19 Best Chips This 2022 (Ranked!)

19 Best Chips This 2022 (Ranked!)

Even though a bag of chips isn’t exactly the healthiest thing in the world, sometimes you just really want to chow on something salty and crunchy. So what do you do? Most say these snacks are filled with too much sodium, saturated fats, and calories. But as long as they’re eaten in moderation, then there’s no harm in indulging your cravings every now and again! So no need for you to ignore the best chips out there. After all, along with popcorn and onion rings, they’re one of the best movie night snacks to enjoy with your family.

That said, some brands run the game when it comes to the best potato chips. Brands like Lay’s, Doritos, and Terra are just some of them. And from every brand, we have our absolute favorites. Scroll down and find out our ranking of the best chips and the best flavor for each!

19 Best Chips Ranked from Best to Worst

Because there are different types of chips in the market, we’re sure even the absolute foodies find it difficult to zero in on their favorite chip brands, much less their favorite flavors. Don’t worry. By the end of this article, we’re sure you’ll have picked at least one! And keep note, even the “worst” in this list is definitely worth trying.

1. Doritos Chips

When you’re eating potato chips for the first time since forever, a simple off-brand bag just won’t do. Do it the right way by getting one of the best there is. We’re talking about Doritos chips, of course! The chips brand is known for its interesting and exciting flavors that don’t fall short of your expectations. But there are a few that stand out. The Nacho Cheese and Cool Ranch are America’s favorite Doritos flavors, with Spicy Sweet Chili tagging along at the third spot.

But what’s so special about them? Cool Ranch in particular features an explosion of sour cream, onion, garlic, tomato, and other spices that blend well creating a creamy, cheesy combination. Meanwhile, the Nacho Cheese, with its signature orange color, has the perfect blend of aromatic spices and cheesy taste all rolled into one.

2. Lay’s Chips

We know finishing a whole bag of snacks is enough to send you running on treadmills. But how about getting one that uses healthy oils to cook their chips? Yes, we know, regardless of the oil used, junk foods aren’t exactly healthy. Nevertheless, that doesn’t deny the fact there are ones that are healthier than others. Lay’s, for example, uses corn, canola, and sunflower oil. This is contrast to some brands that use unhealthy oils to fry their products.

Now, oils aside, the masses love its ketchup chips variant and Lay’s Kettle Cooked Chips in Salt Vinegar. The satisfying combination of sea salt and the tanginess of the vinegar hits the right spot. Lay’s Stax also doesn’t fall behind. And it easily rivals Pringles with Stax having thicker and heartier crisps than the latter.

3. Tostitos

If you love the clean taste of tortilla, try one of the best chips on this list — Tostitos’ Bite-Sized Flour Tortilla Chips. The simple yet addicting taste of these tortilla chips is best accompanied with dips and sauces thanks to their thick structure. If you’re looking for one to try it with, you can always enjoy the brand’s very own rich and creamy cheesy dip made with real Monterey Jack cheese!

Admittedly for some, the flavor of tortilla can be pretty plain. But that’s okay! They have other flavors such as the Tostitos Habaneros chips that will make crisps spicy for you. Seasoned with real habanero peppers, the bite-sized snacks offer a burst of heat in every bite. But if you want classic, then go for the original version.

4. Cape Cod

Their satisfyingly thin crisps make Cape Cod the perfect contender on this list of best chips. Escorted with its buttery taste, these crisps melt in your mouth in no time! Given its almost paper-thin structure, Cape Cod is not among the best chips for dipping salsas and sauces. However, its salty, buttery taste pairs well with a simple yet delicious cheeseburger. And not to mention, they’re gluten-free too! If you’re too busy for a burger, you can still eat it on its own as a quick snack. Just try not to dream of a Cape Cod vacation while you’re at it.

5. Ruffles

“Ruffles have Ridges, but mostly Ruffles have flavor.” Indeed, Ruffles’ ridges play a big part in what makes the chip so good. The ridges allow the flavorings to hold on to the surface of the chip much better, which leads to an ever more flavorful chip! Also, they make the chip’s body sturdier and a lot crunchier. As a result, it doesn’t break easily and is great for dipping.

