Thanksgiving Turkey

Thanksgiving Turkey Recipes

Recommended Thanksgiving Turkey Recipes


1 hr 25 mins

Homemade Old-Fashioned Stuffing Recipe

This delicious homemade mix of baked bread, onions, celery, and chicken broth is a filling comfort food! All your happy childhood memories will surely come flooding back with our Homemade Old Fashioned Stuffing Recipe.


1 hr 20 mins

Cornbread Stuffing Recipe

Make the easiest Cornbread Stuffing Recipe for your Thanksgiving feast! Serve herb-filled sweet, tender, and crunchy cornbread stuffing for your turkey or as a side.


5 hrs 50 mins

Cranberry Pecan Stuffing Turkey Recipe

Don't mess up your Thanksgiving feast and follow this foolproof turkey recipe with a stuffing of cranberry, pecan, onion, and celery.


40 mins

Turkey and Stuffing Casserole Recipe

Breathe new life into your Thanksgiving leftovers with this casserole recipe that makes use of any leftover turkey and stuffing.


35 mins

Country Turkey Casserole Recipe

Don't let Thanksgiving food go to waste and make this turkey casserole instead. Just grab some leftover stuffing, veggies, and cream and you're good to go!


2 hrs 15 mins

Dry Brined and Roasted Turkey Recipe

This roasted turkey is tender, juicy, and super flavorful thanks to dry brining! It’s rubbed with herbs then baked into a delicious Thanksgiving main dish!


40 mins

Cheater’s Thanksgiving Turkey Recipe

Serve Thanksgiving turkey in less than an hour with this recipe! It’s made with breast cutlets that's breaded and baked for a juicy and crispy meal.


4 hrs 15 mins

Homemade Roast Turkey Recipe

Thanksgiving will never be the same with this homemade roast turkey recipe. Opt to cook your turkey breast-side down so it stays succulent and rich.

Dip, Sauce & Condiment

45 mins

Turkey White Chili Recipe

Leftover turkey from Thanksgiving? Turkey white chili brings a new twist to the traditional chili with white beans, green chilis, and lots of garlic.


1 days 3 hrs 35 mins

Brined and Roasted Turkey with Gravy Recipe

This roasted turkey is brined in broth, apple juice, and herbs, then stuffed with tender veggies, for a juicy centerpiece for your Thanksgiving table!


30 mins

Homemade Turkey Soup Recipe

Made with savory broth and shell noodles, turn your Thanksgiving leftover into a comforting bowl of turkey soup for a filling dish perfect for rainy days.


50 mins

Deep Fried Turkey Recipe

Sink your teeth into this deliciously tender and juicy deep fried turkey, cooked until golden brown for the heartiest Thanksgiving meal!


6 hrs 15 mins

No-Baste Roast Turkey Recipe

This no-baste turkey recipe is the easiest recipe out there, which is guaranteed to produce the crispiest and juiciest roast turkey ever for Thanksgiving.


4 hrs 35 mins

The Ultimate Thanksgiving Turkey Recipe

Complete the holiday dinner table with the most scrumptious Thanksgiving turkey. The meat is dry brined and roasted until evenly browned.


45 mins

Turkey Roll-Ups Casserole Recipe

These turkey roll-ups are a mix of Thanksgiving dinner: roast turkey rolled up with stuffing, green beans, and topped with turkey gravy and cranberry sauce.


4 hrs 20 mins

Flavorful Roast Turkey Recipe

For Thanksgiving or Christmas dinners, prepare this tender and flavorful roast turkey that is seasoned with rosemary and thyme for a fragrant, spiced meal.


15 mins

Hot Turkey Sandwich Recipe

Got leftover turkey from the holidays? Turn it into a tasty and inexpensive hot turkey sandwich! You only need 4 ingredients to make this easy recipe!


2 days 15 hrs 30 mins

Dry Brined Turkey Recipe

This dry brined turkey is a great way to prepare a Thanksgiving staple. Turkey is coated in a mixture of spices, herbs, and salt then roasted until golden.


3 hrs 10 mins

Classic Roasted Turkey Recipe

Sink your teeth into this classic roasted turkey! It's rich, tastefully seasoned, and perfect to serve at your Thanksgiving dinner.


1 hr

Stuffed Turkey Breasts Recipe

Serve a delicious, satisfying dish with these stuffed turkey breasts with butternut squash, figs, and spinach. Prep this recipe in 10 minutes!


1 hr 15 mins

Turkey Zuppa Toscana Recipe

Turkey Toscana is a good meal to prepare for your leftover turkey from Thanksgiving. This warming soup can also be paired with Italian bread for dipping.


45 mins

Leftover Turkey Casserole Recipe

Got a lot of leftover turkey from your Thanksgiving party? Turn it into a delicious dish with this turkey casserole made with cheesy gravy and cornbread.


4 hrs 35 mins

Cajun Roasted Turkey Recipe

Have a delicious and filling cajun roasted turkey for Thanksgiving made with cayenne pepper, paprika, and other cajun spices roasted until golden brown.


45 mins

Turkey Pot Pie Soup Recipe

Don't let your leftover turkey go to waste with this tasty turkey pot pie soup recipe! This comforting soup is the perfect meal after a hearty Thanksgiving.

Pie & Pastry

40 mins

Leftover Turkey Pot Pie Empanadas Recipe

If you have a lot of leftover turkey from your Thanksgiving dinner, it's best to give them a new life by turning them into a flavorful turkey pot pie.