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Steel Cut Oatmeal with Maple Syrup, Currants and Coconut Recipe

Have you ever wanted to make a delicious steel cut oatmeal with a twist? Our scrumptious recipe for Steel Cut Oatmeal with Maple Syrup, Currants, and Coconut will take your oatmeal experience to a whole new level. This dish is a perfect blend of sweet and nutty flavors, with the crunch of steel-cut oats, the freshness of currants, the subtle sweetness of maple syrup and the tropical taste of coconut. It's an ideal breakfast to start your day with energy and goodness.

Steel Cut Oatmeal with Maple Syrup, Currants and Coconut Recipe
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Photos of Steel Cut Oatmeal with Maple Syrup, Currants and Coconut Recipe

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For this recipe, you might need to take a special trip to the supermarket for two ingredients - steel cut oats and currants. Steel cut oats are whole oat groats that have been chopped into pieces but not rolled. They have a chewier texture and nuttier flavor than old-fashioned or quick oats. Currants are small dried grapes, similar to raisins but smaller. They're sweet with a hint of tartness and add a wonderful flavor to the oatmeal.

Ingredients for Steel Cut Oatmeal with Maple Syrup, Currants, and Coconut

Low-fat milk: Adds creaminess to the oatmeal, and provides a good source of protein and calcium.

Water: Used to cook the oats and provide the right consistency.

Cinnamon: Adds a warm and sweet spice flavor that pairs perfectly with the oats.

Unsweetened shredded coconut: Provides a tropical flavor and additional texture.

Salt: Enhances other flavors when used in the right amount.

Maple syrup: Natural sweetener that adds a distinct flavor.

Currants: Adds a touch of sweetness and tartness.

Steel cut oats: The star ingredient, providing texture and a hearty taste to the oatmeal.

One reader, Jordon Martindale says:

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This steel cut oatmeal recipe is a game-changer! The combination of maple syrup, currants, and coconut creates a delightful flavor explosion. The oats are perfectly cooked, and the texture is just right. It's a comforting and nutritious breakfast that I can't get enough of!

Jordon Martindale

Techniques Required for Making Steel Cut Oatmeal

How to cook steel cut oats: Steel cut oats require a longer cooking time than rolled oats, so it's important to simmer them for about 20 minutes to ensure they are fully cooked and have a creamy texture.

How to adjust oatmeal consistency: If the oatmeal becomes too thick, you can thin it out by adding equal parts milk and water until you reach your desired consistency.

How to prevent sticking: Stir the oatmeal occasionally, especially towards the end of the cooking time, to prevent it from sticking to the bottom of the pan.

How to incorporate flavors: When adding ingredients like maple syrup, currants, and coconut, it's important to incorporate them into the oatmeal mixture evenly to ensure a balanced flavor in every bite.

How To Make Steel Cut Oatmeal with Maple Syrup, Currants and Coconut

Start your mornings right with a healthy serving of this steel cut oatmeal, loaded with sweet currants, coconut, and spiced with tasty cinnamon.

Preparation: 5 minutes
Cooking: 20 minutes
Total: 25 minutes



  • cupslow-fat milk
  • cupswater
  • 1tspcinnamon
  • ½cupunsweetened coconut,shredded
  • ¼tspsalt
  • 6tbspmaple syrup
  • ¼cupcurrants,or raisins
  • 1cupsteel cut oats


  1. In a medium saucepan, combine the water, milk, cinnamon, coconut, salt, maple syrup and currants, then bring to a boil.

  2. Add steel cut oats, then cover and turn heat down to low. Simmer, stirring occasionally, for about 20 minutes or until oats are cooked. Oatmeal will thicken as it sits; thin with equal parts milk and water if necessary.

