japanese breakfast recipes

Japanese Breakfast Recipes

The perfect breakfast meal is different for all. Heck, it also varies day to day—depending on how you're feeling. For instance, while eggs and bacon are indeed classics, they can get repetitive. To switch things up, a change in your morning menu might be in order! Enter: Japanese breakfast recipes. Wake your taste buds up with a different kind of flavor experience. Take your pick from egg salad sandwich, genmaicha (brown rice green tea), souffle pancakes, and more.

Recommended Japanese Breakfast Recipes

Tamago Sushi (Japanese Egg Sushi Nigiri)
45 mins
dorayaki en pile sur une assiette avec pâte de haricot rouge
Dorayaki (Japanese Red Bean Pancake) Recipe
Bread & Dough
3 hrs 15 mins
メロンパン 手作り 焼きたて - Home baked Japanese mel
Japanese Melon Pan (Melon Bread) Recipe
30 mins
Japanese Egg Salad Sandwich Recipe, Slices of Japanese bread filled with egg salad
Japanese Egg Salad Sandwich Recipe
anpan recipe
Anpan Recipe
fried asparagus with poached eggs recipe
Fried Asparagus with Poached Eggs Recipe
20 mins
mochi waffles recipe
Mochi Waffles Recipe
11 mins
genmaicha recipe
Genmaicha Recipe
Chocolate Dessert
6 hrs 30 mins
Royce' Nama Chocolate Hack Recipe - Royce's bittersweet truffles with dark chocolate flavor
Royce’ Nama Chocolate Hack Recipe
20 mins
tamagoyaki (japanese rolled omelette) recipe
Tamagoyaki (Japanese Rolled Omelette) Recipe
1 hr 15 mins
tamagoyaki bento box recipe
Tamagoyaki Bento Box Recipe
Bread & Dough
2 hrs 40 mins
japanese milk bread recipe
Japanese Milk Bread Recipe
teriyaki kimchi fried rice recipe
Teriyaki Kimchi Fried Rice with Tofu Recipe
25 mins
Souffle Pancakes Recipe, fluffy Japanese pancakes recipe
Souffle Pancakes Recipe
30 mins
Alabama Breakfast Souffle
Alabama Breakfast Souffle Recipe
8 hrs 40 mins
Crockpot Miso Soup Recipe
15 mins
Chicken Omelette, Egg, Breakfast Food, Spices, Garnish
Chicken Omelette Recipe
4 hrs 20 mins
Denny’s Inspired Fluffy Pancake Recipe
25 mins
Chinese Onion Soup Recipe, chinese onion vegetable soup with mushroom
Chinese Onion Soup Recipe
40 mins
Copycat Benihana Onion Soup Recipe, homemade Japanese clear onion soup, clear soup with mushrooms and fried onions
Copycat Benihana Onion Soup Recipe