easter lamb recipes

Easter Lamb Recipes

Nothing is more traditional than serving lamb for your Easter feast. You can even say that it's a staple for this springtime celebration. Besides its symbolic significance, the uniquely grassy flavor of its meat is definitely perfect for special occasions such as this! Whether you roast it or slow-cook it, you'll end up with a drool-worthy dish either way. Check out these Easter lamb recipes for more inspiration.

Recommended Easter Lamb Recipes

Slow Cooked
8 hrs 5 mins
slow cooker leg of lamb recipe
Slow Cooker Leg of Lamb Recipe
2 hrs 50 mins
Roast Lamb With Mint Jelly
Roast Lamb With Mint Jelly Recipe
2 hrs 32 mins
roast leg of lamb with potatoes and onions
Roast Leg of Lamb with Potatoes and Onions Recipe
1 days 3 hrs
roast baby lamb
Roast Baby Lamb Recipe