13 Best Ground Coffee For Your Coffee Bar This 2022

13 Best Ground Coffee For Your Coffee Bar This 2022

Some people (including you, maybe) can not go on with their day without a sip of that refreshing elixir of energy. There are mornings when you’re running late for work that you trudge towards your coffee bar. In moments like this, you will most likely go for ground coffee.

But first, what is ground coffee? Simply put, it’s the result when whole coffee beans are ground into fine powder. Touching on the ground coffee vs whole bean (or freshly-ground) debacle, pre-ground takes the cake because of its ease of use and accessibility. That’s because, with whole bean coffee, you will need to do the grinding process yourself before finally brewing your morning pick-me-up. But then again, many coffee lovers are all about freshly ground coffee because of its freshness and complex flavor. However, pre-ground coffees (the products we have on this list) are way more convenient since it takes less time to prepare and is not as messy to use.

Without much ado, below is a rundown of the best ground coffee brands for every coffeeholic. Whether you’re looking for something with bold, deep flavor or for your cold brew, there is one on this list that will surely elevate your morning coffee! 

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Our 13 Favorite Ground Coffee Brands at a Glance

13 Best Ground Coffee Brands You Can Buy Today

At its heart, the world of ground coffee is vast, not to mention varied. And the hard part is cherry-picking the best ones among them. So, to narrow down the endless choices, we considered a few determining factors such as flavor notes, roast types, and the origin of the coffee beans. These options range from dark roast to light from coarse to fine grind. Moreover, we also weighed the pros and cons of each product. After careful considerations, here are the best ground coffee brands:

1. Best Overall: Death Wish Ground Coffee Dark Roast

An intensely flavored drink will provide you with the caffeine kick you need to start your day. With that, Death Wish is the best choice should you need a big energy boost every morning. After all, it’s not labeled as the world’s strongest coffee for nothing. One cup of this coffee already delivers a strong caffeine punch!

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Amazingly, Arabica and Robusta beans are combined to produce this high-caffeine coffee. Despite having bold coffee flavors, you will also notice underlying notes of dark chocolate and cherry. Plus, each sip does not leave a bitter aftertaste in your mouth! As such, it’s not surprising that Death Wish is among the best-selling ground coffee on Amazon. This is evident in the overwhelming customer reviews. As of writing, almost 40,000 consumers are raving about this coffee! You can also rest assured that this product is organic and fair trade.

2. Best Coarse Grind: Gevalia Special Reserve Guatemala Coarse Ground Coffee

Every coffee lover has different ways to enjoy their coffee. Some like cold brew, while others enjoy it brewed using the French press. Other enthusiasts like to brew their drink using a percolator. If you have your coffee using any of the three, note that coarse coffee grounds are perfect for these brewing methods. And among the options up for grabs, Gevalia ground coffee is our top favorite.

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Sourced exclusively from the high-altitude mountains of Guatemala, Arabica beans are slow-roasted to produce this rich-flavored drink. In terms of flavor, you will notice some earthy, smoky notes with undercurrents of cocoa. Moreover, this coarse ground coffee is perfect for French press or cold brew. A Rainforest Alliance-certified coffee, its aroma, and flavor will jumpstart your dozing senses.

3. Best Medium Grind: illy Medium Grind Ground Coffee

A cup of coffee, one way or another, is enough to get you going for a busy day ahead. Among the best ways to brew a flavorful cup of joe at home is using your handy moka pot. Speaking of, the ideal grind for this is medium-coarse. Considering the rich flavors and aroma of the Illy Moka product, it’s the best medium-ground coffee you can buy on Amazon.

What we love about this coffee is its taste, quality, and packaging. Having been packaged in a pressurized, protected, and air-free environment, you can expect a fresh, rich, and aromatic coffee once you open the can. Featuring 100 percent Arabica beans sourced from around the world, this product brings an unforgettable coffee experience. Even better is you can savor its deliciousness using stove-top moka pots and espresso machines!

4. Best Espresso Grind: Café Bustelo Espresso Coffee

The trick to keeping after-dinner conversations more pleasant? Coffee. Now, you may want to take it up a notch. In that case, espresso coffee is the way to go! For this kind, a fine coffee grind is an ideal size to use. And out of all the options available in the market, we cherry-picked Café Bustelo as the best espresso ground coffee.

