Smoked Recipes

Smoked Recipes

Why not try a different approach to cooking by going for some smoked meals? These recipes will show you new ways of enjoying your food, so you won’t be running out of ideas anytime soon. Avoid taste fatigue with these smoked meals.

Recommended Smoked Recipes


Turkey Pastrami Recipe

This turkey pastrami is a low-fat and lighter alternative to beef. This recipe is marinated and smoked to make sure all the flavors are there.


Beer Can Chicken Smoker Recipe

Amp up the holiday spread with this beer can chicken smoker for a unique dish. Well-seasoned chicken is placed over garlic and vinegar-filled beer can.


Smoking Whole Chicken Recipe

With only 4 ingredients required, this smoking whole chicken amps up the simply seasoned meat through a pellet smoker for the perfect holiday centerpiece.


Smoked Steak Recipe

Take your meat to the next level with this easy smoked steak recipe. The steaks are grilled on a pellet smoker for a rich flavorful taste.


13 hrs 15 mins

Carolina Pulled Pork Recipe

This Carolina pulled pork may take a lot of cook time, but its taste makes it all worth it. The meat is slowly roasted for 12 hours before it's smoked.

Dip, Sauce & Condiment

10 mins

Smoked Gouda Bechamel Recipe

Bechamel is a French white sauce made with milk and white roux. This delicious Gouda Bechamel recipe is made creamier and thicker with smoked Gouda cheese.


12 hrs 30 mins

Mesquite Smoked Jerky Recipe

You won't miss the storebought kind with this recipe for smoked jerky. The beef is flavored with mesquite, soy sauce, paprika, garlic, and brown sugar.


11 hrs 12 mins

Cedar-Smoked Baby Back Ribs Recipe

Tender, juicy, and tasty, this cedar-smoked dish serves baby back ribs just the way you like it; with ribs brushed with barbecue sauce for a smoky bite.


1 hr 35 mins

Fennel-Smoked Salmon Recipe

The mild and verdant kick of fennel adds great depth of flavor to this smoked salmon. Enjoy bites of flaky salmon and tender veggies, all in one plate!


4 hrs 40 mins

Smoked Baby Back Ribs Recipe

Enjoy these scrumptious and generously-spiced baby back ribs brushed with barbecue sauce, then smoked to perfection! The ribs come out tender and savory.


30 mins

Smoked Watermelon Ham Recipe

A sweet and salty dish, this smoked watermelon ham may look a lot like its pork counterpart but you can be assured this recipe is meat-free.


1 hr 45 mins

Smoked Tri Tip Recipe

Enjoy a savory and succulent bite of this tender tri tip beef roast that's coated in a tasty BBQ rub, then smoked to juicy perfection.


23 hrs

Burnt Ends Recipe

Burnt ends are a variation of smoked brisket. Tender and juicy brisket cubes are in sweet and smoky barbecue seasonings then smoked until caramelized.


3 hrs 40 mins

Smoked Pork Tenderloin Recipe

Indulge your taste buds with a savory and juicy smoked pork! It's brined in a tangy herb mix, then smoked to tender perfection for a hearty dish.


50 mins

Smoked Salmon Pinwheels Recipe

These smoked salmon pinwheels are low carb and great for a keto appetizer made with smoked salmon, cucumber tossed in flavorful herbs and spices.


12 hrs 10 mins

Smoked Chicken Recipe

Make your dinner meals extra special by cooking up our juicy smoked chicken recipe! It's coated in a savory spice rub and sauce for a filling meal.


3 hrs 10 mins

Smoked Chicken Thighs Recipe

Enjoy succulent bites of these tender smoked chicken thighs, made with a delectable sweet and smoky spice rub, for a richer and more flavorful dish!


2 hrs 10 mins

Smoked Chicken Wings Recipe

Make appetizers extra flavorful with our easy-to-follow smoked chicken wings recipe! It's loaded with a tasteful barbecue sauce for a mouthwatering treat.


7 hrs 10 mins

Smoked Pork Chops Recipe

These smoked pork chops are tender and juicy slabs of pork coated in a homemade BBQ spice rub and then smoked for a tasty and easy dinner.


1 hr 40 mins

Smoked Chicken Breast Recipe

Try this tender and flavorful smoked chicken breast smothered with barbecue sauce if you want a strong, salty, and slightly spicy dish that is filling.


6 hrs 10 mins

Smoked Turkey Recipe

Serve your bird differently this holiday season with this smoked turkey recipe. Flavored in a spice rub and full of fresh herbs, this dish is a sure hit.


4 hrs 10 mins

Smoked Ham with Brown Sugar Glaze Recipe

Use your homemade spice rub to make this smoked ham recipe. The brown sugar and maple glaze offer a nice contrast to the smokiness of the meat.


3 hrs 30 mins

Smoked Prime Rib Recipe

This smoked prime rib is cooked with tasteful herbs and a savory garlic butter. Our flavorful, melt-in-your-mouth dish will make any meal extra special.


10 hrs 20 mins

Black Eyed Peas Recipe

This black eyed peas recipe is a comforting stew that's enriched with smoked ham hock and loads of tomatoes, celery, bacon, and various herbs and spices.


7 hrs 10 mins

Smoked Masala Ribs Recipe

Turn the traditional smoked ribs into a flavorful explosion of flavors by following this smoked masala ribs recipe. It's an unforgettable dish!
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