in one place, the locking caster wheels will do the trick. Such a feature also ensures that the cart won’t move in case you’re mixing drinks.
  • Shelves – Ensure that the shelves can carry an ample amount of wine essentials. Cherry-pick the ones with a barrier to prevent the bottles and other drinkware from falling off when moving the cart.
  • Countertop – If you’ll be using the cart when you’re mixing cocktails, make sure it has a countertop or a flat surface.
  • Handles – Handles are also an important feature. Most models have single or dual handles. Either way, always pick the one that promotes better grip.
Share your thoughts on the best bar carts for your home bar this 2022 in the Kitchen Equipment forum section.

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