At its core, this finely ground coffee is crafted from the finest coffee beans in the world. For that reason, you will notice a dark and flavorful palate the moment you take a sip. Moreover, we also appreciate how easy it is to whip up a cup of espresso with this product. You can brew this espresso ground coffee straightaway without the use of any fancy equipment! Lastly, with Cafe Bustelo, you get to relish an authentic Latin espresso right off the bat.

5. Best for French Press: illy Extra Dark Roast Coffee

For some coffee enthusiasts, the French press is their method of choice when preparing their daily cup of joe. If you’re one of them, we suggest you try this extra dark roast from illy. 

First, let’s talk about its rich and delicious flavors. At one sip, you will most likely relish notes of dark chocolate and an exquisite aroma of toasted bread. Why this ground coffee is made from the finest Arabica beans which are sourced from nine of the best origins worldwide!

Dark roasted to absolute deliciousness, not to mention expertly ground, this product is sure to perk up your mornings! Oh, and did we mention how it’s also packed in an air-free, pressurized can? This means that the aromas and oil are carefully locked in, ensuring that the coffee will remain at its freshest quality.

6. Best for Cold Brew: Stone Street Cold Brew Coffee

Imagine yourself basking in the sunshine with a cold brew in one hand. Hot, laid-back weekends have never been this tasteful! Well, if you love the idea, you might want to start adding the perfect coffee grind to your arsenal. Now, there’s no need to scour through the Internet as we already did for you. Enter Stone Street’s Cold Brew Coffee.

Gourmet Arabica coffee beans from Colombia are ground to perfection to produce this flavorful drink. Speaking of Arabica beans, this particular coffee stands above the competition since their beans are regarded as “supremo” which are the highest quality beans from Colombia. These coffee beans are then expertly processed to achieve a bold and balanced flavor. The resulting finish has a nutty taste, bordering on having chocolate notes. Plus, there’s no bitter aftertaste at all! These factors alone make this product among the most delicious tasting cold brew coffee there is.

Coffee lovers will also appreciate how versatile this coffee is. You can brew this coffee using French press, pitcher or even a mason jar, and of course, cold brew. Plus, you can purchase this cold brew coffee in different sizes and packages. One more thing about the packaging, it has a wide top opening, so scooping the coffee wouldn’t cause you much trouble.

7. Best Dark Roast: Kicking Horse Grizzly Claw Coffee

If your body screams for intense coffee flavors — with the same strength you would expect from a cup of Brazilian coffee — then look no further than the Kicking Horse coffee. As its name suggests, one sip feels like a strong kick from a beast!

Sourced from Central and South America, this product is made using Arabica beans. This coffee, moreover, falls on the darker scale, having been dark roasted to perfection. The aroma is akin to that of condensed sugar and cocoa powder. However, the moment you take a sip, you will notice underlying rich flavors of dark chocolate, cacao nibs, brown sugar, and roasted hazelnuts. Impressively, not only does this coffee swear by its flavors. Being organic and fairtrade certified, the process altogether benefits both coffee drinkers and farmers!

8. Best Medium Roast: Peet’s Coffee Big Bang Medium Roast Coffee

Those of you who could not give up your daily cuppa, but is seemingly tired of the usual dark-flavored coffee, are in luck! We scoured through Amazon, looking for the best medium roast ground coffee, and we found one! Having a rich flavor balanced by a tropical fruit palate, this Peet’s medium roast coffee is a breath of fresh air.

This particular coffee features the exotic fruitiness of Ethiopian super natural beans, so you can expect vibrant flavors once you take a sip. Apart from the flavor profile, the production process is impressive, too, since this coffee (alongside other coffee products from the brand) has been hand-roasted meticulously to unravel the deliciousness of the Arabica beans. Plus, the beans are sourced from several growing regions, resulting in an unparalleled coffee blend.

9. Best Light Roast: Starbucks Blonde Roast Ground Coffee

Strong dark coffee has long been dominating the coffee world. However, when it comes to coffee flavor, there’s so much more to unpack. Some taste deep, whereas others are bright and fruity. And some are on a lighter scale like this Starbucks blonde roast coffee.

