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Low Fat Recipes

low fat

New Low Fat Recipes

Low Fat Cinnamon Sour Cream Coffee Cake Recipe

Low Fat Cinnamon Sour Cream Coffee Cake

This is a great dessert to have in your repertoire. It's low in fat, takes very little time to make and it always comes out well.

Total 105 mins
Low-Fat Tomato Pasta Salad Recipe

Low-Fat Tomato Pasta Salad

With tomatoes, onions, and just the right amount of spice, this pasta salad is perfect for a picnic.

Total 125 mins
Turkey-Cranberry Wontons Recipe

Turkey-Cranberry Wontons

Crispy and crunchy wontons filled with turkey meat and cranberries.

Total 30 mins
Low-Fat Mocha Cookie Recipe

Low-Fat Mocha Cookie

Total 24 mins
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