  3. Serve warm, and enjoy!


  • Calories: 313.45kcal
  • Fat: 9.76g
  • Saturated Fat: 7.27g
  • Monounsaturated Fat: 1.12g
  • Polyunsaturated Fat: 0.61g
  • Carbohydrates: 51.06g
  • Fiber: 4.57g
  • Sugar: 33.20g
  • Protein: 9.02g
  • Cholesterol: 7.63mg
  • Sodium: 227.28mg
  • Calcium: 252.17mg
  • Potassium: 504.76mg
  • Iron: 1.71mg
  • Vitamin A: 88.91µg
  • Vitamin C: 0.61mg

Helpful Technique for Perfecting Steel Cut Oatmeal

When making steel cut oatmeal, it's important to stir the mixture occasionally, especially towards the end of the cooking time. This not only prevents the oats from sticking to the bottom of the pan, but also helps to evenly distribute the heat and flavors, ensuring a creamy and well-seasoned oatmeal. Additionally, if you find your oatmeal is too thick for your liking, don't hesitate to thin it out with equal parts milk and water. This will give you a smoother, creamier consistency. Remember, cooking is all about adjusting to your personal preferences.

Time-Saving Tips for Preparing This Oatmeal Recipe

Prep ahead: Measure out all the ingredients the night before to streamline the cooking process.

Use a slow cooker: Consider making the oatmeal in a slow cooker to save time and effort in the morning.

Double the batch: Make a larger quantity and store the extra servings in the refrigerator for a quick and easy breakfast throughout the week.

Quick oats: Substitute quick oats for steel cut oats for a faster cooking time.

Batch cooking: Cook a large batch of steel cut oatmeal and freeze individual portions for quick and convenient breakfasts.

Substitute Ingredients For Steel Cut Oatmeal with Maple Syrup, Currants and Coconut Recipe

  • steel cut oats - Substitute with quinoa: Quinoa has a similar nutty flavor and chewy texture, making it a great alternative to steel cut oats. It's also a complete protein, providing all nine essential amino acids.

  • maple syrup - Substitute with honey: Honey offers a similar sweetness and depth of flavor to maple syrup, and it complements the other ingredients in the recipe. Additionally, honey adds a floral note that can enhance the overall taste.

  • currants - Substitute with dried cranberries: Dried cranberries provide a similar tartness and chewy texture to currants, adding a burst of fruity flavor to the dish. They also offer a touch of sweetness that complements the other ingredients.

  • low-fat milk - Substitute with almond milk: Almond milk provides a creamy texture and a slightly nutty flavor, which can enhance the overall taste of the dish. It's also a suitable option for those seeking a dairy-free alternative.

Presenting Steel Cut Oatmeal With Maple Syrup, Currants, and Coconut

  1. Elevate the plating: Arrange the steel cut oatmeal in a shallow bowl, ensuring it is evenly distributed and visually appealing.

  2. Garnish with flair: Sprinkle a pinch of toasted coconut on top of the oatmeal for a delightful crunch and added visual interest.

  3. Artful drizzle of maple syrup: Use a squeeze bottle to create a delicate, artistic drizzle of maple syrup around the edge of the bowl for a touch of sweetness and elegance.

  4. Incorporate a touch of color: Garnish with a few fresh currants strategically placed on top of the oatmeal to add a pop of color and a burst of fruity flavor.

  5. Use elegant serving ware: Present the oatmeal in a fine porcelain bowl to showcase the dish's sophistication and elevate the dining experience.

Essential Kitchen Tools for Making This Oatmeal Recipe

  • Medium saucepan: A medium-sized cooking vessel with a handle and a lid, used for cooking oatmeal, soups, and sauces.

  • Spatula: A kitchen tool with a broad, flat, blunt blade, used for mixing, spreading, and lifting oatmeal from the saucepan.

  • Stove: A cooking appliance with burners or heating elements, used for heating the saucepan to cook the oatmeal.

  • Measuring cups: Used to measure and pour the precise amounts of milk, water, maple syrup, and oats for the oatmeal recipe.

  • Measuring spoons: Used to measure and pour the precise amounts of cinnamon and salt for the oatmeal recipe.

Storing and Freezing Tips for Leftover Oatmeal

  • Let the steel cut oatmeal cool completely before storing it in an airtight container in the refrigerator. It will keep for up to 5 days, making it perfect for meal prepping or enjoying throughout the week.