And Ruffles not only has flavor. In fact, it has plenty of flavors! There are over 50 types of Ruffles chips, though some of them have been discontinued. Its Original Salt flavor though is among the top-selling potato chips in the US today along with Cheddar and Sour Cream. Their Original Salt flavor’s simplicity and susceptibility to dips make it more reliable than the others, making it a dip’s best friend. Think about salsa, cheese, ranch, or sour cream. Name it and it pairs wonderfully with these crisps. Plus, they pack a lot of crunch too!

6. Pringles

The slogan, “once you pop, the fun don’t stop” couldn’t be any more true. Nothing beats the joy you get from popping a Pringle chip out from its long, thick tube. And certainly nothing beats the delight you get from eating this addicting snack. However, did you know that its iconic ‘saddle’ shape was specially designed to make your eating experience more enjoyable? So no, its not just to make an interesting looking chip. The crunchy engineering of Pringles actually prevents the chips from cracking at the bottom of the can and allows them to stack more easily too.

Aside from its shape, Pringles are also known for its flavors. Flavors like Pizza, Cheddar, and Original Pringles are always a crowd-favorite that some consider them as one of the classics. That said, This original stackable snack is loved for its savory taste that’s neither too salty nor too bland.

7. Fritos

Stale chips suck. Good thing it takes these bad boys from Fritos some time before they lose their crunch. And that’s probably because of their sturdy structure. They’re not as paper-thin as some of the others on this list, but their crunchiness sure does last longer. The chips’ yellow or golden orange appearance and somewhat rough texture may make them seem different. But that’s because Fritos are actually corn chips and not potato chips (which most of the items on this list are). Now, they are indeed prized for their crunchy structure but the flavors are a crowd favorite too.  Among the favorites are Flamin’ Hot and Chili Cheese.

8. Cheetos

When we say cheese chips, there’s one option that’s always present: Cheetos! Texture-wise and taste-wise, Cheetos never really falls short of anyone’s expectations. Everything tastes good, even the spicy ones like Crunchy Cheddar Jalapeño and Flamin’ Hot Cheetos. But we do have to say, their original flavor — Crunchy Cheddar Cheese — is by far the favorite flavor enjoyed around the world.

But are they really “chips”? The answer is no, they’re actually a crunchy corn puff. Now, they only happen to be in the chips category because they’re often regarded as such by foodies. Overall, this snack has the signature snap and crunch after the first bite. Followed by a burst of powdery cheese, Cheetos will melt in your mouth in no time. And maybe the whole bag too if you aren’t too careful.

9. Herr’s Chips

While Cheetos is known for their crunchy cheesy corn puffs, Herr’s is popular for its variety. In total, the chips brand has 15 flavors — all of which have their own “personality”. Needless to say, some are more popular than others. These include Mesquite BBQ, Cheddar Horseradish, and Sour Cream and Onion, but Ketchup does not fall behind on the list too. Since they teamed up with Heinz, you’ll find that this particular flavor resembles the taste of the popular ketchup brand.

10. Wise

Are you a big fan of chips that have a classic taste? Simply put, full of wonderful potato goodness? Then it’s better to stick to Wise. Though plain it might be, Wise has a knack for providing consumers the pleasant savory and umami taste found in a simple potato. For that reason, its version of Honey Butter complements well with the plain chip. Combined, it has a buttery, sweet taste with hints of honey.

If you’re not a fan of sweet chips, you can also try one of the brand’s winning flavors: Dry Rub Rib. It tastes strongly of barbecue. So, feel free to pair it with a steak or with your favorite chicken recipe.

11. Zapp’s

If you want to change the way you see chips, how about you test out some from Zapp’s? Its chips are made thicker and they feature a unique taste that’s absent from other brands. The secret ingredient? It’s no other than peanut oil! It does add a unique taste that’s absent if you use vegetable or sunflower oil to fry your chips. Tasted Chick-fil-A’s chicken? It somewhat resembles Zapp’s in some way.

