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If you are looking for homemade wine recipes or recipes made with wine, you're at the right place. After all, wines are indeed great for special occasions, but not just for drinking. Red wine adds rich depth to dishes, and white wine gives a fragrant aroma like nothing else. Whether it is you are using wine for deglazing, tenderize meat, or create flavor to your dishes, there's a recipe just for you. In fact, you will be drunk with love trying out all these wine recipes we have!

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Cooking 101

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Creamy Mussels

Seafood lovers are going to love this deliciously savory mussels…
Balloon Wine Recipe

Balloon Wine

A easy-to-follow homemade wine recipe
Total 14 days 5 mins
Christmas Beef Roast Recipe

Christmas Beef Roast

This savory Christmas Beef Roast will save the holiday cheer!…
Total 1 hr 40 mins

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