  • If you want to freeze the oatmeal, portion it into individual serving sizes and place them in freezer-safe containers or resealable bags. Label the containers with the date and contents for easy reference later on.

  • When you're ready to enjoy your frozen oatmeal, simply thaw it overnight in the refrigerator or reheat it directly from frozen in the microwave or on the stovetop. Add a splash of milk or water to help loosen up the texture as needed.

  • To reheat refrigerated oatmeal, place it in a microwave-safe bowl and heat it on high for 1-2 minutes, stirring halfway through. You can also reheat it on the stovetop over medium heat, stirring occasionally until warmed through.

  • For an extra burst of flavor and texture, top your reheated oatmeal with fresh fruit, a sprinkle of cinnamon, or a drizzle of maple syrup. The possibilities are endless!

How To Reheat Leftover Oatmeal

  • The best way to reheat leftover steel cut oatmeal is to add a splash of milk or water to the oatmeal and stir well. This will help to loosen up the oatmeal and make it creamy again.
  • Place the oatmeal in a microwave-safe bowl and heat on high for 1-2 minutes, stirring every 30 seconds, until heated through. You may need to add more liquid if the oatmeal is too thick.
  • Alternatively, you can reheat the oatmeal on the stovetop. Place the oatmeal in a small saucepan over medium-low heat and add a splash of milk or water. Stir frequently until heated through, adding more liquid as needed to achieve your desired consistency.
  • Once the oatmeal is heated through, stir in a little extra maple syrup, currants, and shredded coconut to refresh the flavors. You can also add a sprinkle of cinnamon or a pinch of salt to taste.
  • If you prefer a more textured oatmeal, you can reheat it in a small skillet over medium heat. Add a bit of butter or coconut oil to the skillet and stir in the oatmeal. Cook, stirring frequently, until heated through and slightly crispy on the edges.
  • For a quick and easy breakfast, portion the leftover oatmeal into individual serving containers and store them in the refrigerator. In the morning, simply reheat the oatmeal in the microwave or on the stovetop, adding your desired toppings and a splash of liquid to achieve your preferred consistency.

Interesting Trivia About Steel Cut Oatmeal

Steel cut oatmeal is a great source of fiber and can help regulate blood sugar levels.

Is Making This Oatmeal Recipe at Home Cost-Effective?

This steel cut oatmeal with maple syrup, currants, and coconut recipe is highly cost-effective for a household. The ingredients are affordable and readily available, making it a budget-friendly option. With the combination of nutritious oats, milk, and flavorful add-ins, it offers great value for money. The overall verdict for this recipe is 9/10, considering its affordability, nutritional value, and delicious taste. The approximate cost for a household of 4 people is around $8-$10, making it an economical and satisfying choice for breakfast or brunch.

Is This Oatmeal Recipe Healthy or Not?

This steel cut oatmeal recipe is a nutritious and wholesome breakfast option. Here's why:

  • Oats: Steel cut oats are a whole grain, providing fiber, protein, and complex carbohydrates for sustained energy.
  • Low-fat milk: Using low-fat milk reduces the saturated fat content while still offering calcium and protein.
  • Cinnamon: This spice adds flavor without extra calories and may help regulate blood sugar levels.
  • Unsweetened shredded coconut: Coconut provides healthy fats and fiber, but unsweetened varieties keep the sugar content in check.
  • Maple syrup: Although it contains natural sugars, maple syrup is used in moderation and offers antioxidants and minerals.
  • Currants: These dried fruits add natural sweetness, fiber, and beneficial plant compounds.

To make this recipe even healthier, consider the following suggestions:

  • Reduce the maple syrup to 4 tablespoons to lower the sugar content. You can always add more to individual portions if needed.
  • Increase the fiber by adding a tablespoon or two of ground flaxseed or chia seeds to the cooking process.
  • Boost the protein content by stirring in a scoop of your favorite protein powder or a handful of chopped nuts before serving.
  • Experiment with different spices like nutmeg, ginger, or cardamom to add variety without relying on sugar.
  • Top the oatmeal with fresh fruit, such as sliced bananas, berries, or diced apples, for added nutrients and natural sweetness.

