If you are looking for homemade wine recipes or recipes that have wine, then you're in the right place. After all, wine is versatile for its many uses. As an ingredient, it adds a rich depth to dishes, with a fragrant aroma like nothing else. As a drink, it's decadent and perfect for fancy dinner nights. Whether you want a glass or wish to use it in your dishes, there's a wine recipe just for you. Rest assured, you'll be drunk with love trying out all our amazing wine recipes!

Recommended Wine


Mulled Wine Recipe

A combination of sweet, fruity, and mellow flavors, this mulled wine is a warm drink to keep you comfy during the holiday season.

25 mins


Chicken Florentine Pesto Pasta Recipe

This flavorful Chicken Florentine Pesto Pasta dish introduces a new world of flavor with a medley of chicken with creamy florentine mixed with basil pesto.
30 mins


Mixed Berry Sangria Recipe

This sangria recipe should be a staple at every summer party. It packs a citrus punch and can be customized with your berries of choice.
2 hrs 10 mins


Spiced Red Wine Punch Recipe

Made with a splash of orange juice and spiced syrup, this red wine punch is a sweet and refreshing beverage perfect for a party!
40 mins


Salmon with Red Wine Sauce Recipe

Put together a simple yet classy dinner with this browned salmon. It’s served with a flavorful red wine sauce that’s cooked with butter and seasonings.
25 mins


White Wine Cocktail Recipe

Say hello to your new go-to drink. Vodka and sparkling white wine are combined for a tall glass of refreshing and strong white wine cocktail.
5 mins


Ziti with Roquefort Sauce Recipe

Delightfully piquant, this Ziti pasta dish is tossed with a cheesy Roquefort sauce made of Roquefort cheese, heavy cream, white wine, and chicken broth.
35 mins


Chicken with Wine and Tarragon Recipe

Savor a bite of this French classic dish, Chicken with Wine, and a hint of tarragon in the sauce, offering a simple yet delicious and buttery meal.
1 hr


Corn-and-Crabmeat Soup Recipe

Both savory and with a hint of sweetness, this crabmeat soup is mixed with delicious crabmeat with milk and a hint of white wine in chicken broth.
35 mins

BBQ & Grilled

Veal Chops with Fresh-Tomato Sauce Recipe

These grilled wine-pepper-garlic-marinated veal chops are topped with a contrast of fresh, tangy tomato sauce made with ripe tomatoes and vinegar!
25 mins


Italian Perfume Cocktail Drink Recipe

The sweet, nutty flavor of amaretto combined with the complex flavor of brandy makes this cocktail drink taste like the height of sophistication!
5 mins


Cranberry Apple Sangria Recipe

Blend a fruity spiced drink with this cranberry apple sangria. It’s made with red wine and triple sec spiced with cinnamon, cloves, and vanilla.
4 hrs 15 mins


Honey Mulled Wine Recipe

Simmered with cinnamon and peppercorns, this honey mulled wine is a warm and sweet drink with a delicious spice that's perfect for cold winter nights!
13 mins