15 Refreshing Strawberry Cocktails For The Perfect Summer

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Cherin Modified: May 17, 2022
15 Refreshing Strawberry Cocktails For The Perfect Summer

Beating the summer heat with a cool refreshing drink has always been easy – all we need is some fruit punch to quench our thirst. But why settle for a punch when we can have that alcohol kick to make the perfect summer drink? Fruity alcoholic drinks, especially strawberry cocktails are a fabulous way to not just beat, but to party through the summer heat. And for any girl squad out there that adores pink, we also have an array of aesthetically pink alcoholic drinks to jazz up your summer. After all, anything with a little sunshine and a little pink makes everything better. But first, let’s check out these 15 strawberry cocktails that turn heads every summer! 

frozen strawberry daiquiri
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Frozen Strawberry Daiquiri

Strawberry daiquiri is one of the most popular rum-based strawberry cocktails. While most strawberry daiquiri mixes are made with fresh strawberries, rum, and lime cordial, this recipe includes mixes with a touch of cranberry cocktail. What makes this cocktail a summer go-to is that we can have it either blended as a boozy fruit slush or a regular shaken cocktail. Either way, this strawberry drink beats the summer heat just fine.

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frozen strawberry margarita
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Strawberry Margarita 

Another summertime boozy slush is the strawberry margarita. Toss your frozen strawberries, lime juice, and tequila into your blender and watch the ingredients turn into bright red slush to quench your thirst. Some mix in orange juice for that extra sweet zest but this recipe brings it up a notch – salting (just slightly) the rim of your glass. This simple trick helps to counteract the bitter notes of the tequila while enhancing the sweet and sour flavors of this strawberry cocktail.

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strawberry mojito
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Strawberry Mojito 

There is no summer fun without sipping on some mojitos by the pool. A classic mint lime mojito would be satisfying, but nothing comes close to a strawberry mojito. Strawberry mojito snags the top spot for mojitos because of its frizzy and zesty mint muddle that makes a fabulous pairing with the caramel from the rum. It is simple to make – muddle together some sliced strawberries with a sprig of mint leaves. Mix some lime juice, simple syrup, white rum, and sparkling water all in a cocktail shaker, and you are ready to enjoy this bubbly strawberry cocktail.

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strawberry champagne
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Strawberry Champagne

Feeling a little more celebratory? Pop some champagne! The next must-have among strawberry cocktails is strawberry champagne, an elegant yet simple aperitif to enjoy. The red shade and heart shape appearance of strawberries also make it exquisitely iridescent in your champagne glass, which fits the bill for a romantic dinner or a Mother’s day celebration.

Simply puree your strawberries and add them to the bottom of your glass, swig in some lemon juice for an extra pop in flavor, and finish off with a white bubbly of your choice. For the garnish, you can decide between strawberries or lemon slices, or other candied berry skewers.

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strawberry gin cocktail
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Strawberry Gin 

Strawberry gin is one of the entourage of strawberry cocktails and smashes that are gaining traction, especially among spritz lovers. Amped up from your everyday gin and tonic, strawberry gin brings the crisp tart and sweet taste to create a balanced flavor palette. To make this cooling summer cocktail, combine some fresh lime juice with club soda in your glass, and the usual fresh mint leaves garnish for the finish.

Alternatively, you can opt for tonic water instead of soda for stronger bitter notes. Strawberry gin also has similar alcohol content to other soda highballs, which also means it is a gentle cocktail for both beginners and seasoned drinkers.

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strawberry hennessy cocktail drink
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Strawberry Hennessy 

Hennessy is, without a doubt, a popular drink. While we often enjoy it as shots or on the rocks, it is also fitting as a cocktail. For strawberry hennessy, there is no official recipe or any hard and fast rules. All you have to do is mix some strawberry syrup with any cognac and sparkling wine of your choice.

For a cleaner and more refreshing taste, we recommend creating your strawberry syrup (a simple mixture of strawberries, sugar, and water). The beauty of this strawberry cocktail is its simplicity and versatility. After all, with Hennessy, Henneything is possible.

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strawberry lemonade vodka
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Strawberry Lemonade Vodka 

Looking for the perfect summer party drink? Try an all-time favorite, the strawberry lemonade vodka. An elevated variation of strawberry vodka, this cocktail is not only mild enough for casual sipping without getting wasted, you can also conveniently skip the vodka to make it a family-friendly strawberry punch.

Simply mix your strawberries (juiced) with lemon juice or lemonade in the glass of your choice, followed by some vodka and ice. For added sweetness, some sugar or syrup will do the trick. And for those that seek the fizz to beat the heat, mix in some sparkling water or club soda.