Unlike other Starbucks roasts, this one tastes like soft cocoa and lightly toasted nuts. You will also notice subtle flavors of toasted malt and baking chocolate. In a nutshell, this coffee has a mellow palate, or must we say more welcoming flavors. Although it has a different flavor, this light roast coffee is also crafted using 100 percent Arabica beans. Considering it undergoes the same intricate coffee-making procedure, this product is on par with the other Starbucks blends, not to mention other leading coffee brands.

If you fancy the idea of savoring a cup of Starbucks coffee at your own home, then make some space for this product on your amazing coffee bar! Make sure that you use cold, filtered water when you whip up a fine-tasting cuppa.

10. Best Decaf: Don Francisco’s Hawaiian Hazelnut Flavored Coffee

As much as you yearn for that caffeine kick brought about by coffee, too much caffeine is not exactly good for you. Never fear, as you can still enjoy a cup of joe minus the jitters! With that said, we searched through Amazon and decided that this Don Francisco’s coffee is the best decaf ground coffee to add to your coffee bar.

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This coffee, made from 100 percent premium Arabica beans, is medium roasted. The resulting finish has a rich hazelnut aroma, perfectly matched by coconut flavors. Its overall taste pairs perfectly with the rich sweetness of Kahlua liqueur. So, it’s an excellent choice when you want to brew yourself a mug of Mexican coffee.

It’s also packaged in a recyclable can, promoting eco-conscious choices. What’s even better is that this coffee is up for grabs in different sizes and wonderful flavors, from caramel cream to butterscotch toffee.

11. Best Organic: Four Sigmatic Mushroom Coffee

Who would say no to fresh and healthy organic coffee grounds for your morning brew? After all, drinking USDA organic coffee, for instance, can give you peace of mind. So, if you are about to venture into a healthy lifestyle, consider getting a pack or two of this Four Sigmatic Mushroom Ground Coffee.

First off, this coffee is made from 100 percent organic Arabica coffee beans, organic Lion’s Mane extract, and Chaga mushroom powder. With that, it’s not surprising that this coffee is packed full of benefits. Consuming this coffee can benefit your memory, focus, and concentration, all thanks to the organic Lion’s Mane extract. Meanwhile, the Siberian Chaga mushroom boasts antioxidant properties. Not only is it organic, but this coffee is non-GMO and free from fillers and carriers as well!

Above all, this product tastes much like coffee with no underlying hints of mushroom. Feel free to explore and incorporate coconut milk, almond cream, and more to enhance its flavors. Because it’s guaranteed healthy, this coffee makes for the perfect choice whether you’re vegan or on a paleo diet.

12. Best Flavored: New England Coffee Blueberry Cobbler Medium Roast Coffee

When you’re groggy in the morning, nothing perks you up better than a flavorful cup of coffee. There are many options in the market and all are equally tasty. However, one coffee brand piqued our interest: the New England blueberry cobbler coffee. We mean, it may be the best-flavored ground coffee that you can purchase on Amazon today.

With its intense flavor of sweet blueberries, paired with hints of spices, this aromatic coffee will wake you up instantly. And like most products on our list, this one is made from 100 percent Arabica coffee beans sourced from the best coffee-growing regions around the world. Plus, this product is gluten-free and certified Kosher!

13. Best Budget-friendly: Seattle’s Best Coffee Post Alley Blend Dark Roast Ground Coffee

Sure, we all love a fancy cup of peppermint mocha from Starbucks. However, spending as much to satisfy your caffeine needs every morning puts holes in your wallet! Luckily, we have on our list an affordable option for you!

And who says cheap coffee (and the one you make at home) is not as good as the fancy drinks you usually buy at your favorite coffee house? This post-alley blend from Seattle’s Best Coffee is downright tasty! With its intense dark and smoky flavors, many coffee lovers are raving about this coffee blend. In fact, it has more than 12,000 overwhelming reviews to boot. Moreover, pure Arabica beans underwent a rigorous process to achieve a great-tasting coffee like no other. When you use this blend to make a cuppa, make sure to use cold, filtered water to enhance its smooth flavors.

