Milk Recipes

Keep your daily dose of dairy interesting with these amazing milk recipes! These tasty milk recipes take the well-loved drink to a whole other level. Enjoy milk as a smoothie, shake, flavored with blueberries, or as a main ingredient to your desserts. Serve it warm, cold, or even frozen! Drinking milk will never be the same again as long as you have these delicious milk recipes with you.

New Milk Recipes



Milk Steak Recipe

1 hr 5 mins


Banana Milk Recipe

1 min
strawberry milk


Strawberry Milk Recipe

10 mins


Fairy Milk Recipe

2 mins

Pies & Pastries

Bougatsa Recipe

1 hr 20 mins


Bavarois Recipe

1 hr 25 mins

Popular Milk Recipes

Tres Leches Cake with Dulce de Leche Glaze Recipe


Tres Leches Cake with Dulce de Leche Glaze Recipe

A stunning tres leches cake with a rum-spiked dulce de leche glaze.
35 mins
thin mint milkshake recipe


Thin Mint Milkshake Recipe

Whip up a creamy and easy drink in this thin mint milkshake recipe,…
15 mins
classic hot chocolate recipe

Hot Chocolate

Classic Hot Chocolate Recipe

6 mins
buttermilk recipe


Buttermilk Recipe

10 mins
apple slab pie recipe

Pies & Pastries

Apple Slab Pie Recipe

2 hrs
chocolate chip pumpkin bread recipe

Breads & Doughs

Chocolate Chip Pumpkin Bread Recipe

1 hr 15 mins

Recommended Milk Recipes

butternut squash lasagna recipe


Butternut Squash Lasagna Recipe

1 hr 50 mins

Breads & Doughs

Make-Ahead Dinner Rolls Recipe

50 mins
creamed spinach with bacon recipe

Pan-Fry & Skillet

Creamed Spinach with Bacon Recipe

30 mins
cupid's cookies recipe


Cupid’s Cookies Recipe

1 hr 27 mins
red skin potato mash recipe

Mashed Potato

Red Skin Potato Mash Recipe

40 mins
homemade dunkaroos recipe


Homemade Dunkaroos Recipe

35 mins
homemade horchata pops recipe


Homemade Horchata Pops Recipe

9 hrs 15 mins
no fail chocolate fudge recipe


No Fail Chocolate Fudge Recipe

1 hr 30 mins
zucchini corn fritters recipe

Pan-Fry & Skillet

Zucchini Corn Fritters Recipe

19 mins
warm apple bread recipe

Breads & Doughs

Warm Apple Bread Recipe

1 hr 5 mins
Lemony Fried Brussels Sprouts Recipe

Pan-Fry & Skillet

Lemony Fried Brussels Sprouts Recipe

35 mins
corned beef omelet recipe


Corned Beef Omelet Recipe

25 mins
red velvet cinnamon rolls recipe

Breads & Doughs

Red Velvet Cinnamon Rolls Recipe

1 hr 45 mins
corn and shiitake fritters recipe


Corn and Shiitake Fritters Recipe

These deliciously crispy Corn and Shiitake Fritters offer a sweet hint and extra…
30 mins

Breads & Doughs

Strawberry-Pecan Quick Bread Recipe

Whip up this tasty and quick bread that's loaded with the ambrosial flavor…
1 hr 40 mins
smoked gouda bechamel recipe

Dip, Sauce & Condiment

Smoked Gouda Bechamel Recipe

Bechamel is a French white sauce made with milk and white roux. This…
10 mins