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Peanut Butter Strawberry Smoothie Recipe

Dive into a refreshingly tasty experience with this simple yet unique Peanut Butter and Strawberry Smoothie. Its creaminess and natural sweetness come from the blend of strawberries and peanut butter, providing a delightful twist on your usual smoothie recipes.

Peanut Butter Strawberry Smoothie Recipe

Photos of Peanut Butter Strawberry Smoothie Recipe

The ingredients for this recipe are fairly common and can be easily found in most households. However, ensure you have smooth peanut butter for a creamier texture. If strawberries are not in season, frozen strawberries can also work well.

Ingredients for the Peanut Butter and Strawberry Smoothie

Strawberries: Known for their tangy flavor and high vitamin C content, they give natural sweetness and vibrant color to the smoothie.

Plain yogurt: Yogurt adds a creamy consistency and provides probiotics for a healthy gut.

Milk: Milk makes the smoothie rich and contributes to its smooth texture.

Smooth peanut butter: Peanut butter brings a nutty flavor and protein to the smoothie, making it more filling.

Brown sugar: A touch of brown sugar enhances the sweetness of the smoothie, but you can adjust the amount to taste.

One reader, Bryanty Katz says:

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This peanut butter and strawberry smoothie recipe is a game-changer! The combination of creamy peanut butter and fresh strawberries creates a delightful flavor explosion. It's a guilt-free indulgence that's perfect for breakfast or a midday pick-me-up. I highly recommend trying it out!

Bryanty Katz

Techniques Required for Making a Perfect Smoothie

How to prepare the smoothie: Blend strawberries, yogurt, milk, peanut butter, and brown sugar together in a blender for 2 minutes, then let it rest for 10 seconds. Continue blending until smooth for another 2 minutes.

How to select ripe strawberries: Look for strawberries that are bright red, plump, and have fresh green leaves. Avoid strawberries that are mushy or have moldy spots.

How to store strawberries: Store strawberries in the refrigerator in a single layer on a paper towel-lined tray to prevent them from becoming too moist. They should be used within 3-4 days for the best flavor and texture.

How to adjust sweetness: Taste the smoothie before serving and adjust the sweetness by adding more brown sugar if desired. Mix well to ensure the sugar is fully dissolved.

How to serve: Pour the smoothie into glasses and garnish with a fresh strawberry on the rim for a decorative touch. Serve immediately and enjoy!

How To Make Peanut Butter Strawberry Smoothie

Sweet, tart strawberry is mixed with rich and creamy peanut butter for this protein-rich strawberry smoothie with a distinctly fruity and nutty taste.

Preparation: 10 minutes
Total: 10 minutes



  • 8strawberries,sliced
  • ½cupplain yogurt
  • ¼cupmilk
  • 2tbspsmooth peanut butter
  • 1tspbrown sugar


  1. Blend strawberries, yogurt, milk, peanut butter, and brown sugar together in a blender for 2 minutes; let rest for 10 seconds. Blend until smooth, another 2 minutes.


  • Calories: 349.08kcal
  • Fat: 22.72g
  • Saturated Fat: 7.03g
  • Trans Fat: 0.02g
  • Monounsaturated Fat: 9.94g
  • Polyunsaturated Fat: 4.41g
  • Carbohydrates: 26.97g
  • Fiber: 3.75g
  • Sugar: 20.31g
  • Protein: 14.00g
  • Cholesterol: 22.02mg
  • Sodium: 89.93mg
  • Calcium: 252.52mg
  • Potassium: 617.37mg
  • Iron: 1.10mg
  • Vitamin A: 62.21µg
  • Vitamin C: 63.80mg

Essential Technique Tip for Blending Smooth Smoothies

When blending your strawberries, yogurt, milk, peanut butter, and brown sugar together, it's important to start at a lower speed and gradually increase it. This will help to ensure that all the ingredients are thoroughly combined and the texture of your smoothie is smooth and creamy. Also, using frozen strawberries can add a nice chill to your smoothie without watering it down like ice would.

Time-Saving Tips for Making a Peanut Butter and Strawberry Smoothie

Prep ahead: Chop and freeze the strawberries and measure out the peanut butter and yogurt the night before to streamline the process.

Use frozen strawberries: Using frozen strawberries eliminates the need to wash, hull, and chop fresh ones, saving time and effort.

