herring recipes

Herring Recipes

Herring is one of the most readily-available fishes in the world. Apart from being accessible, it's also packed with heart-healthy Omega fatty acids. Oily and flaky, this fish is a popular choice for smoking, salting, and pickling. Beyond that, there are plenty of herring recipes to try for a nutritious lunch or dinner! For one, there are traditional dishes like the Polish herring and sour cream. You can also experiment with fun trends like bacon-wrapping to switch up your dish. Discover all your options below.

Recommended Herring Recipes

Pie & Pastry

5 hrs 50 mins

Peach And Blackberry Pie Recipe

An amazing combination of summer peaches and tart blackberries in an incredibly flaky all-butter pie crust makes this blackberry pie such a decadent treat.