Culver's indulgent Butterburgers will never be out of reach again! You no longer have to wander far to experience what this Midwestern food chain has to offer. Take a look at our selection of Culver's recipes, and choose which ones to recreate.

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Copycat Culver’s Chicken Tenders Recipe

Enjoy a family-friendly meal with our version of Culver’s Chicken Tenders! Enjoy delicious chicken pieces made extra tender with buttermilk and a sprinkle of flavorful spices.

50 mins


Copycat Culver’s Chocolate Malt Recipe

Bring on the chocolate malt! Recreate this classic indulgence with our chocolate malt recipe. This rich and creamy shake is just as delicious as Culver's.

5 mins


George’s Chili Just Like Culver’s Recipe

With ground chuck, tomato sauce, beans, bell peppers, and a blend of spices, this Culver’s chili recipe has got all the ingredients you need for a scrumptious chili like George’s.

2 hrs 25 mins


Copycat Culver’s Indulgent Butter Burgers Recipe

This recipe for Culver’s butter burger makes tasty, juicy burgers that came right off Culver's menu! Each ground beef patty is stuffed with a delicious caramelized onion butter that oozes out and bastes the patty as it cooks.

2 hrs 45 mins