Coconut recipes


Think of coconut and an image of you quenching your thirst under a hot summer day might appear. But coconuts are not just for drinking. You'll be amazed by the range of coconut recipes you can make with this tropical fruit. Whether it is you have a fresh coconut or shredded coconut, there will be a coconut recipe just for you. Master the cooking of coconut right now and start making sweet coconut desserts and savory coconut curries.

New Coconut

Rice & Risotto

Black Rice Pudding Recipe

Black rice pudding is a sweet and creamy Thai dish made with just five ingredients. Serve it as a delectable dessert after hearty meals!

2 hrs 15 mins

Appetizers & Snacks

Keto Coconut Shrimp Recipe

Start your diet journey with this keto coconut shrimp. It has a combination of tangy shrimp and sweet coconut.

22 mins


Bibingka (Filipino Rice Cake) Recipe

Looking for a sweet and salty treat? Then this bibingka or Filipino rice cake, made of a soft base and salted duck egg, is perfect for you.

45 mins

Ice Cream

Coconut Ice Cream Recipe

This 4-ingredient coconut ice cream is packed with richness from the cream of coconut and sweetened coconut flakes.

30 mins

Pies & Pastries

Buko Pie (Coconut Pie) Recipe

Buko pie is a tropical dessert that you need to try. It's made from young coconut meat. The sweet, custardy filling is enveloped by a flaky crust.

1 hr 5 mins


Sapin Sapin (Layered Rice Cake) Recipe

Sapin sapin is a layered Filipino dessert primarily made of rice flour. It typically has 3 layers- jackfruit-flavored, coconut, and purple yam.

35 mins


Laing Recipe

This laing recipe teaches you to make a Filipino dish made with dried taro leaves. It has coconut milk, shrimp pasta, and pork shoulder to complete.

1 hr 20 mins

Rice & Risotto

Arroz Valenciana Recipe

Arroz Valenciana is a Filipino rice dish similar to the Spanish paella. It uses sticky rice, coconut, milk, vegetables, chicken, and more.

50 mins

Popular Coconut

Pan-Fry & Skillet

Bicol Express Recipe

Bicol express is a Filipino dish of pork, chili, coconut milk, and shrimp paste. It balances spicy, creamy, and savory notes perfectly.

1 hr


Maja Blanca (Coconut Pudding) Recipe

With this maja blanca recipe, you'll learn to make a Filipino custard. This dessert is made with coconut milk and sweet corn, a deliciously creamy dish!

43 mins

Fruit Dessert

Buko Pandan (Coconut Pandan Salad) Recipe

Buko pandan is a classic Filipino dessert. It combines shredded young coconut, gelatin cubes, palm fruits, and cream in one cold and sweet treat.

2 hrs 35 mins


Coconut Milk Rice Pudding Recipe

Try a new dessert with this recipe for coconut milk rice pudding. It's rich, creamy, and can be made vegan by swapping just a few ingredients.

3 hrs 50 mins


Cazuela De Mariscos Recipe

Cazuela de mariscos is a Colombian seafood stew. This recipe has shrimps, swordfish, and coconut milk for a filling and creamy dish.

32 mins


Snowball Cakes Recipe

Enjoy a trip down memory lane with these snowball cakes. They're made with chocolate cake & creamy pudding, covered with coconut flakes.

1 hr 30 mins


Coconut Pecan Frosting Recipe

Add some tropical flavors into your desserts with this coconut pecan frosting recipe. This frosting is best paired with a classic German chocolate cake.

20 mins


Martha Washington Candy Recipe

Martha Washington candy is a classic American sweet treat that has been preserved for generations. It is made of a chocolate-coated creamy coconut filling.

1 hr 57 mins

Bars and Brownies

Hello Dolly Bars Recipe

These Hello Dolly Bars are gooey sweet treats overflowing with condensed milk, walnuts, chocolate chips, shredded coconut, and feature a graham cracker crust base.

45 mins

Recommended Coconut


Hawaiian Wedding Cake Recipe

Easily make this Hawaiian wedding cake using yellow cake mix, whipped topping, cream cheese, and instant vanilla pudding. Prepare for a delightful explosion of tropical flavors and creaminess in your mouth in every bite.

