Stollen Recipe

Stollen is a rich, dense, sweet bread, packed with dried fruit, almonds, spices, and often topped with powdered sugar. It is a traditional German bread that is commonly eaten during the Christmas season. Making this delicacy at home is a rewarding and enjoyable process, filled with the aroma of spices and rum-soaked fruit.

Stollen Recipe

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This recipe includes some ingredients that may not be common in every pantry. Dried fruit like raisins, currants, and cranberries, as well as candied orange peel and whole almonds, are all key to stollen's unique texture and flavor. These are usually available in the baking aisle of most supermarkets. You may also need to purchase specific spices like cardamom, cloves, and nutmeg if you don't already have them.

Ingredients for Traditional Stollen

Dark raisins: This type of raisin is made from darker grapes and adds a sweet, slightly tart flavor to the stollen.

Golden raisins: Golden raisins have a milder, sweeter flavor compared to their dark counterparts.

Currants: Currants have a sweet yet intense berry flavor which complements the other fruits used in this recipe.

Candied orange peel: This gives a sweet, slightly bitter and tangy twist to the stollen.

Dried cranberries: These are tart and sweet, and they give a nice chewy texture to the bread.

Whole almonds: They provide a delightful crunch in the otherwise soft, dense bread.

Spices: Cardamom, cloves, and nutmeg provide the traditional, warm and comforting spice blend that defines stollen.

Unsalted butter: The butter adds richness and moisture to the dough.

Egg yolks: They provide structure and richness to the bread dough.

Sugar: This sweetens the bread and balances the flavors of the spices and fruit.

One reader, Fabian Culpepper says:

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This traditional stollen recipe is a holiday game-changer! The combination of fruits, nuts, and spices creates a rich and flavorful treat. The process may be time-consuming, but the end result is absolutely worth it. The aroma alone is enough to get you in the festive spirit. Highly recommended!

Fabian Culpepper

Mastering the Techniques for Traditional Stollen Recipe

How to soak the dried fruit: Combine the dried fruit, rum, and orange juice in a medium bowl and let it soak overnight. Alternatively, microwave the mixture, uncovered, for 2 minutes, or until the fruit is warm. Cover with a plate and let soak for at least 1 hour.

How to make the sponge: Combine 2 cups of flour and yeast in the bowl of a stand mixer fitted with the paddle attachment. Add warm milk and beat for 1 minute to create the sponge. Cover and let it rise in a warm place for 1 hour.

How to make the dough: After the sponge has risen, add lemon zest, butter, egg yolks, and sugar to the mixer. Gradually add the flour and spice mixture, kneading with the dough hook until the dough is soft and pulls away from the sides of the bowl.

How to shape the dough: Divide the dough into 4 equal pieces and shape each into an oval loaf. Let the loaves rise for about 1 hour until doubled in size.

How to bake the stollen: Preheat the oven to 350°F. Bake the loaves for 25 minutes, then rotate the pans and bake for an additional 15 to 20 minutes until the loaves are nicely browned. If needed, cover with foil to prevent over-browning. The loaves are done when an instant-read thermometer inserted into the center registers 190°F.

How to finish the stollen: While the loaves are still warm, brush the tops and sides with melted butter and sprinkle with spiced sugar. Let the loaves cool completely, then wrap them in plastic wrap and foil. Store in a cool, dry place for at least 3 days before serving. Dust with powdered sugar before serving.

How To Make Stollen

Enjoy a German holiday bread with this stollen recipe. It’s a fruit bread packed with spices and nuts finished with a brush of butter and spiced sugar.

