Low Fat Recipes

These low fat recipes let you enjoy food without worrying about cheating your diet. Name it, we have it! There are low fat soups, pasta, salads, and even donuts and cheesecakes. These low fat dishes are safe for those looking after their health, or on a strict diet. Not only that, they taste great, too. So, try some of our low fat recipes for a healthy but delicious meal.


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healthy turkey loaf recipe

Healthy Turkey Loaf Recipe

This turkey loaf is a great low fat alternative to the traditional meatloaf.…
Total 40 mins

Quinoa Lasagna Recipe

This quinoa lasagna is a new way to prepare this trendy superfood. It's…
Total 1 hr 25 mins

Lentil Rice Salad Recipe

Rice salad enriched with lentils, bell peppers and parsley are served on a…
Total 2 hrs 35 mins
low-fat taco salad recipe

Low-Fat Taco Salad Recipe

Enjoy this healthier taco salad for a scrumptious and low-fat rendition. Vegetarian ground…
Total 30 mins

Bread Stuffing Recipe

Enjoy a rich and healthier Thanksgiving side by whipping up this bread stuffing,…
Total 1 hr 5 mins