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Corned Beef Omelet Recipe

Corned beef omelet is a hearty and flavorful dish that combines the rich taste of corned beef with the fluffy texture of eggs. This dish adds a unique twist to your regular omelet, making it perfect for breakfast, brunch, or a light dinner. The salty tang of the corned beef complements the mild flavor of the eggs, creating a balanced and satisfying meal.

Corned Beef Omelet Recipe

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This recipe requires corned beef, often found in the canned meat section of your local supermarket. It's a type of salt-cured beef product, and it has a distinctive, strong flavor that isn't commonly found in other types of beef. Another ingredient to be aware of is Parmesan cheese, a hard, granular cheese that adds a sharp, nutty flavor to dishes. Fresh Parmesan cheese is usually found in the dairy or deli section of the supermarket.

Ingredients for the Corned Beef Omelet

Olive oil: A healthy cooking oil used for its mild flavor and high smoke point.

Onion: Adds a sweet and savory depth to the dish.

Potatoes: Adds a hearty element and makes the omelet more filling.

Corned beef: The star ingredient, adding a unique, salty flavor.

Salt: Enhances the flavors of the other ingredients.

Unsalted butter: Adds richness and ensures the eggs don't stick to the pan.

Eggs: Provide structure for the omelet and a mild flavor that complements the corned beef.

Milk: Makes the omelet fluffier and lighter.

Parmesan cheese: Adds a sharp, nutty flavor.

Pepper: Adds a touch of heat.

Parsley: Freshens up the dish and adds color.

One reader, Daphna Sheets says:

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This corned beef omelet recipe is a game-changer! The combination of tender corned beef, savory potatoes, and fluffy eggs is simply divine. It's a hearty and delicious breakfast option that never fails to impress. I love how easy it is to make, and the flavors are just outstanding. Highly recommend trying it out!

Daphna Sheets

Key Techniques for Making a Perfect Corned Beef Omelet

How to make the corned beef hash: In a skillet, warm the oil over medium heat, then add the potatoes and onions. Cook until the onions are translucent and the potatoes are cooked through, approximately 5 to 7 minutes. Add the corned beef and a pinch of salt, and cook until warmed through. Taste and adjust the seasoning if needed.

How to start the omelet: Return the skillet to medium heat and melt the butter. In a medium bowl, beat the eggs and milk until well combined. Pour the scrambled eggs into the pan with the butter. When the eggs start to set, use a small spatula to push the cooked egg into the center, tilting the pan at the same time, allowing the uncooked egg to flow to the outside of the skillet. Repeat until the eggs are almost all cooked, but there is still a thin layer of uncooked egg on top. This should take no more than 2 minutes.

How to add the corned beef: Add the crisped corned beef hash to one side of the omelet along with grated parmesan cheese and a pinch of salt and pepper.

How to finish the omelet: Fold the top of the omelet over the filling and cook for another 15 seconds. Carefully flip the omelet over.

How to serve: Slide the omelet out onto a plate and garnish with parsley. Eat immediately.

How To Make Corned Beef Omelet

Quick and easy corned beef omelet for breakfast. Cook your ground beef with potatoes and flavorful herbs and stuff it inside the fluffy egg omelet.

Preparation: 10 minutes
Cooking: 15 minutes
Total: 25 minutes



  • 1tspolive oil
  • 1tbsponion,minced
  • ¼cuppotatoes,finely diced, from 1 small red or yellow potato
  • ¼cupcorned beef,finely diced
  • pinchsalt
  • 1tspunsalted butter
  • 2large eggs
  • 2tbspmilk
  • 2tbspParmesan Cheese,grated
  • pinchsalt and pepper
  • parsley,fresh garnish


Make the Corned Beef Hash:

  1. Warm the oil over medium heat, then add the potatoes and onions. Cook until the onions are translucent and the potatoes are cooked through for 5 to 7 minutes.

  2. Add the corned beef and a few pinches of salt, and cook until warmed through. Taste and add more salt if needed.

Start the Omelet:

  1. Return skillet to medium heat and melt butter. Once butter is melted swirl it around so it coats the pan.

  2. In a medium bowl, add the eggs and milk. Beat until well combined. Pour the scrambled eggs into the pan with the butter.

  3. When eggs start to set, use a small spatula to push the cooked egg into the center, tilting the pan at the same time, allowing the uncooked egg to flow to the outside of the skillet.

  4. Repeat until the eggs are almost all cooked.

  5. Add the crisped corn beef hash to one side of the omelet along with grated Parmesan cheese and a pinch of salt and pepper.