Preparation: 30 minutes
Cooking: 45 minutes
Rise Time: 4 hours
Total: 5 hours 15 minutes



For the Fruit and Nuts:

  • cupdark raisins
  • cupgolden raisins
  • ½cupcurrants
  • ½cupdiced candied orange peel,or apricots cut into ¼-inch dice
  • cupdried cranberries,cherries or other tart dried fruit cut into ¼-inch pieces
  • 1cupwhole almonds,with or without skins
  • ½cupdark rum,or brandy
  • ¼cuporange juice

For the Dough:

  • 5cupsall-purpose flour,plus more as needed
  • tspinstant dry yeast,(1 packet)
  • cupswarm milk
  • 1tspsalt
  • ½tspground cardamom
  • ¼tspground cloves
  • ¼tspground nutmeg
  • 1lemon,grated finely
  • 1cupunsalted butter,(2 sticks), softened at room temperature
  • 2large egg yolks,at room temperature
  • cupsugar
  • 2tspoil,to coat the bowl

For the Topping:

  • ½cupsugar
  • 1tspginger
  • tspnutmeg
  • 6tspunsalted butter,melted
  • 1cuppowdered sugar,for serving


  1. In a medium bowl, combine all the dried fruit, rum, and orange juice together. Let soak overnight. Or microwave the mixture, uncovered, for 2 minutes, or until the fruit is warm.

  2. Cover with a plate and let soak for at least 1 hour.


  1. To make the dough, we first start by making a sponge. To make a sponge, add 2 cups of flour and the yeast to the bowl of the stand mixer fitted with the paddle attachment.

  2. Set the mixer to stir or low just until the yeast and flour are combined. Add the warm milk and increase the speed to medium-high. Beat the mixture for 1 minute. This is the sponge.

  3. Detach the bowl, cover it with plastic wrap and leave in a warm place to rise for 1 hour.

  4. While the sponge rises, mix together the dry ingredients. In a large bowl, whisk together the remaining 3 cups of flour, salt, cardamom, cloves, and nutmeg.


  1. Once the sponge has risen, return the bowl with the sponge to the base of the stand mixer and fit the mixer with the paddle attachment.

  2. Set the mixer to medium speed, add the lemon zest to the sponge and mix to combine. Add the butter, 2 tablespoons at a time, beating until each is incorporated and the dough looks like a thick batter.

  3. Add the egg yolks and beat until incorporated. Beat in the sugar.

  4. Switch the mixer to low speed and gradually add 2½ cups of the flour and spice mixture to the bowl (reserve the remaining ½ cup). Once the dough becomes stiff and shaggy, switch from the paddle attachment to the dough hook attachment.

  5. Knead the dough on low speed for 4 to 6 minutes, then add the remaining flour and spice mixture 2 tablespoons at a time until incorporated. Scrape down the sides of the bowl as needed.

  6. Continue to knead with the dough hook for an additional 4 to 6 minutes. When it’s ready, the dough should be soft and pull away from the sides of the bowl.

  7. In a large bowl, add the vegetable oil. Form the dough into a ball and place it in the bowl, turning it a few times so it is coated all over with the oil.

  8. Cover the bowl with plastic wrap and let rise in a warm place for 1½ hours, or until doubled.

  9. Drain the fruit. Use one hand to steady the bowl and knead in the fruit and almonds with the other.

  10. When most of the fruit has been incorporated, scrape the dough onto a floured work surface and knead for 1 to 2 minutes or until all the fruit and nuts are well incorporated. Let rest for 10 minutes to relax the dough before shaping.

  11. Line 2 baking sheets with parchment paper.

To Shape Dough:

  1. On the work surface, divide the dough into 4 equal pieces.

  2. Pat one piece of dough into an 8-inch round. Fold ⅓ of the dough towards the middle and fold the other flap over it, leaving a gap of about 1 inch between the top flap and the edge of the dough so there is a ridge.

  3. Cup hands on the outside of the dough to taper the ends and form the dough into an oval. The dough should look like an oval with a ridge on top.

  4. Repeat with the remaining dough pieces and place them 3 inches apart on the prepared baking sheets (2 loaves per sheet).

  5. Cover the loaves loosely with plastic wrap and let them rise for about 1 hour in a warm place until doubled. About 20 minutes before the loaves finish their final rise, heat the oven to 350 degrees F.