How To Pick the Best Ground Coffee

top view of whole coffee beans and ground coffee

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed when you’re in a coffee aisle or even the Internet surrounded by best ground coffee brands. We totally understand! Considering the vast options, deciding which is the best to buy can be a daunting task. So, here are the factors to keep in mind to help you single out the best coffee for your coffee bar: 

Types of Beans

On the whole, there exist four main types of coffee beans:  Arabica, Robusta, Excelsa, and Liberica. One of the major elements setting these coffee beans apart from each other is their taste. Arabica beans fall on a smooth, sweeter scale, with hints of chocolate and sugary flavor. Not to mention, it’s the most popular among the four categories. Meanwhile, Robusta beans have a stronger flavor profile, bordering on bitter even, with grainy or rubbery notes. Liberica, on the other hand, has a floral and fruity palate. These coffee beans also come in irregular shapes and are a bit larger as compared to the other types. Lastly, the flavor of Excelsa beans is almost akin to light roast—tart and fruity. Still, the results depend on the growing process. Nonetheless, knowing about these types of coffee beans, all about their palate and all, can help you narrow down your options.


Coffee beans, if you don’t know yet, have different origins. Meaning, they are sourced from various regions around the world. Generally, there’s a single-origin coffee and there are coffee blends. To put it simply, single-origin coffee originates from one farm or organization. Now, a coffee blend is the result when coffee beans from different sources are combined to extract unique flavors. Nonetheless, each has a distinct flavor profile. Choose the one you prefer most.

Roast Level

Coffee beans undergo the roasting procedure to unleash the essential oils, unraveling their unique flavors in the process. Now, before you go shopping for coffee, note that there are several roast levels: light, medium, and dark. 

Light roasts, which are brown, tend to have a dry texture, with no oil on the surface. This type of roast usually retains the coffee bean’s natural aromas and flavors. They are often described as bright-tasting, all with that crisp acidity. Meanwhile, the medium roasts are almost similar to lighter roasts when it comes to color and texture. They are also brown and have no oil on the surface of the coffee beans. When it comes to flavor, you will notice deep caramel sweetness. That’s because they usually undergo a longer roast time than light roasts. On the other hand, dark roasts are dark brown, akin to that of chocolate. Unlike the other levels, this one, in particular, has an oily surface. Dark roast coffees also provide a deeper and bold flavor with low acidity.

Flavor Notes

As coffee beans undergo different preparation methods, naturally, the resulting products have varied flavor profiles. Generally, coffee offers a complex blend of palates. Some have notes of chocolate, whereas others provide a vibrant, fruity taste. Always cherry-pick the one you know would please your taste buds. 

Grind Size

Before you go shopping, you might want to start understanding grind sizes first. Note, each grind size is best suited to different brewing methods. For instance, coarse grinds, which resemble kosher sea salt, are ideal for French presses and percolators. The medium grind, on the other hand, is a little less chunky as compared to the coarse grind. It’s also great to use in a French press. Next is the fine grind coffee, the most common grind size you’ll find in the market. Obviously, coffee beans are ground to achieve a fine sugar-like consistency. Such grind sizes are perfect for espresso brewing, stovetop, and AeroPress. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is ground coffee and instant coffee the same thing?

Touching on instant coffee vs ground coffee, note that the former has already been brewed and processed. Conversely, ground coffee is coffee beans that are ground up to various sizes. In essence, both are coffee but are not the same thing.

These two also have distinct characteristics completely separating them from one another. For instance, instant coffee will dissolve straight away when you add water into it, unlike the ground one. Instant coffees are also way cheaper than ground coffee. Now, if you want that caffeine punch, go for the ground type as it has higher caffeine content. 

How long does ground coffee last?

Does ground coffee go bad? Well, yes! But if stored properly, pre-ground coffee can have a shelf life of three to five months in a dry storage area and up to two years in the freezer. 

However, note that this depends if the bag or can of coffee is opened or not. If opened, it could have a shorter shelf life. So, we suggest that you consume it within one to two weeks after opening the package.

How to store ground coffee?

The best way to store ground coffee is by placing them in an airtight container then storing them in your pantry or any cool, dark, dry place. Make sure that they are not exposed to direct sunlight or heat. If you want to keep them for longer, you can store them in the freezer. However, you should know that there will be, most likely, a build-up of moisture in the container or packaging. 

Share your thoughts on the 13 best ground coffee for your coffee bar this 2022 in the Kitchen Equipment forum section. Join the discussion and let us know which ground coffee you think reigns supreme!

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