chi chi's copycat recipes

Chi Chi's Copycat Recipes

Chi Chi's top secret recipes are not top secret anymore! Enjoy the well-loved Mexican favorites like enchiladas, quesadillas and salsas cooked in your own kitchen. Chi Chi's may be gone but the taste lives on with these copycat recipes.

Recommended Chi Chi's Copycat Recipes

Chi Chi's Copycat
1 hr 10 mins
Chi-Chi's Tamale Pie Recipe
Chi-Chi’s Tamale Pie Recipe
Chi-Chi's Sopapillas Recipe
Chi-Chi’s Sopapillas Recipe
Chi-Chi's Tostadas Recipe
Chi-Chi’s Tostadas Recipe
Chi-Chi's Chicken Quesadillas
Chi-Chi’s Chicken Quesadillas Recipe
Chi-Chi's Mexican Cornbread Recipe
Chi-Chi’s Mexican Cornbread Recipe
Chi-Chi's Nachos Recipe
Chi-Chi’s Nachos Recipe
Chi-Chi's Chicken Fajitas Recipe
Chi-Chi’s Chicken Fajitas Recipe
Chi Chi s Margarita Recipe
Chi Chi s Margarita Recipe
Chi Chi's Copycat
1 hr 10 mins
Chi-Chi's Refried Beans Recipe
Chi-Chi’s Refried Beans Recipe
Chi-Chi's Taco Salad Recipe
Chi-Chi’s Taco Salad Recipe
Chi-Chi's Tortilla Soup Recipe
Chi-Chi’s Tortilla Soup Recipe
Chi-Chi's Cheese Enchiladas Recipe
Chi-Chi’s Cheese Enchiladas Recipe
Chi-Chi's Guacamole Recipe
Chi-Chi’s Guacamole Recipe
Chi-Chi's Chicken Chimichangas
Chi-Chi’s Chicken Chimichangas Recipe
Chi-Chi's Quesadillas Recipe
Chi-Chi’s Quesadillas Recipe
Chi-Chi's Mexican Rice Recipe
Chi-Chi’s Mexican Rice Recipe
Chi-Chi's Beef Tacos
Chi-Chi’s Beef Tacos Recipe
Chi-Chi's Churros Recipe
Chi-Chi’s Churros Recipe
Chi-Chi's Chicken Enchiladas Recipe
Chi-Chi’s Chicken Enchiladas Recipe
Chi-Chi's Salsa Recipe
Chi-Chi’s Salsa Recipe
3 hrs 30 mins
Chi chi's Chicken Nachos Grande
Chi Chi’s Chicken Nachos Grande Recipe