Cointreau vs Triple Sec: 4 Differences You Didn’t Know About

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S.A. Yanes Modified: November 10, 2021
Cointreau vs Triple Sec: 4 Differences You Didn’t Know About
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The convenience of ready-to-drink margarita mixes is astounding, but we can’t ignore that being your own bartender is quite a thirst-quenching experience in itself. Now when choosing the best orange liqueur for the perfect margarita, you might face a tough choice between Cointreau vs triple sec. But is there really a difference? While these two share some similarities, the most apparent being orange-flavored liqueurs, they are not the same thing.

Read on to know the difference between triple sec and Cointreau, from their origins and distillation processes to flavors. And if you happen to enjoy mixing tequila cocktails from scratch, we also rounded up a few popular margarita drinks for you to try.

What Is Triple Sec

triple sec liqueur

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Triple sec is a clear dry orange liqueur made from orange peels. This alcoholic beverage originated in France in 1834. The term sec translates to “dry” in French and refers to “distilled” in the world of liqueurs. Hence, Triple sec stands for triple distilled. In other words, this liqueur is called triple sec because it undergoes a distilling process three times.

In modern times, however, triple sec generally refers to any orange liqueur. Moreover, bottles with such a label are considered of lower quality. This flavorful beverage is also a popular ingredient in many cocktail drinks, including this orange margarita and Kamikaze.

What Is Cointreau

cointreau liqueur

Cointreau, alternatively, is the first registered and the best-known brand of triple sec. To put it simply, Cointreau is a type of triple sec.

This orange liqueur was first produced in France during the 1870s and grew in popularity in the 1880s. Originally, the name of this drink was “Cointreau Triple Sec” but it was later changed to “Cointreau” to differentiate it from Triple sec or other orange liqueur brands.

The ingredients of Cointreau include sweet and bitter orange peels and alcohol from sugar beet. Like most liqueurs, Cointreau is also an essential component in many iconic cocktails such as margarita, cosmopolitan, and sidecar.

Cointreau vs Triple Sec: How Are They Different

triple sec vs cointreau

When it comes to the triple sec vs. Cointreau debacle, it’s worth remembering that triple sec refers to any dry orange liqueur, whereas Cointreau is a brand name and a type of triple sec. Below is a further breakdown of their main differences.

Distillation Process

While both triple sec and Cointreau use orange skins during the distillation method, there are slight differences.  

Inspired by a Caribbean liqueur called Curacao, triple sec also uses orange peels from the Caribbean. And as we have mentioned earlier, the name of triple sec liqueur is somehow connected with its production process. First off, this orange liqueur goes through a triple distillation. Meanwhile, as the term “sec” (which means “dry” in French) suggests, the orange peels are dried first during the distillation process.

Triple sec and its production method have become the standard of orange liqueurs. Consequently, many liquor companies produce triple sec liqueur with their brand names on the label. While the brand, color, and flavor sometimes vary, these liqueurs still undergo the same distillation process. Some popular Triple sec orange liqueur brands include Bols Triple Sec and Combier Triple Sec.

Cointreau, on the other hand, is made from sweet and bitter orange peels as well. And the oranges used in making this drink are supposedly sourced from different countries, including Spain and Brazil. However, the manufacturing process of Cointreau remains undisclosed to the public. There is also no evidence whether or not Cointreau goes through triple distillation like triple sec.

In a nutshell, Cointreau is more exclusive than triple sec. While the latter falls under many brands, only one company, Remy Martin, produces Cointreau. Its branding and presentation are also consistent throughout the years.

Flavor Profile

Both triple sec and Cointreau brim with orange flavors, although the overall taste generally depends on the variety of oranges used to source the dried peels. 

Triple sec, albeit citrusy, has a more neutral flavor profile. And as previously mentioned, the underlying flavor and quality may vary depending on the brand. Cointreau, meanwhile, has a smooth orange flavor, balancing between sweet and bitter. Moreover, both liqueurs use various spices to enhance the orange flavor. Naturally, each has a different aroma and aftertaste.

Alcohol Content

Another main difference between Cointreau and triple sec is their alcohol content. Triple sec liqueurs fall between 15 to 30 percent ABV. Triple sec brands usually mix the triple sec with a certain amount of water, making them more syrupy. This explains why they have a different ABV and are lower than Cointreau. 

Conversely, Cointreau’s alcohol content is 40 percent, which is a tad higher than triple sec. This liqueur also has the same primary ingredients as triple sec, although the required quantity of these components does not compromise or reduce the alcohol content in half. 


These orange liqueurs also fall under varied price ranges because of their different manufacturing processes. Since several brand names produce triple sec liqueur, this drink is more affordable than Cointreau. Not to mention this liqueur presumably uses less expensive ingredients and methods. On the other hand, Cointreau has a higher value because of its exclusivity and higher alcohol content.

Famous Cointreau and Triple Sec Cocktails to Try

classic margarita

Apart from being essential ingredients in many cocktail drinks, Triple sec and Cointreau can also be consumed straight, neat, over ice, or on the rocks. So, start stocking up your bar carts with these flavorful liqueurs and elevate your bartending skills with these triple sec and Cointreau cocktails:

  • Cosmopolitan Martini – Hosting a little cocktail party? Try this easy cocktail recipe! You only need orange liqueur, cranberry juice, vodka, and lime cordial. Toss all the ingredients in your cocktail shaker, and you are five minutes away from enjoying a glass of an exciting drink! 
  • Classic Margarita – No drink announces the arrival of summertime better than the classic margarita. So, bring out some triple sec liqueur, refreshing lime juice, and the best tequila for a margarita! This classic margarita recipe is ready to go in just five minutes! 
  • Crantini (Cranberry Martini) – This refreshing cocktail is summer in a glass! Combine Cointreau, cranberry juice cocktail, sweet vodka, and lime juice, and delight in its flavorful blend of ingredients. Best of all, it is a cinch to prepare, a perfect drink for last-minute entertaining!
  • Frozen Margarita -This margarita recipe with triple sec is a pure delight! It begins with some tequila, triple sec, lemon or lime juice, and ice cubes. Feel free to garnish with a lime slice on the rim. This triple sec margarita is ready for guests in just five minutes!

Cointreau and triple sec are both orange liqueurs and are vital components in many cocktail drinks. However, these two differ in terms of distillation and manufacturing process, flavor, alcohol volume, and value. Nonetheless, if you are trying to brew a Cointreau vs. triple sec match, note that either of the two makes up a perfect, refreshing glass of margarita.

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