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frosé strawberry cocktail
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Frosé, also known as frozen rosé, is as aesthetic and sophisticated as it sounds. Probably the only strawberry cocktail that uses a pinot noir, frosé is a simple concoction of rosé wine, frozen strawberries, some lemon juice, and strawberry syrup (from heating sugar and strawberries) that you can easily whirl it all in a blender.

However, frosé requires freezing your rosé for hours beforehand so you may want to get a headstart and freeze the night before. Although slightly tedious to prepare, frosé is one of the strawberry drinks that you would not want to skip on. If you’re a fan of frozen cocktails like margaritas and daiquiris, be sure to add frosé to your list!

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strawberry mimosa
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Strawberry Mimosa

Cocktail lovers would know that you can’t do brunch without a mimosa, especially during summer. If you are a mimosa lover, then a strawberry mimosa is right up your alley. This strawberry-infused cocktail has the perfect balance of tanginess and tartness, a great drink to get your appetite started for your Sunday brunch. All you have to do is blend fresh strawberries and orange juice before it is mixed with chilled cava or dry prosecco in a champagne flute.

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giggle juice
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Giggle Juice

Of all the strawberry cocktails on this list, giggle juice is the only drink that will make you giggle. Although unconfirmed, we believe giggle juice is a reference to “gigglewater”, a wizarding alcoholic beverage mentioned in the Harry Potter prequel, Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them. Word has it that gigglewater contains a unique ingredient called the “chortle extract” that may cause one to burst into uncontrollable laughter.

While we do not have magical powers to create such a drink, our recipe includes the perfect marriage of Moscato, vodka, pink lemonade, and lemon-lime soda that guarantees a giggling good time! And for some added sweetness to cut through the acidity, we recommend rimming your glass with some sugar.

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strawberry martini
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Strawberry Martini

Next on the list is strawberry martini, one of the easiest strawberry cocktails to prepare. With just three ingredients in your cocktail shaker, you can enjoy this martini at any time of the day and at any time of the week. All you need is citrus vodka, strawberry liqueur (yum!), and lemon juice. Have your friends over? Then make this into a fun party shot as well! Simply mix equal parts of strawberry liqueur and vodka, a swig of lemon, and voila! You just made the absolute shot for your summer.

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lava flow drink
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Lava Flow Drink

Another boozy slush on this list is another rum-based cocktail, the lava flow drink. This drink is made with strawberries, bananas, and pineapples topped with coconut cream that flows into the drink, mimicking the look of flowing lava.

This beautiful-looking mixture of red and white has an amazing blend of creamy tartness and sweetness that is great for a sunny afternoon. This drink is blended into two parts, similar to a strawberry pina-colada. Blend rum and strawberries first, then in a separate blender, blend banana, coconut cream, and pineapple juice. Top it over the strawberry mix and watch the captivating “lava flow” in your glass!

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strawberry peach sangria
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Strawberry Sangria

Everyone needs a strawberry sangria to get through the blazing summer. Apart from a healthy dose of vitamins, this part-sangria-part-punch drink is bursting with flavors that will satisfy you on any summer day. And for a more refreshing twist? Use peaches! Peaches have delicate floral notes that come through more prominently with sparkling white wine and rum. Not to mention the additional splash of summer color that peaches add to your sangria.

The important step to make this an amazing sangria is to make a simple syrup from peaches, strawberries, and sugar instead of using store-bought ones. After all, fresh fruits are always the real deal.

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strawberry vodka cocktail
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Strawberry Vodka Cocktail

Sipping on a strawberry vodka cocktail is a given for any summer. It is so popular that it also goes by two other names; strawberry smash cocktail or strawberry basil cocktail. No matter what it is called, one thing is for sure — it is the ultimate drink to welcome the summer. More importantly, strawberry and basil leaves are always a fail-proof combination so you can be sure that this drink will be a smash. All you have to do is smash some strawberries and basil leaves. Then, mix them with some vodka, club soda, and lemon or lime juice.

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pink moscato sangria cocktail
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Pink Moscato Sangria

And finally, the last on our list of strawberry cocktails is the pink moscato sangria. This cocktail is perfect for any occasion: gender reveals, a bridal party, or a family barbeque because it is fuss-free and easily customizable. You only need Moscato wine, lemon-lime soda, vodka, and fresh strawberries to make it. Combine all of them into a pitcher and refrigerate for a couple of hours. We, however, recommend only adding the lemon-lime soda right before serving so it won’t lose its carbonation when chilling.

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