  6. Fold the top of the omelet over the filling and cook for another 15 seconds. Carefully flip the omelet over.

  7. Slide the omelet out onto a plate and garnish it with parsley. Eat immediately.


  • Calories: 371.39kcal
  • Fat: 25.83g
  • Saturated Fat: 10.49g
  • Trans Fat: 0.19g
  • Monounsaturated Fat: 10.61g
  • Polyunsaturated Fat: 2.80g
  • Carbohydrates: 10.83g
  • Fiber: 1.23g
  • Sugar: 2.78g
  • Protein: 23.28g
  • Cholesterol: 405.50mg
  • Sodium: 588.72mg
  • Calcium: 324.91mg
  • Potassium: 431.60mg
  • Iron: 2.69mg
  • Vitamin A: 254.05µg
  • Vitamin C: 14.90mg

Expert Tip for Mastering the Corned Beef Omelet

When making your omelet, it's important to not overcook the eggs. The key to a fluffy and moist omelet is to cook it just until it's set, but still slightly runny on top. This is because the residual heat will continue to cook the eggs even after you've removed it from the heat. So, remove the omelet from the heat just before you think it's done to ensure it doesn't become dry and overcooked.

Time-Saving Tips for Preparing a Corned Beef Omelet

Prep ahead: Chop and prepare all the ingredients the night before to save time in the morning.

One pan: Cook the corned beef hash and omelet in the same skillet to minimize clean-up.

Efficient cooking: Cook the potatoes and onions while preparing the eggs to save time in the kitchen.

Quick assembly: Have all the ingredients ready and within reach before starting to cook for a seamless process.

Multitask: While the omelet is cooking, use that time to tidy up the kitchen to save time after the meal.

Substitute Ingredients For Corned Beef Omelet Recipe

  • corned beef - Substitute with smoked turkey: Smoked turkey has a similar savory and salty flavor to corned beef, making it a suitable alternative for this omelet recipe.

  • potatoes - Substitute with sweet potatoes: Sweet potatoes can add a slightly sweeter and more complex flavor to the omelet, complementing the savory elements of the dish.

  • unsalted butter - Substitute with ghee: Ghee has a rich, nutty flavor similar to butter and can enhance the overall taste of the omelet.

  • milk - Substitute with unsweetened almond milk: Unsweetened almond milk can provide a creamy texture and subtle nutty flavor without the lactose, making it a suitable alternative for those with dairy sensitivities.

  • parmesan cheese - Substitute with grated pecorino Romano: Pecorino Romano cheese has a similar salty and tangy flavor to parmesan and can be used as a delicious alternative in the omelet.

  • parsley - Substitute with chives: Chives can provide a mild onion-like flavor and a pop of color, similar to parsley, as a garnish for the omelet.

How to Beautifully Present a Corned Beef Omelet

  1. Elevate the omelet with a stunning presentation: When plating the corned beef omelet, ensure that the omelet is neatly folded and placed on the plate with precision. Use a clean, white plate to allow the colors of the omelet to stand out.

  2. Garnish with a sprinkle of fresh parsley: Add a touch of vibrant green to the omelet by sprinkling freshly chopped parsley on top. This will not only enhance the visual appeal but also add a pop of freshness to the dish.

  3. Incorporate a drizzle of truffle oil: Before serving, delicately drizzle a small amount of truffle oil around the omelet. The luxurious aroma and flavor of the truffle oil will add a sophisticated touch to the dish.

  4. Use a fine dining plating technique: Employ the quenelle technique to shape the corned beef hash into an elegant, elongated shape. This refined presentation method will showcase attention to detail and culinary finesse.

  5. Add a touch of edible gold leaf: For a truly extravagant presentation, consider adorning the omelet with a delicate, edible gold leaf. This luxurious addition will elevate the dish to a level befitting a Michelin-starred dining experience.

Essential Kitchen Tools for Making an Omelet

  • Chef's knife: A versatile tool used for chopping, slicing, and dicing ingredients with precision.

  • Cutting board: Provides a stable surface for cutting and preparing ingredients without damaging countertops or knives.

  • Skillet: A versatile pan used for sautéing, frying, and making omelets.

  • Spatula: Essential for flipping and turning ingredients in the skillet without damaging their shape.

  • Mixing bowl: Used for combining ingredients and mixing omelet fillings.

  • Whisk: Essential for beating eggs and incorporating air into the omelet mixture for a fluffy texture.

  • Food processor: Optional for quickly chopping onions and potatoes for the corned beef hash.

  • Small spatula: Used for folding the omelet and transferring it to a plate without breaking it.

  • Measuring spoons: Essential for accurately measuring and adding seasonings to the omelet.

