Tex Mex Recipes

You might be wondering, what's the difference between Tex Mex and Mexican cuisine? The fine line between these two cuisines is indeed getting blurred as Tex Mex food evolves over the years. But some distinct differences stand out. There are some ingredients you'll find only in Tex Mex cuisine, such as yellow cheese, cumin, black beans, and beef. From cheesy nachos to fajitas, taste the vibrance of Texas with these 82 Tex Mex recipes that will certainly spice up your palate.

Tex Mex recipes

New Tex Mex Recipes

Bacon Guacamole Recipe

Bacon Guacamole Recipe

Bacon Guacamole is so easy to make and takes your guac to the…
Total 10 mins

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Popular Tex Mex Recipes

chile con queso recipe
Dip, Sauce & Condiment

Chile Con Queso Recipe

A homemade queso that's rich, creamy, a little spicy and dangerously good!
Total 30 mins
Mexican Carnitas Recipe

Mexican Carnitas Recipe

This Mexican carnitas is everything you want in a dish- savory notes from…
Total 1 hr 50 mins
Loaded Nachos Recipe

Loaded Nachos Recipe

These Loaded Nachos Are Piled High With Chips, Beef, Beans, Cheese, Pico De…
Total 27 mins

More Tex Mex Recipes

chicken flautas recipe

Chicken Flautas Recipe

Delicious, crunchy flautas filled with shredded chicken (shredded beef works too), salsa, cheese,…

Mexican Corn Soup Recipe

This corn soup loaded with Mexican-inspired flavors is also filled with tomatoes, chicken,…
Total 30 mins