How To Open A Coconut In 4 Simple Steps

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Coconuts are a challenge to crack but we all deserve to savor this tropical fruit without a sweat or an injured finger. Fortunately, we’ve got some kitchen hacks on how to open a coconut that truly made the feat easier, safer, and without the use of fancy tools.

There are various specific tools to open the fruit like coconut tappers and scrappers, and all-in-one coconut opener kits. But there’s no need to spend those extra dollars on fancy tools. We share with you how to open a coconut at home safely with regular household tools like a screwdriver and hammer. We’re also excited about sharing with you tips to easily remove coconut flesh from its husk without hurting yourself!

How To Rip Open A Coconut Husk

coconut husk without fruit, removed coconut husk

Ripping through the husk of a coconut is work. The key to this is to weaken its fiber so it would be easier for you to tear off its husk. To do this:

  1. Make sure the pointy end of the coconut is on the top area. Place it horizontally where it can stand on its own. You can surround it with some rocks to hold itself. 
  2. Smash the top using a heavy stone or brick you could find. 
  3. Do the smashing twice until it shows strands of coconut fibers starting to get loose.
  4. Turn the coconut upside down, and hit it with the rock again to completely weaken its structure.
  5. When both ends are now crushed, peel the coconut husk apart until you’re left with the inner coconut fruit.

Puncture And Drain The Coconut

coconut eyes, coconut face, coconut dots

Instead of buying a machete to hack the top of the coconut shell, you can simply make punctures on the eyes of the coconut to release coconut water. This should be done before breaking open the shell for its flesh and can be done at home safely, with a blunt tool.

  1. Locate the three dots on the coconut (usually at one bottom of the shell). Some call these dots the eyes of the coconut. 
  2. Position a blunt tool, such as a clean nail or screwdriver, on each of the eyes of the coconut. Then, use a hammer to gently puncture the eyes.
  3. Widen the holes and get a cup or a bowl to drain all the sweet water from the coconut. 
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Crack Open The Coconut

coconut ridgeline, coconut equator line, how to crack coconut in half

Fresh coconuts are so tasty and packed with nutrients. Enjoy them as a dessert by making some nata de coco from its thick flesh and coconut water, or incorporate its meat in a sweet and salty salad like what we did in this coconut chicken salad recipe. 

You can easily achieve these coco-licious dishes at home with the help of these simple steps on how you can crack a coconut open at home. 

  1. Get a bowl to be used for catching the remaining coconut water while opening the coconut
  2. Find a concrete surface, may it be on your front porch or in your kitchen.
  3. Then, locate the coconut’s ridge line and smash it repeatedly at the edge of a concrete step until it breaks itself in half. With some strength, this should only require a few knocks.

Easily Remove The Coconut Flesh

scraping coconut flesh and innards

The most common coconuts for purchase are the mature brown coconuts that have a thick flesh with higher fat content perfect for making recipes that require meaty coconut grates and sweet coconut water. It needs cracking to be cut in halves as mentioned in Step 3. But there’s no need for coconut meat removal knives. To get all the thick white flesh, here’s what you need to do:

  1. Preheat your oven at 400 degrees F.
  2. After cracking open a coconut in half, place them on a baking sheet.
  3. Put the halved coconuts in the oven for ten minutes. This process will make the meat separate nicely from its shell.
  4. Use a spoon to get the meat.

After you’ve put to practice these amazing tips to open a coconut at home, don’t shy away from making yourself a good and yummy treat. Give this fruity and milky coconut mango ceviche a try for a delicious appetizer!

Opening a Coconut Can Be Safe And Easy

It may take some effort but is generally safer than when using knives and machete. No need to spend an extra dime on tools, or risk a finger and skin just to enjoy this delicious fruit. We hope this guide will come in handy for the next time you want to consume the sweet and nutritious tropical fruit.


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