Storing and Freezing Guidelines for Corned Beef Omelets

Here are the storing and freezing guidelines for the corned beef omelet recipe:

  • To store leftover corned beef omelet, let it cool to room temperature first. Then wrap the omelet tightly in plastic wrap or aluminum foil, or place it in an airtight container. Refrigerate the wrapped omelet for up to 3-4 days.
  • When ready to reheat, unwrap the omelet and place it on a microwave-safe plate. Microwave in 30-second intervals until heated through, about 1-2 minutes total. You can also reheat the omelet in a skillet over medium-low heat until warmed through, about 3-4 minutes.
  • To freeze the omelet, let it cool completely first. Wrap the omelet tightly in plastic wrap, then in aluminum foil or place in a freezer-safe container or bag. Label with the date and freeze for up to 2-3 months.
  • To reheat a frozen omelet, unwrap and place on a microwave-safe plate. Microwave in 1-minute intervals until heated through, about 2-4 minutes total depending on the strength of your microwave. Alternatively, thaw the omelet overnight in the refrigerator, then reheat in the microwave or skillet as directed above.
  • Note that freezing and reheating the omelet may cause the texture to become slightly rubbery or watery. For best quality, consume the omelet within a month of freezing.
  • You can also freeze just the corned beef hash filling separately. Let it cool, then transfer to a freezer-safe container or bag and freeze for up to 3 months. Thaw overnight in the fridge before reheating and adding to a freshly made omelet.

The Best Methods for Reheating Leftover Omelets

  • Preheat your oven to 350°F (175°C). Place the leftover corned beef omelet on an oven-safe dish and cover it with aluminum foil. Heat the omelet in the oven for about 10-15 minutes, or until it's heated through. This method helps to retain the moisture and prevent the omelet from drying out.

  • If you prefer a quicker reheating method, you can use a microwave. Place the leftover omelet on a microwave-safe plate and cover it with a damp paper towel. Heat the omelet in 30-second intervals, checking the temperature after each interval, until it's heated through. The damp paper towel helps to keep the omelet moist during the reheating process.

  • For a crispy exterior, reheat the leftover omelet in a skillet over medium heat. Add a small amount of butter or oil to the skillet and place the omelet in the pan. Cook the omelet for 1-2 minutes on each side, or until it's heated through and slightly crispy on the outside. This method works well if you enjoy a bit of texture contrast in your reheated omelet.

  • If you have an air fryer, you can use it to reheat your leftover corned beef omelet. Preheat the air fryer to 350°F (175°C) and place the omelet in the basket. Cook the omelet for 3-5 minutes, or until it's heated through and slightly crispy on the outside. This method is quick and helps to restore some of the original texture of the omelet.

  • Regardless of the reheating method you choose, make sure to consume the reheated corned beef omelet promptly to ensure the best taste and texture. If you need to store the leftover omelet for a longer period, make sure to keep it in an airtight container in the refrigerator for up to 3 days.

Interesting Trivia About Corned Beef Omelets

Corned beef is a popular ingredient in many cuisines and is often associated with Irish and Jewish culinary traditions. However, it is believed that the concept of corned beef actually originated in ancient times, when people would preserve meat by dry-curing it with large grains of salt. This method was used to extend the shelf life of the meat, making it a valuable source of sustenance. Over time, the process evolved, and today, corned beef is enjoyed in various dishes, including the delicious corned beef omelet.

Is Making a Corned Beef Omelet at Home Cost-Effective?

This corned beef omelet recipe is quite cost-effective for a household. The key ingredients, such as corned beef, eggs, and potatoes, are affordable and readily available. The dish offers a satisfying and hearty meal for a family of four at an approximate cost of $10. With its simple preparation and use of budget-friendly ingredients, this recipe earns a solid 8/10 for cost-effectiveness.

Is a Corned Beef Omelet Healthy or Unhealthy?

The corned beef omelet recipe, while tasty, leans towards the unhealthy side due to a few key factors:

  • High in saturated fat: Corned beef and butter are significant sources of saturated fat, which can raise LDL (bad) cholesterol levels and increase the risk of heart disease.
  • Sodium content: Corned beef is typically high in sodium, and adding salt to the dish further increases the sodium content, which can lead to high blood pressure and other health issues.
  • Lack of vegetables: The recipe includes only onions and potatoes, missing out on the opportunity to incorporate a variety of nutrient-dense vegetables.

To make this recipe healthier, consider the following suggestions:

  • Swap corned beef with a leaner protein source, such as turkey or chicken breast, to reduce the saturated fat content.
  • Use olive oil instead of butter to cook the omelet, as it contains healthier monounsaturated fats.
  • Reduce the amount of added salt, and opt for low-sodium corned beef if available.
  • Incorporate a variety of vegetables into the omelet, such as:
    • Spinach
    • Bell peppers
    • Mushrooms
    • Tomatoes
  • Use a combination of whole eggs and egg whites to lower the cholesterol content while maintaining protein.
  • Serve the omelet with a side salad or fresh fruit to add fiber, vitamins, and minerals to the meal.

