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Goose Recipes

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30 mins

Fried Chicken Livers (Cracker Barrel Copycat)

Here is a simple and delicious fried chicken livers recipe that brings out a savory and mild sweetness to chicken livers. Served with a delicious dip, it can surely turn into a scrumptious meal.

Jam & Spread

Gooseberry Jam Recipe

Bringing nostalgic energy with its old-fashioned flavor, this tart gooseberry jam uses 4 ingredients for a simple spread that's perfect as a gift.


15 mins

Maple Leaf Martini Recipe

Canada is the inspiration behind this maple leaf martini recipe. Vodka is mixed with lemon, maple syrup, and some bitters to make an unforgettable drink.


2 hrs 50 mins

Roast Goose with Port Gravy Recipe

Stuffed with French bread and celery, this roast goose recipe makes the most out of each part. Goose fat is mixed with port wine for tastier port gravy.


4 hrs 10 mins

Roasted Wild Goose Recipe

Fancy up dinners with this wild goose recipe for an elegant dish! A whole goose is filled with a fruity stuffing and wrapped with bacon for a crisp bite.


5 mins

Mango Cocktail Recipe

Take a sip of this refreshing mango cocktail, spiked with Cointreau and vodka, and made slightly sweet with mango puree, for an irresistible drink!


30 mins

Devil’s Food Spider Cupcakes Recipe

These spider cupcakes may look terrifying, but they are perfectly moist and have a rich chocolate flavor of the devil’s food cupcakes. Both kids and adults will be thrilled to eat them!