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Copycat Pizza Hut Marinara Sauce Recipe


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Pizza Hut is one of the most popular pizza chains in the world. One of the chain’s selling point is its marinara sauce. Discover how you can make an absolutely delicious marinara sauce recipe. What are you waiting for? Get those tomatoes and pans ready. We are going to start cooking.

For this recipe, we are going to need tomato sauce. We suggest using ready-to-cook tomato sauce available in the market. More importantly, you can also use fresh tomatoes, too, if you prefer. The only difference is the preparation time. Also, this marinara sauce recipe will not be complete without the herbs that will complement the sourness of the tomato. Get a couple of basil and oregano leaves and chop it thoroughly. These herbs will add a minty-sweet taste to the marinara sauce. In addition to herbs, also get some garlic powder and bay leaves to balance the taste. If you want to have a little kick in your marinara sauce, feel free to add some chili as well.

It should be noted that the marinara sauce is not only good for pizza and pasta, but you can also use it for dipping as well. Use it for bread, especially garlic bread, or meat pies and we guarantee that you are going to love it. There are a lot of recipes in which you can use the marinara sauce. For instance, you can use it on meatballs, plain tomato soup, and ratatouille.

Last but not least, save it for future use. We guarantee that you will never want to go out to a pizza chain again. If you need more recipes that go well with marinara sauce, try it on our Breakfast Pizza

Learn how to make your own Pizza Hut-style marinara sauce with this easy recipe!

Prep: 25 mins
Cook: 30 mins
Total: 55 mins


  • 1 can tomato sauce, 15 oz
  • ¼ cup water
  • 1 tsp brown sugar
  • ¼ tsp dried oregano
  • ¼ tsp dried basil
  • ¼ tsp garlic powder
  • ¼ tsp salt
  • tsp black pepper
  • 1 whole bay leaf
  • ½ tsp lemon juice


  1. In a large sauce pan, add the tomato sauce, water, sugar, oregano, basil, garlic powder, salt, black pepper, bay leaf, and lemon juice. Mix well.

  2. Bring to a boil over medium to high heat.

  3. Lower heat to a simmer, cover, and cook for 30 minutes.
  4. Serve while warm or store in a jar for later.

Recipe Notes

Marinara sauce makes for a great last-minute dipping sauce when you're all out of dip at a party. That's why it's all the more helpful to keep some extras in stock for you to enjoy later!


  • Sugar: 16g
  • :
  • Calcium: 44mg
  • Calories: 90kcal
  • Carbohydrates: 20g
  • Fat: 1g
  • Fiber: 5g
  • Iron: 3mg
  • Potassium: 1125mg
  • Protein: 5g
  • Saturated Fat: 1g
  • Sodium: 2075mg
  • Vitamin A: 1472IU
  • Vitamin C: 24mg
Nutrition Disclaimer
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Commonly Asked Questions

What is marinara sauce used for?

Although it’s a simple tomato sauce, marinara can be enjoyed for a variety of things. For starters, it can be used as a base for spaghetti sauce. Leftover marinara sauce can be used for tomato soup as well. As mentioned, it can also be used as a dipping sauce. This applies not just for bread sticks, but even for nachos too. Your marinara sauce can be used as a delicious salsa for chips and wings, which makes it great for parties!

Can I use marinara for pizza sauce?

You most definitely can! However, take note that marinara sauce might be a little thinner than your average pizza sauce. To remedy this, add a bit of tomato paste to thicken your sauce and make it more appropriate for pizza.

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As this recipe shows, making your own marinara sauce is simple. We can't stress enough just how great marinara sauce can be for your dishes, so use this recipe to recreate your own at home!
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