To Bake:

  1. Place the loaves in the oven and bake for 25 minutes, then swap the top and bottom sheets and rotate each pan 180 degrees F and bake for 15 to 20 minutes longer, or until the loaves are nicely browned. (Total baking time is 40 to 45 minutes).

  2. If the loaves seem to be browning too quickly, cover them loosely with a piece of foil. To test for doneness, insert an instant-read thermometer into the center of the loaf. It should register 190 degrees F.

  3. Remove the loaves from the oven and let them cool for 10 minutes. Transfer the loaves to a wire rack or racks then set the racks on top of the baking sheets or parchment.

  4. In a small bowl, stir together the sugar, ginger, and nutmeg. While still warm, brush the tops and sides of the loaves with the melted butter until all of the butter is used.

  5. Sprinkle with the spiced sugar. Let cool completely.

  6. When thoroughly cool, wrap the loaves in plastic wrap and then in foil. Store in a cool, dry place (not refrigerator) for at least 3 days before cutting and for up to 2 weeks.

  7. Before serving, dust generously with powdered sugar shaken through a strainer. Serve with butter, honey, or jam, if desired.


  • Calories: 1975.20kcal
  • Fat: 78.94g
  • Saturated Fat: 36.94g
  • Trans Fat: 2.11g
  • Monounsaturated Fat: 28.05g
  • Polyunsaturated Fat: 8.35g
  • Carbohydrates: 282.54g
  • Fiber: 13.48g
  • Sugar: 142.07g
  • Protein: 30.88g
  • Cholesterol: 237.11mg
  • Sodium: 659.36mg
  • Calcium: 286.67mg
  • Potassium: 1000.10mg
  • Iron: 10.35mg
  • Vitamin A: 507.79µg
  • Vitamin C: 19.00mg

Crucial Technique Tip for Perfecting Your Stollen

When incorporating the dried fruit and almonds into the dough, it's important to do so gradually and gently to avoid overworking the dough. Overworking can lead to a tough stollen. Instead, knead the fruit and nuts in with a light hand, just until they're evenly distributed throughout the dough. This will ensure your stollen has a tender, light crumb and every slice is studded with fruit and nuts.

Time-Saving Tips for Making Stollen

Preparation: To save time, consider preparing the fruit and nut mixture ahead of time and letting it soak overnight. This will allow the flavors to meld and the fruits to plump up, reducing the overall preparation time.

Organization: Before starting the recipe, gather and organize all the necessary ingredients and equipment. This will streamline the cooking process and prevent any last-minute searches for items.

Substitute Ingredients For Stollen Recipe

  • dark raisins - Substitute with dried cherries: Dried cherries have a similar sweet-tart flavor and chewy texture, making them a great substitute for dark raisins in the stollen recipe.

  • golden raisins - Substitute with dried apricots: Dried apricots offer a slightly tangy and sweet flavor, similar to golden raisins, and their chewy texture makes them a suitable replacement in the stollen recipe.

  • currants - Substitute with dried blueberries: Dried blueberries can provide a similar small size and sweet-tart flavor to currants, making them a suitable substitute in the stollen recipe.

  • diced candied orange peel - Substitute with diced candied lemon peel: Diced candied lemon peel can offer a similar citrusy sweetness and texture, making it a suitable substitute for the orange peel in the stollen recipe.

  • dried cranberries - Substitute with dried cherries: Dried cherries can provide a similar tartness and chewy texture to dried cranberries, making them a suitable substitute in the stollen recipe.

  • whole almonds - Substitute with hazelnuts: Hazelnuts have a similar rich and nutty flavor, and their crunch can replace the texture of whole almonds in the stollen recipe.

  • dark rum - Substitute with brandy: Brandy can offer a similar depth of flavor and richness to the stollen recipe, replacing the dark rum.

  • orange juice - Substitute with apple juice: Apple juice can provide a similar level of sweetness and acidity to orange juice, making it a suitable substitute in the stollen recipe.

  • all-purpose flour - Substitute with spelt flour: Spelt flour can offer a nuttier flavor and a slightly denser texture, making it a suitable substitute for all-purpose flour in the stollen recipe.