Invest in a high-powered blender: A powerful blender can quickly and efficiently blend the ingredients, saving time and ensuring a smooth consistency.

Double the batch: Make a larger quantity and store extra portions in the fridge for a quick and convenient breakfast or snack option.

Streamline cleanup: Clean as you go to minimize the time spent on washing dishes and utensils after preparing the smoothie.

Substitute Ingredients For Peanut Butter Strawberry Smoothie Recipe

  • strawberries - Substitute with raspberries: Raspberries have a similar tartness and sweetness to strawberries, making them a great substitute in the smoothie.

  • plain yogurt - Substitute with coconut yogurt: Coconut yogurt provides a creamy texture and a hint of tropical flavor, which complements the strawberries and peanut butter.

  • milk - Substitute with almond milk: Almond milk adds a nutty flavor that pairs well with the peanut butter, and it's a dairy-free alternative for those with lactose intolerance or vegan preferences.

  • smooth peanut butter - Substitute with almond butter: Almond butter offers a similar creamy texture and nutty flavor, providing a delicious alternative to peanut butter in the smoothie.

  • brown sugar - Substitute with honey: Honey adds natural sweetness and a hint of floral flavor, enhancing the overall taste of the smoothie without the need for refined sugar.

Best Way to Present a Peanut Butter and Strawberry Smoothie

  1. Elevate the smoothie with a garnish: Add a sliced strawberry or a sprinkle of crushed peanuts on top of the smoothie to add a touch of elegance and visual appeal.

  2. Incorporate a drizzle: Drizzle a small amount of honey or melted peanut butter on the rim of the glass for a sophisticated and appetizing presentation.

  3. Serve in a unique glassware: Present the smoothie in a chilled martini glass or a stylish tumbler to give it a luxurious and refined look.

  4. Garnish with a mint sprig: Add a fresh mint sprig on top of the smoothie for a pop of color and a delightful aroma, enhancing the overall presentation.

  5. Utilize a decorative straw: Serve the smoothie with a stylish or colorful straw to add a fun and playful element to the presentation.

  6. Create a layered effect: Pour the smoothie into the glass in a slow and steady manner to create a visually appealing layered effect, showcasing the beautiful colors of the ingredients.

  7. Add a sprinkle of crushed peanuts: Sprinkle a small amount of finely crushed peanuts on top of the smoothie to provide a delightful crunch and an artistic touch to the presentation.

  8. Use a unique serving platter: Present the smoothie on a decorative platter or tray to elevate the overall visual impact and create a memorable dining experience.

Essential Tools for Making a Delicious Smoothie

  • Blender: A kitchen appliance used to mix, purée, or emulsify food and other substances.
  • Cutting board: A durable board on which food is cut and prepared.
  • Knife: A sharp tool used for cutting and preparing ingredients.
  • Measuring cup: A kitchen utensil used primarily to measure the volume of liquid or bulk solid cooking ingredients.
  • Measuring spoons: Utensils used to measure an amount of an ingredient, either liquid or dry, when cooking.
  • Glass: A transparent container used for mixing and serving drinks or ingredients.
  • Spatula: A broad, flat, flexible blade used to mix, spread, and lift ingredients.
  • Strainer: A device used for separating solid matter from a liquid.
  • Tall glass: A container suitable for serving smoothies and other beverages.

How To Store and Freeze Leftover Smoothies

  • This smoothie can be stored in the refrigerator for up to 24 hours in an airtight container or a sealed glass jar. Give it a good shake or stir before drinking, as the ingredients may separate over time.

  • If you want to freeze the smoothie for later consumption, pour it into ice cube trays and freeze until solid. Once frozen, transfer the cubes to a freezer-safe bag or container. This method allows you to thaw only the desired amount of smoothie at a time.

  • Alternatively, pour the smoothie into a freezer-safe container, leaving some space at the top for expansion. Freeze for up to 3 months. To thaw, place the container in the refrigerator overnight or blend the frozen smoothie with a little extra milk or yogurt to achieve the desired consistency.

  • When freezing the smoothie, keep in mind that the texture may change slightly due to the freezing process. The smoothie may become slightly grainy or icy, but the flavor will remain delicious.

