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Liquor Recipes

From mimosas to sangrias, or hard drinks to cocktails, whatever spirits you need, mixing our best liquor recipes are here to show you how to do it in simple and easy steps. Unwind with your favorite liquors just the way you like it.

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New Liquor Recipes

Balloon Wine Recipe

Balloon Wine

A easy-to-follow homemade wine recipe

Total 20165 mins
Hazelnut Liqueur – Frangelico Recipe

Hazelnut Liqueur – Frangelico

Total 20165 mins
Banana Smoothie Recipe

Banana Smoothie

Total 5 mins
Irish Cream Liqueur Recipe

Irish Cream Liqueur

Total 43200 mins
Cooking 101 at

Cooking 101

7 Secret Kitchen Hacks of Restaurant Chefs

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