sardine recipes

Sardine Recipes

During busy days, it's quite difficult to find time for cooking. More often than not, we'd resort to take-outs or ready-to-cook meals which may not always be good for our bodies. But what if we told you there are ways to have simplified yet nutritious home-cooked meals? Take sardines for example. You can absolutely transform this simple canned fish packed with healthy omega-3 fatty acids into something more filling like pasta or salads! Find out how with the sardine recipes below.

Recommended Sardine Recipes


30 mins

Beer Batter Fried Smelt Recipe

This beer battered fried smelt recipe makes the crispiest and tastiest smelts perfect as a snack or appetizer. The fried smelt is crispy on the outside, yet tender and delicate on the inside.


55 mins

Pasta con le Sarde Recipe

A classic Sicilian dish, this pasta con le Sarde combines spaghetti and crushed tomatoes for tangy pasta with sardines, topped with crunchy bread crumbs.