  • instant dry yeast - Substitute with active dry yeast: Active dry yeast can be used as a substitute for instant dry yeast by activating it in warm liquid before adding it to the dough.

  • warm milk - Substitute with warm water and powdered milk: A mixture of warm water and powdered milk can replace warm milk in the stollen recipe, providing a similar level of moisture and richness.

  • salt - Substitute with sea salt: Sea salt can offer a similar level of salinity and mineral flavor, making it a suitable substitute for regular salt in the stollen recipe.

  • ground cardamom - Substitute with ground cinnamon: Ground cinnamon can provide a warm and aromatic flavor similar to cardamom, making it a suitable substitute in the stollen recipe.

  • ground cloves - Substitute with ground allspice: Ground allspice can offer a similar warm and spicy flavor to cloves, making it a suitable substitute in the stollen recipe.

  • ground nutmeg - Substitute with ground mace: Ground mace can provide a similar warm and slightly sweet flavor to nutmeg, making it a suitable substitute in the stollen recipe.

  • lemon - Substitute with orange: Orange zest and juice can provide a similar citrusy flavor and acidity to lemon, making it a suitable substitute in the stollen recipe.

  • unsalted butter - Substitute with coconut oil: Coconut oil can offer a similar level of richness and moisture to unsalted butter, making it a suitable substitute in the stollen recipe.

  • large egg yolks - Substitute with applesauce: Applesauce can provide moisture and binding properties similar to egg yolks, making it a suitable substitute in the stollen recipe.

  • sugar - Substitute with honey: Honey can offer sweetness and moisture, and its flavor can complement the other ingredients in the stollen recipe.

  • oil - Substitute with melted butter: Melted butter can provide a similar level of richness and moisture to oil in the stollen recipe.

  • sugar - Substitute with maple syrup: Maple syrup can offer sweetness and a hint of caramel flavor, making it a suitable substitute for sugar in the stollen recipe.

  • ginger - Substitute with cinnamon: Cinnamon can provide a warm and spicy flavor similar to ginger, making it a suitable substitute in the stollen recipe.

  • nutmeg - Substitute with allspice: Allspice can offer a warm and aromatic flavor similar to nutmeg, making it a suitable substitute in the stollen recipe.

  • unsalted butter - Substitute with margarine: Margarine can provide a similar level of fat and moisture to unsalted butter in the stollen recipe.

  • powdered sugar - Substitute with granulated sugar: Granulated sugar can be processed into a finer texture to replace powdered sugar in the stollen recipe.

Presenting Your Homemade Stollen for the Holidays

  1. Elevate the plating: When presenting the stollen, ensure that the plating is elegant and refined. Use fine powdered sugar to create a delicate dusting on the serving platter, adding a touch of sophistication to the overall presentation.

  2. Incorporate seasonal garnishes: Introduce a touch of seasonal flair by incorporating cranberries and orange peel as garnishes. These vibrant and festive elements will enhance the visual appeal of the dish, adding a pop of color and a nod to traditional holiday flavors.

  3. Utilize precision slicing: When serving the stollen, ensure that each slice is meticulously cut to maintain a uniform shape and showcase the beautiful layers of fruit, nuts, and spices within the loaf. Precision slicing demonstrates attention to detail and culinary expertise.

  4. Create a harmonious composition: Arrange the stollen slices on the serving platter with care, ensuring that the overall composition is visually balanced and inviting. Pay attention to the placement of each slice to create an aesthetically pleasing arrangement that showcases the artisanal quality of the dish.

  5. Incorporate elegant serving ware: Select fine china or artisanal ceramic plates to present the stollen, elevating the dining experience and adding a touch of luxury to the presentation. The choice of serving ware should complement the sophistication of the dish.

  6. Accentuate with edible florals: Introduce a touch of natural beauty by garnishing the platter with delicate edible flowers, such as crystallized violets or pansies. These floral accents will add a whimsical and enchanting element to the presentation, captivating the senses of the esteemed culinary professionals.