  • If you plan on making smoothies regularly, consider prepping the ingredients in advance. Wash, hull, and freeze the strawberries in a single layer on a baking sheet before transferring them to a freezer-safe bag. This way, you can easily grab the frozen berries whenever you want to make a smoothie.

Random Fact About Peanut Butter and Strawberry Smoothies

Peanut butter and strawberry smoothie is a great source of protein and vitamin C. It's a delicious and healthy way to start your day, providing a good balance of nutrients to keep you energized.

Is Making This Smoothie Recipe Economical for Home Cooking?

This peanut butter and strawberry smoothie recipe is quite cost-effective for a household. The ingredients are reasonably priced and easily accessible, making it a budget-friendly option. With the use of affordable items like strawberries, yogurt, milk, and peanut butter, this recipe offers a great balance of nutrition and cost-efficiency. The approximate cost for a household of 4 people would be around $5-$7, making it an economical choice. Overall Verdict: 9/10

Is This Smoothie Recipe Healthy or Unhealthy?

The peanut butter and strawberry smoothie recipe is a relatively healthy choice, offering a balance of protein, healthy fats, and natural sugars. The combination of peanut butter and yogurt provides a good source of protein, which is essential for building and repairing tissues in the body. Peanut butter also contains healthy monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats, which can help reduce inflammation and improve heart health. Strawberries are rich in vitamin C, antioxidants, and fiber, contributing to overall well-being. The recipe uses a moderate amount of brown sugar, which is a more natural sweetener compared to refined white sugar.

To further enhance the nutritional value of this smoothie, consider the following suggestions:

  • Use Greek yogurt instead of plain yogurt for an extra boost of protein and a creamier texture
  • Opt for natural, unsweetened peanut butter to reduce added sugars and preservatives
  • Add a handful of spinach or kale to increase the smoothie's vitamin and mineral content without significantly altering the taste
  • Replace the brown sugar with a ripe banana for natural sweetness and added fiber
  • Include a tablespoon of chia seeds or ground flaxseed for a dose of omega-3 fatty acids and additional fiber
  • Use almond milk or coconut milk instead of regular milk for a dairy-free, lower-calorie option

Editor's Thoughts on This Delightful Smoothie Combination

This peanut butter and strawberry smoothie recipe is a delightful combination of flavors. The creamy texture from the yogurt and the nutty richness from the peanut butter complement the sweetness of the strawberries. The addition of brown sugar adds a lovely hint of caramel flavor. However, I would suggest using natural peanut butter to avoid added sugars and oils. Overall, this smoothie is a delicious and nutritious treat that can be enjoyed at any time of the day.

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Mixed Berry Salad with Citrus Dressing: A refreshing salad made with a mix of fresh berries and tossed in a zesty citrus dressing, providing a burst of fruity flavors to complement your smoothie.

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Appetizers and Main Courses to Complement This Smoothie Recipe

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Why trust this Peanut Butter Strawberry Smoothie Recipe:

This recipe guarantees a delightful combination of fresh strawberries and creamy peanut butter, creating a luscious and nutritious smoothie. The addition of yogurt and milk ensures a smooth and velvety texture, while a touch of brown sugar adds a hint of sweetness. The blend of these ingredients promises a harmonious balance of flavors and a boost of essential nutrients. Trust in the simplicity and deliciousness of this recipe to indulge in a satisfying and wholesome smoothie experience.

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Can I use frozen strawberries instead of fresh ones?
Yes, you can use frozen strawberries if fresh ones are not available. Just make sure to thaw them before blending.
Can I substitute the plain yogurt with Greek yogurt?
Absolutely! Greek yogurt can be used as a substitute for plain yogurt, and it will add a creamy texture to the smoothie.
Is there a way to make this smoothie vegan?
Certainly! You can use dairy-free yogurt and milk alternatives such as almond milk or soy milk to make this smoothie vegan-friendly.
Can I omit the brown sugar to reduce the sweetness?
Of course! If you prefer a less sweet smoothie, feel free to omit the brown sugar or adjust the amount to suit your taste.
How can I make the smoothie thinner or thicker?
To make the smoothie thinner, you can add more milk. If you prefer a thicker consistency, you can increase the amount of yogurt or reduce the milk. Adjust the ingredients to achieve your desired consistency.

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