delight cherry float

Float Recipes

Cool down with these ice-cold float recipes. You don't have to settle with the usual root-beer and ice cream. These unique float recipes will provide an exciting variety to your afternoon drinks. Try flavors from sweet cherry to bursting raspberries for newer float flavors. Serve these float recipes up pool-side for a more refreshing hot summer day!

New Float Recipes


Cinnamon-Spiced Mocha Float Recipe

Take a sip of this spiced and creamy mocha float, made with rich…
3 hrs 21 mins
guinness floats recipe


Guinness Floats Recipe

This float is strictly for adults only! The Guinness float is rich with…
2 mins
pina colada floats recipe


Pina Colada Floats Recipe

Take a fun and exciting twist to the classic summertime favorite pina colada…
5 mins