35 mins


Coco Crepes Recipe

Start your day right with these delightful coco crepes that are filled with Greek yogurt, granola cereal, and bananas, for a delicious bite.

45 mins


5 Cup Salad Recipe

Looking for a simple and easy dessert? Then, this 5 cup salad recipe, made of oranges, pineapples, and marshmallows, is perfect for you.

5 hrs 10 mins

Pies & Pastries

Coconut Custard Pie Recipe

Dense and thick, this baked coconut custard pie layers shredded sweetened coconut and creamy filling over a crumbly-baked crust.

2 hrs 20 mins


Ambrosia Fruit Salad Recipe

I love the tropical sweetness of this "fluffy" Ambrosia Fruit Salad. This easy side dish is always a crowd favorite! 
15 mins

Pies & Pastries

Coconut Pie Recipe

Here’s an impossibly easy coconut pie recipe for a dessert that has the right amount of sweetness and is not overwhelmingly rich. The coconut and custard in this pie are a match made in heaven.

50 mins


Classic Ambrosia Salad Recipe

Ambrosia Salad is filled with mandarin oranges, pineapple, maraschino cherries, coconut, and marshmallows and mixed in a fluffy cool whip! This is a potluck classic!
10 mins


Vegetable Curry Recipe

This One Pan Vegetable Curry is super easy to make and is LOADED with flavor! This vegetable curry is healthy, vegetarian and is ready in under 30 minutes! Make this for dinner tonight!
30 mins


Coconut Mousse Recipe

Coconut Mousse. This fluffy coconut mousse comes together quick and easy and is loaded with cold coconut flavor! Top with your favorite toppings and it's the perfect summer dessert!
10 mins

Finger Foods

Ooey Gooey Chex Mix Recipe

Ooey Gooey Chex Mix is the perfect blend of sweet, salty, crunchy and a soft mixture of cereals, sliced almonds and shredded coconuts all covered in a white chocolate sugar mixture. This is a MUST make for the holiday season!
15 mins


Soft Coconut Cupcakes Recipe

Named for my great-grandmother "Honey," these old-fashioned coconut cupcakes are tender and super coconut-y.
45 mins

BBQ & Grilled

Coconut Lime Grilled Pineapple Recipe

Grilled pineapple is savory and sweet side dish that is soaked in a coconut lime marinade and grilled to perfection. This grilled pineapple recipe is going to be a summertime favorite!
10 mins


Coconut Bread Pudding Recipe

Brimming with sweet and tart hints, this coconut bread pudding combines strawberries, warm spices, and coconut milk, for a heavenly dessert.
1 hr 10 mins


Oatmeal Coconut Cookie Recipe

A delicious twist on the classic oatmeal cookie! These Oatmeal Coconut Cookies are so soft, chewy, tasty - it's impossible to only eat one!
20 mins

Bars and Brownies

Chocolate Coconut Cream Pie Bars Recipe

This unforgettable dessert is layered with a shortbread crust, chocolate ganache layer, coconut cream, and topped with whipped cream! Perfect for your next party!
37 mins

Bars and Brownies

Coconut Lime Butter Bars Recipe

Coconut Lime Butter Bars have an amazing buttery brown sugar crust with a lime filling and topped with coconut flakes. These are the perfect cool and creamy summer bars!
25 mins


Chocolate Cherry Delight Cookies Recipe

All of the things that you love about a chocolate covered cherry in a delicious cookie! A chocolate cherry coconut cookie filled with vanilla frosting topped with a cherry and drizzled in chocolate!
45 mins

Breads & Doughs

Pina Colada Bread Pudding Recipe

One great way to breathe new life into stale bread is to create a tropical-inspired bread pudding. This recipe has coconut and orange and pineapple juices.
1 hr 10 mins

Pies & Pastries

Cornflake Macaroons Recipe

These cornflake macaroons are light and fluffy desserts that have the tropical flavor of coconuts and some added cereal crunch.
25 mins