Yum Yum Sauce Recipe

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Isabelle Ryan Modified: March 25, 2022
Yum Yum Sauce Recipe

I love eating in a Japanese steakhouse restaurant. The food is always great, especially the way it’s cooked right in front of you. This is called hibachi grill or teppanyaki style of cooking where the food is cooked on a type of grill similar to large iron griddles with an open-grate design. There are a lot of dishes that I love from these types of Japanese restaurants, but I’m most interested in their yum yum sauce which always enhances whatever meal I’m eating.

So, what is yum yum sauce? Well, the sauce is usually made with mayonnaise, tomato paste, rice vinegar, and other powdered spices for a light, sweet, and slightly tangy dipping sauce. It goes by a lot of different names because of its general pale pink color. This yum yum sauce is also known as Japanese white sauce, pale pink sauce, Hibachi sauce, or sakura sauce. Call it whatever you like, just know that it’s a great sauce to make to really elevate your dishes.

It’s one of those Japanese sauces that goes well with any dish, like grilled meat, seafood, fried rice, noodles, rice balls, or vegetables. It’s also great as a dipping sauce for french fries (and, sometimes, sweet potato fries) as it’s so similar to fry sauce. When I made my homemade yum yum sauce recipe, it only took me 5 minutes. I even made my own hibachi chicken to pair with the sauce.

All you really have to do is mix all of the ingredients together using a whisk until it’s smooth and cream-like. Feel free to adjust the amount of ingredients that you need. If you prefer a thinner sauce, then add a bit of water to loosen it and don’t overdo the amount of water needed. You can even add other ingredients like smoked paprika or hot sauce if you prefer a hint of smokiness or spiciness in your sauce.

Yum yum sauce is most often used as a shrimp sauce, but there are a lot of ways to enjoy this homemade sauce. For one, I’m definitely using this yum yum sauce as one of my sushi sauces. It can also be used as a seafood sauce or an alternative salad dressing! I have even slathered it on top of hot dog buns, baked potatoes, and grilled chicken. I just can’t get enough of its sweet, tangy, and homemade taste. It definitely tastes so much better than store bought yum yum sauce, and it’s also very easy to make at home.

How To Make How To Make Yum Yum Sauce

This yum yum sauce is a tomato and mayo-based condiment that’s flavored by powdered spices and rice vinegar for a savory and slightly tangy Japanese steakhouse sauce.

Preparation: 5 minutes
Total: 5 minutes



  • 1cupmayonnaise
  • 2tbsptomato paste,or tomato ketchup
  • 1tbsprice vinegar
  • 1tsppaprika,or smoked paprika
  • 1tspgarlic powder
  • 1tsponion powder
  • 1tbspsugar
  • 1tbspbutter,melted
  • salt and pepper
  • 2tbspwater


  1. In a small bowl whisk the mayonnaise, rice vinegar, tomato paste, paprika, garlic powder, sugar, butter and salt and pepper.

  2. Add water as needed to get the desired consistency.


  • Calories: 902.57kcal
  • Protein: 1.35g
  • Cholesterol: 60.31mg
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