What’s more is that some have entertaining names and you’ll have fun doing a taste test with your friends. This is because Zapp’s are hugely influenced by Cajun cuisine, featuring popular flavors such as Voodoo, Voodoo Heat, Spicy Cajun Crawtator, and Cajun Gator-tator.

12. Kettle Brand

Kettle Brand has a dizzying amount of potato chip flavors. Currently, we counted 24 and that’s minus the baked, reduced fat, and gluten-free variants. Still, whichever exciting flavor they have in store, it’s good to know that all of them are non-GMO which means your food is free of harmful chemicals.

Now, we know it’s hard to know which flavor to start. Why else are you here for, right? Not to worry. You can start with their more popular ones like Kettle Jalapeño, Sea Salt and Vinegar, and Salt Pepper.

13. Utz

This brand is known for its minimally processed chips. Since its founding in 1921, Utz has made it its mission to provide tasty snacks using clean and simple ingredients to bring out the natural taste of potatoes. You could say it compares to Wise when it comes to the classic flavors. They’re far from bad, but Utz is even more plain-tasting than Wise. If you really want a pop of flavor, then we suggest trying out their more exciting flavors like Dill Pickle and Crab.

Since this one lacks the wow factor, it’s better to pair it with a nacho cheese dip. Or if you’re feeling experimental, enjoy it along with breakfast staples like breakfast burritos, savory pancakes, and waffles. Supposedly, the founder of Utz eats it this way too!

14. 365 by Wholefoods Market

There’s no better (or more appetizing) way to say this, but chips from 365 are one of the healthiest chips in the market. They are made from long-grain brown rice and sea salt. And since they’re health-friendly, they’re mostly non-GMO, vegan, kosher, and gluten-free too! If you think it stops there, these healthy chips are also low-fat and low in sugar and have an outstanding serving of protein and fiber.

All these health benefits make up a perfectly healthy-tasting chip. That is to say they taste fresh and natural, like potatoes in all their glory. This is good news for health-conscious consumers who still love to snack. But pretty much bad news for those looking for intense flavors.

15. Deep River Snacks

Deep River Snacks take pride that its products are cooked in small batches, ensuring that all chips are fried to perfection. Some of their best sellers include Sea Salt Mesquite BBQ and Sea Salt and Vinegar.

Not only does it have a crunchy texture, but the chips are also made with all-natural flavors, even their smoky barbecue potato chips! Deep River’s products are also gluten-free, non-GMO, and have no preservatives. To cap the deal, the brand’s snacks are cooked in healthy sunflower oil.

16. Terra

When you open a bag of Terra Sweet Potato, you’ll find ridged chips. But when you open a bag of Sweets and Blues you’ll get flat, classic-shaped chips. That’s right. Terra’s chips are made differently depending on the flavor. That’s what makes its chips so fun! Aside from the first two mentioned, the brand offers other unique flavors like Sweets & Carrots and Taro. If you’re looking for a food adventure, we recommend trying Terra. However, for those who crave classic chip flavors, you might want to find other options on this list.

17. Miss Vickie’s

Made with love and care, Miss Vickie’s Chips are all-natural kettle-cooked chips made from specially selected farm-grown potatoes. The chips are cut thick for a heartier bite too. Additionally, they sport a bubbled texture, creating an extra layer that some of the best chips on this list don’t have. Currently, they have four flavors: Sea Salt, Jalapeño, Smokehouse BBQ, and Sea Salt & Vinegar.

18. Sun Chips

Sun Chips is a brand of snacks made from whole grain that features rippled chips. No matter the flavor, you’ll often spot them sporting a yellow to orange color speckled with tiny grains. Because of their unique appearance, many find the chips intriguing. However, the initial fun evaporates once your tongue gets used to the texture. You might have more luck trying their best flavors such as Harvest Cheddar and French Onion.

19. Munchos Chips

Munchos are known for being a light and airy snack, having a unique crunch that you won’t find in other selections on this list. They’re not super crunchy, but they’re not exactly stale either. It also has a distinct taste that takes after corn chips despite being made of dehydrated potatoes. The only downside is that they’re really salty chips. But if you like salty snacks, then you’ll love Munchos.

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