How To Fold A Burrito So Your Filling Won’t Fall Out

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Rachel Chua Published: March 5, 2021 Modified: September 22, 2021

The first two bites of our favorite breakfast burrito are the best ones until it turns into a complete mess—burrito fillings all over the place. Have you ever wondered just how much of that delicious filling should have reached your mouth instead of it falling to the floor? In this article, we will teach you how to fold a burrito that is guaranteed to hold the filling together.

What Is a Burrito?

Burritos are these amazingly delicious rolled tortilla wraps that seals and holds together delicious fillings inside. A regular Mexican burrito will always consist of tasty rice, meat, vegetables, and black beans. It wouldn’t be complete without a spicy salsa and guac on the side. The reason burritos are such a popular dish is because of how highly customizable they are. You can go about any type of meat like chicken, beef, or carnitas. Vegetables like cabbages, corn, and even onions, gives it a surprising crunch. You can also add in some cheese slices and refried beans. You might become well-acquainted with this tasty dish if you’re always on the lookout for something on-the-go. It’s a favorite go-to brunch meal or a quick lunch meal because it’s handy and convenient to eat. Not to mention that it’s also extremely filling and flavorful. 

When making burritos yourself, choosing ingredients would be the least of your worry. Because the most important thing to know is how to hold those ingredients together, so that each bite is a burst of all the combined ingredients.

It’s not as easy as it looks. If you think all you have to do is plainly roll a burrito and eat it, you’re wrong. Make a burrito this way and you’ll wonder why it doesn’t taste as good as the one you get from the store.

How To Fold A Tortilla

We’ll let you in on a little secret: Ever wondered how Chipotle’s Burrito tastes really good every time? Each ingredient used for filling is arranged in layers in a lengthwise direction. Pretty simple if you think about how you eat a burrito which goes from one end to the other. This technique in layering your ingredients ensures that in each bite, you’re getting the best out of your burrito. That’s only for the first step. Read on the rest of our tips to learn how to fold like a pro. Here’s a step-by-step guide:

Step 1: Assemble the filling

Take a portion of your filling. Put at least a 2-inch spread of rice, meat, vegetables, and salsa all in a single layer. Remember to leave at least 1½ inch space allowance to create the fold.

how to fold a burrito, step 1 of folding a burrito, hands putting the rice, meat, and vegetable filling over tortilla wrap


Step 2: Roll the wrap on top

Roll the tortilla wrap on top of your filling. Apply a firm grip pressing down gently as you roll the wrap.

how to fold a burrito, step 2 of folding a burrito, hands gently rolling the tortilla wrap,


Step 3: Fold one side of the wrap, push filling to the center

Hold the tortilla wrap securely by placing down one of your hands in the middle to keep it in place. Using your other hand, gently grab the short side end and fold it in going to the middle. This helps push your filling to the center.

how to fold a burrito, step 3 of folding a burrito, hands tucking both sides to seal burrito pushing the filling to the center,


Step 4: Fold the other side

Secure the fold on the first side part with one hand, grab the other end with your other hand, and fold it toward the middle just like how you did the first time.

how to fold a burrito, step 4 of folding a burrito, hands securing the Mexican wrap folds toward the middle,


Step 5: Continue rolling

Once both sides are tucked, gently roll the tortilla wrap forward until you reach the other end of the tortilla. Serve with salsa and enjoy!

how to fold a burrito, step 5 of folding a burrito, hands rolling the burrito, sides sealed,


Tips On Folding A Burrito

Now that you know how to fold a burrito like Chipotle, here are some extra tips you can use to roll a burrito.

  • You can try to put Mexican meat dishes like carne asada or light chicken and mushroom fajitas. Both would be great and tasty as a burrito filling. 
  • Fold a perfect burrito by putting just enough filling. Not too thick, nor too thin. Stuffing so much filling will create holes or vacant spots on your burrito. These holes are the culprit to your filling falling out. It’s like a secret of chefs that you’d want to know.
  • Have a firm grip on those burritos. As much as possible, you want the ingredients tightly packed together so that it won’t be as messy the moment you bite into this tasty Mexican dish.
  • After folding a burrito, place it back on the grill and heat it or sear both sides. This process helps with melting the cheese inside your burrito if you have put some. Also, it makes your tortilla ends stick together, sealing the ends so it won’t let loose and drop your filling.


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