Turkish Recipes

Taste the bold flavors and spices of Turkish cuisine with our amazing Turkish recipes. These flavorful dishes are as healthy as they're delicious. So, give our recipes a try if you're feeling a bit adventurous!

New Turkish Recipes


Adana Kebab Recipe

57 mins
Savory Grilled Beef Kabobs Recipe

BBQ & Grilled

Savory Grilled Beef Kabobs Recipe

1 hr 15 mins

Scrambled Egg

Menemen (Turkish Egg Scramble) Recipe

Menemen is Turkey's version of an egg scramble. This recipe has sauteed tomatoes,…
15 mins


Easy Beef Shawarma Recipe

This beef shawarma has a full, smoky taste and a bit of sweetness…
25 mins
turkish lentil soup recipe


Turkish Lentil Soup Recipe

This simple lentil soup is a smooth, delicious, and slightly spicy appetizer that's…
30 mins


Stuffed Zucchini Recipe

This light and healthy stuffed zucchini is loaded with rice, turkey, and more…
1 hr 40 mins
Corn Kabobs Recipe

BBQ & Grilled

Corn Kabobs Recipe

25 mins

Popular Turkish Recipes

turkish flatbread recipe

Breads & Doughs

Turkish Flatbread Recipe

Satisfy your cravings for Middle East foods with this Turkish flatbread made with…
2 hrs 50 mins
baklava recipe

Pies & Pastries

Baklava Recipe

1 hr 55 mins