Editor's Opinion on This Delightful Oatmeal Dish

This steel cut oatmeal recipe is a delightful combination of wholesome ingredients. The use of maple syrup and currants adds a natural sweetness, while the addition of coconut provides a lovely tropical flavor. The cooking method ensures a creamy and satisfying texture. Overall, it's a comforting and nutritious breakfast option that can be easily customized with different toppings or fruits.

Enhance Your Steel Cut Oatmeal with Maple Syrup, Currants and Coconut Recipe with These Unique Side Dishes:

Roasted Brussels Sprouts: Tossed in a balsamic glaze and sprinkled with crispy bacon crumbs
Grilled Pineapple: Drizzled with honey and sprinkled with chili powder for a sweet and spicy kick
Braised Lamb Shank: Slow-cooked in a rich red wine and tomato sauce until tender and falling off the bone

Delicious Alternatives to This Steel Cut Oatmeal Recipe

Roasted Vegetable Quinoa Salad: This hearty salad is packed with roasted vegetables, fluffy quinoa, and a zesty vinaigrette dressing. It's a perfect dish for a light lunch or a side dish for dinner.
Honey Garlic Glazed Salmon: This succulent salmon dish is coated in a sweet and savory honey garlic glaze, then baked to perfection. It's a delicious and healthy option for a weeknight dinner.
Mango Coconut Chia Pudding: Indulge in this creamy and tropical chia pudding made with fresh mango, coconut milk, and a hint of vanilla. It's a refreshing and nutritious dessert or breakfast option.
Butternut Squash Soup with Apple: Warm up with a bowl of this comforting butternut squash soup, infused with the sweetness of apples and a touch of warm spices. It's a cozy and satisfying meal for a chilly day.

Appetizer and Dessert Pairings for Steel Cut Oatmeal

Stuffed Mushrooms: Delight your taste buds with these savory stuffed mushrooms, filled with a flavorful mixture of herbs, cheese, and breadcrumbs. Perfect for any gathering or party appetizer.
Caprese Skewers: Indulge in the freshness of these Caprese skewers, featuring juicy cherry tomatoes, creamy mozzarella, and fragrant basil, all drizzled with a balsamic glaze. A delightful and colorful addition to any appetizer spread.
Chocolate Mousse: Indulge in a rich and creamy chocolate mousse, topped with a dollop of whipped cream and a sprinkle of cocoa powder for an elegant and decadent dessert experience.
Apple Crisp: Savor the warm and comforting flavors of baked apples, cinnamon, and a crunchy oat topping in this classic apple crisp. Pair it with a scoop of vanilla ice cream for the perfect balance of sweetness and texture.

Why trust this Steel Cut Oatmeal with Maple Syrup, Currants and Coconut Recipe:

This recipe uses steel cut oats which are a great source of fiber and nutrients. The combination of maple syrup and currants adds natural sweetness and a burst of flavor. The addition of coconut provides a delightful texture and a hint of tropical taste. The use of cinnamon enhances the aroma and flavor profile. The method of simmering the oats with a mix of water and milk ensures a creamy and satisfying texture. Overall, this recipe offers a balanced and wholesome breakfast option that is both delicious and nutritious.

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How can I adjust the sweetness of the oatmeal?
You can adjust the sweetness of the oatmeal by adding more or less maple syrup to suit your taste preferences.
Can I use a different type of milk in this recipe?
Yes, you can use any type of milk you prefer, such as almond milk, soy milk, or oat milk.
Can I substitute the currants with another dried fruit?
Absolutely, you can substitute the currants with raisins, chopped dates, or dried cranberries for a different flavor.
How can I make this recipe vegan?
To make this recipe vegan, simply replace the low-fat milk with a plant-based milk such as almond, soy, or oat milk.
Can I prepare this oatmeal in advance?
Yes, you can prepare the oatmeal in advance and reheat it with a splash of milk or water to achieve the desired consistency before serving.

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