Dairy Free

Lactose intolerance shouldn't stop you from enjoying yummy dishes just because it has milk. Good thing our dairy free recipes are here to save the day! Those with dairy allergies or lactose intolerance can just as easily enjoy a delicious meal without worrying about the ingredients. So, what are you waiting for? Try our dairy free recipes now!

New Dairy Free


Spicy Tomato Cucumber Smoothie Recipe

This gluten-free vegan tomato cucumber smoothie is a cool combination of refreshing and spicy flavors. It’s made with real cucumbers and tomatoes with cumin, coriander, and hot sauce.

10 mins


Honeydew Smoothie Recipe

The honeydew smoothie is a 5-minute healthy summer drink bursting with fresh flavors from honeydew, orange juice, lemon juice, and mint leaves. Cool down with a tall glass of this refreshing creamy drink today.

5 mins


Grain-Free Apple Honey Cake Recipe

This apple honey cake is gluten and dairy-free but is still a yummy dessert that you can make easily. It's topped with almond sliver and a honey glaze.
1 hr 35 mins


Cranberry Smoothie Recipe

Create a fall-inspired healthy drink with this recipe for cranberry smoothie. It's made with almond milk, bananas, and berries for a dairy-free treat.
1 hr 10 mins


Easy Dairy-Free Ice Cream Cake Recipe

Incredibly easy and simple, this dairy-free ice cream cake combines Oreos, ice cream sandwiches, and whipped cream for luscious cookies and cream sweets.

2 hrs 10 mins


Dairy-Free Tres Leches Cake Recipe

Milky and moist, this tres leches cake is covered with a sweet vanilla topping made with dairy-free vanilla milk and cream of coconut for a baked treat.

1 hr 15 mins

Popular Dairy Free


Lobster Asparagus Chopped Salad Recipe

This delicious asparagus chopped salad offers a twist as it's served with lobster, tossed with asparagus and tomatoes, then drizzled with lemon dressing!
15 mins


Cozy Autumn Wild Rice Soup Recipe

Here are 3 ways to cook this delicious Cozy Autumn Wild Rice Soup made with potatoes, kale, carrots, celery, and hearty wild rice in a creamy, zesty broth.
1 hr


Best Homemade Vegetable Soup Recipe

Enough of the cheat days and start savoring a bowl of vegetable soup that is nutritious and so easy to make. So delectable, you won't even miss the meat!
45 mins


Basil Lime Sorbet Recipe

Celebrate the flavors of summer with this basil lime sorbet. This refreshing dessert is vegan and dairy-free, so you can enjoy with less guilt.
3 hrs 15 mins


Strawberry Banana Smoothie Recipe

Strawberry banana smoothie is a truly classic combination that you can never go wrong with. This recipe needs only 4 ingredients and can be made dairy-free.
5 mins


No-Bake Fudgy Snowballs Recipe

Fudgy snowballs are made out of almonds, dates, cocoa powder and honey pulsed in a food processor until ground, formed into a ball, and rolled in sugar!
20 mins

Recommended Dairy Free


Mini Pecan Phyllo Tarts Recipe

Prepare these easy mini phyllo tarts for gatherings and watch people be amazed at the crunch of the pecans with the phyllo wraps. It's sweet and savory, too
30 mins


Bell Pepper and Potato Frittata Recipe

Perfect for breakfast or brunch, this potato frittata cooked together with eggs, shallots, bell pepper, and Yukon potatoes are surely going to be a hit!
50 mins

Chocolate Dessert

Chocolate Cherry Chip Vegan Cream Recipe

Enjoy this healthy and guilt-free vegan cream dessert made with vegan chocolate chips, fruits, and nuts mixed together in a blender until creamy.
10 mins


Whipped Coconut Cream Recipe

Try this easy, two-ingredient coconut cream you can pair with tons of desserts. Simply whip coconut milk and sugar, and enjoy this sweet cream!
3 mins


Oat Milk Fettuccine Recipe

Craving for something Italian? This oat milk fettuccine recipe is vegan, dairy-free, and can be made in no time. Way to put healthy and yummy together!
30 mins


Spicy Pumpkin Appetizer Soup Recipe

This easy-to-make spicy pumpkin soup is the perfect appetizer to start the holiday feast. Spiced up with curry powder and fresh garlic, this soup is filled with robust flavors to start special occasions that will surely be a blast.

20 mins


Pumpkin Pie Smoothie Recipe

This healthy starchy-sweet pumpkin smoothie will be your go-to fall drink. Perfect to start your mornings or to serve your guests along with fall pastries.

15 mins


Chocolate Olive Oil Cake Recipe

Surprise yourself with this dairy-free chocolate olive oil cake. This unique combination lends this classic dessert a rich and decadent finish.
1 hr 40 mins


Asian Raw Kale Salad Recipe

This raw kale salad recipe is an Asian power-food meal tossed in a zippy red pepper and ginger dressing. It is best when fresh topped with cilantro.
15 mins


Greek Yogurt “Ice Cream” Recipe

This decadent, vegan-friendly dessert only takes 5 ingredients to make! Our Green Yogurt Ice Cream recipe is the perfect, dairy-free treat for any cheat day without resorting to high-level sugary snacks!

4 hrs 10 mins


Non-Dairy Strawberry Smoothie Recipe

You can't go wrong with this non-dairy strawberry smoothie for a tart treat. It fuses plant-based milk & agave syrup for a sugar-free drink.

5 mins