By making these adjustments, you can transform this corned beef omelet into a more balanced and nutritious dish that still satisfies your taste buds.

Editor's Opinion: Thoughts on the Corned Beef Omelet Recipe

This corned beef omelet recipe is a delightful fusion of flavors and textures. The corned beef hash brings a savory and hearty element, while the fluffy omelet provides a comforting base. The addition of parmesan cheese adds a rich and nutty note, elevating the overall taste. The cooking instructions are clear and easy to follow, ensuring a successful outcome for both novice and experienced cooks. The finished dish is visually appealing and promises a satisfying dining experience. Enjoy this omelet for a hearty breakfast or brunch, and savor the delicious combination of ingredients.

Enhance Your Corned Beef Omelet Recipe with These Unique Side Dishes:

Mashed Potatoes: Creamy mashed potatoes with a hint of garlic and chives, topped with a dollop of butter.
Roasted Vegetables: Colorful medley of roasted vegetables, including carrots, bell peppers, and zucchini, seasoned with herbs and olive oil.
Fruit Salad: Refreshing fruit salad with a mix of seasonal fruits, such as strawberries, pineapple, and kiwi, drizzled with a honey-lime dressing.
Tomato Soup: Homemade tomato soup with a velvety texture, garnished with a swirl of cream and fresh basil leaves.

Similar Recipes to Try If You Love Corned Beef Omelets

Beef and Broccoli Stir-Fry: This savory stir-fry combines tender beef with crisp broccoli in a flavorful sauce, perfect for a quick and satisfying meal.
Fruit Salad with Honey-Lime Dressing: A refreshing and colorful fruit salad featuring a variety of fresh fruits, drizzled with a sweet and tangy honey-lime dressing.
Creamy Tomato Basil Soup: Indulge in a comforting bowl of creamy tomato basil soup, made with ripe tomatoes, aromatic basil, and a touch of cream for richness.

Ideal Appetizer and Dessert Combinations for a Corned Beef Omelet Meal

Stuffed Mushrooms: Create a savory and indulgent appetizer by stuffing mushrooms with a flavorful mixture of cheese, herbs, and breadcrumbs. Bake until golden and crispy for a delicious bite-sized treat.
Bruschetta: Elevate the classic bruschetta by topping crispy bread with a variety of fresh and vibrant toppings, such as diced tomatoes, basil, and balsamic glaze. Serve as a light and refreshing appetizer option.
Chocolate Mousse: Indulge in a rich and velvety chocolate mousse, topped with a dollop of whipped cream and a sprinkle of cocoa powder. The smooth and creamy texture will melt in your mouth, leaving you craving for more.
Strawberry Cheesecake: Savor the luscious and creamy strawberry cheesecake, with a buttery graham cracker crust and a sweet strawberry topping. Each bite is a delightful combination of tangy and sweet flavors that will leave you wanting another slice.

Why trust this Corned Beef Omelet Recipe:

This recipe offers a delightful twist on the classic omelet, incorporating the savory flavors of corned beef and the heartiness of potatoes. The combination of these ingredients creates a satisfying and flavorful dish that is perfect for a hearty breakfast or brunch. The use of parmesan cheese adds a rich and creamy element, while the addition of onions and parsley enhances the overall depth of flavor. With careful attention to detail and a balance of textures and tastes, this recipe promises to deliver a delicious and comforting meal that users can trust and enjoy.

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How can I make this recipe vegetarian-friendly?
You can easily make this recipe vegetarian-friendly by substituting the corned beef with vegetarian sausage or crumbled tofu. You can also add more vegetables like bell peppers, mushrooms, or spinach to enhance the flavor and texture.
Can I make this recipe ahead of time and reheat it later?
Yes, you can make the corned beef hash ahead of time and store it in the refrigerator for up to 2 days. When you're ready to enjoy the omelet, simply reheat the corned beef hash in a skillet and proceed with making the omelet as directed.
Can I use different types of cheese in this recipe?
Absolutely! You can experiment with different types of cheese such as cheddar, Swiss, or mozzarella to customize the flavor of your omelet. Feel free to use your favorite cheese or a combination of cheeses for a delicious twist.
Is it possible to make this recipe gluten-free?
Yes, you can make this recipe gluten-free by ensuring that the corned beef and any other ingredients you use, such as the cheese and seasonings, are gluten-free. Additionally, you can replace the potatoes with gluten-free alternatives like sweet potatoes or gluten-free hash browns.
Can I add other ingredients to the omelet?
Absolutely! You can personalize the omelet by adding ingredients such as diced bell peppers, mushrooms, or diced tomatoes to the filling. Get creative and add your favorite ingredients to make the omelet uniquely yours!

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