Celery Seed: What Is It and How to Use It

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Recipes.net Team Published: April 5, 2021 Modified: May 18, 2022
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If you’re familiar with the long and crunchy vegetable called celery, then you’ll love celery seeds. But even though it sounds like it came from the common celery you can find in stores and markets, it’s actually from the wild version of the vegetable, wild celery, or smallage

Despite their size, these seeds are packed with nutrients and have a strong flavor. Their wealth of benefits include better bone health and improved blood sugar levels for those who include them in their diet. They’re usually used as a food spice for a great variety of food from meat to potatoes, and thus work perfectly with dishes like this Canadian bacon hash recipe. Read through this article and get to know more about these powerful little seeds.

What Is Celery Seed?

a bottle of celery seeds

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Celery seeds are little seeds with a dark brown color that you can get from wild celery. They only grow from the wild celery plant in its second year. 

The seed has a strong taste despite its size, which is what made it become a staple of Italian and French delicacies. Romans were the first ones to discover it until it made its way to be known globally, especially in western dishes.

These little seeds have a strong earthy aroma and an astringent taste. It leaves a burning sensation in the mouth, kind of similar to when you have bitten a whole pepper. This seed also has an earthy bitter taste that gives it a flavor that’s similar to a concentrated celery vegetable. 

It is used to flavor various dishes like celery seed dressing, dips and sauces, dry rubs, marinades, and brines. It is also used as an ingredient in celery salt or as an addition to your pickling spice blend.

What Is Celery Seed Used For?

Celery seeds are commonly used as a spice and are sold as either whole or ground. Whole celery seeds have a stronger flavor than ground seeds. Ground seeds and celery powder also have a more bitter taste than the whole seeds. 

You can flavor varieties of dishes or turn them into celery salt by grinding celery seeds mixed with iodized salt in an electric grinder.  You can even mix ground celery seeds with ground ginger; their flavors complement each other well. 

Tip: You can use ground seeds or celery powder in place of whole celery seeds. They will give your dishes a milder earthy and bitter taste.

As they are well-known for their health benefits, celery seed extracts are also used as a supplement that promotes detoxification. These supplements include other herbs and extracts which altogether support to help maintain blood pressure, a steady heartbeat, and healthy arteries and veins.

Recipes With Celery Seed/Salt

  • Baby Back Ribs – Have an authentic baby back ribs meal. It is seasoned with a variety of seasonings and especially, celery salt.
  • Bloody Mary Mix – Have you ever imagined the classic bloody mary cocktail as a slushie? Try this easy bloody mary mix and find out the goodness you might have missed.
  • Rotisserie-Style Slow Cooker Chicken – This throw-together dish is well-seasoned and easy to prepare and cook. It’s perfect to prepare for family dinners and special occasions.

Celery Seed vs. Celery Salt

ground celery seed and salt, spices on a white plate

Like celery seed, celery salt is also used as a spice. However, the main difference between the two is that celery salt is composed of ground celery seed mixed with salt.

If you’re planning to use celery salt as a substitute, keep in mind that the results will not be the same. Celery salt is saltier and its celery flavor is more subdued. 

Still, you can use celery seed as a seasoning or spice on its own, or you can make your own homemade celery salt. You can achieve this by mixing 2 parts of salt for every 1 part of ground celery seed. 

Celery Seed Substitutes

Recipes sometimes call for ingredients that we don’t have on hand at the moment. Don’t worry, there are other ingredients that we can use to replace this versatile ingredient. 

You can use dried celery flakes to duplicate their unique flavor in your recipe. Aside from this, whole coriander seeds can also imitate celery seeds’ crunchy texture and their hot, nut-like, and citrusy flavors.

Consider Adding Celery Seed to Your Diet

These little dark-brown seeds are packed with such great flavors that you can easily slip right into a great variety of dishes ranging from marinades to Bloody Marys. The nutrients you get from consuming celery seeds will also benefit your health. With all the great taste and health benefits they bring, you should definitely try this power-packed super seed!


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