Essential Kitchen Tools for Making Stollen

  • Food processor: A food processor is a versatile kitchen appliance that can be used for chopping, slicing, shredding, and pureeing ingredients with ease.
  • Mixing bowl: A mixing bowl is essential for combining ingredients and mixing the dough for the stollen recipe.
  • Stand mixer: A stand mixer is useful for kneading the dough and incorporating ingredients thoroughly.
  • Baking sheets: Baking sheets are necessary for shaping and baking the stollen loaves.
  • Parchment paper: Parchment paper is used to line the baking sheets and prevent the stollen from sticking.
  • Plastic wrap: Plastic wrap is used for covering the dough while it rises and for storing the stollen after baking.
  • Wire rack: A wire rack is used for cooling the baked stollen loaves.
  • Strainer: A strainer is used for dusting the stollen with powdered sugar before serving.

Storing and Freezing Homemade Stollen

Here are the detailed storing and freezing guidelines for traditional stollen recipe:

  • Wrap the cooled stollen loaves tightly in plastic wrap, then wrap again in foil. This double layer of protection will help prevent the stollen from drying out.
  • Store the wrapped stollen in a cool, dry place like a pantry or cupboard. Avoid storing in the refrigerator, as this can cause the stollen to dry out more quickly.
  • For the best flavor and texture, let the stollen rest for at least 3 days before slicing and serving. This allows the flavors to meld and develop.
  • Properly stored, the stollen will keep at room temperature for up to 2 weeks.
  • To freeze stollen, wrap the loaves tightly in plastic wrap, then in foil, and place in a freezer-safe container or freezer bag. Label with the date and contents.
  • Freeze for up to 3 months for best quality. When ready to enjoy, thaw the stollen overnight in the refrigerator, then bring to room temperature before serving.
  • If you plan to freeze the stollen for longer than a month, consider waiting to add the powdered sugar topping until after thawing and just before serving for a fresher appearance.

How To Reheat Leftover Stollen

Here are the best methods for reheating leftover stollen:

  • Preheat your oven to 350°F (175°C). Wrap the stollen in aluminum foil and place it on a baking sheet. Bake for 10-15 minutes until heated through. This method helps restore the stollen's crispy exterior while keeping the inside soft and moist.
  • For a quicker option, you can reheat individual slices in the microwave. Place a slice on a microwave-safe plate and heat it on high for 15-20 seconds. If it's not warm enough, heat in additional 5-second intervals until desired temperature is reached. Be careful not to overheat, as this can make the stollen tough and dry.
  • Another way to reheat stollen is by using a toaster oven. Cut the stollen into slices and place them on the toaster oven rack. Heat at 350°F (175°C) for 3-5 minutes or until warmed through. This method is perfect for achieving a crispy exterior while maintaining a soft interior.
  • For a delightful twist, try warming your stollen slices in a skillet with a bit of butter. Melt a small amount of butter over medium heat and add the slices. Cook for 1-2 minutes on each side until golden brown and heated through. The butter adds an extra layer of richness and flavor to the already delicious stollen.
  • If you have a steam oven, you can use it to reheat your stollen gently. Place the stollen in the steam oven and heat at a low temperature (around 200°F or 95°C) for 5-8 minutes. The steam will help keep the stollen moist and soft while warming it through.

Fascinating Facts About Stollen You Might Not Know

The traditional stollen recipe is a classic German Christmas bread that is filled with dried fruits, nuts, and spices. It is a popular treat during the holiday season and is often enjoyed with butter, honey, or jam. Stollen is known for its long shelf life, as it can be stored for up to two weeks in a cool, dry place. The dried fruits and nuts in the stollen symbolize the gifts brought by the three wise men to the baby Jesus, making it a meaningful and delicious addition to holiday celebrations.

Is Making Stollen at Home Cost-Effective?

This traditional stollen recipe is moderately cost-effective for a household. The combination of dried fruits, nuts, and spices can be pricier, but the yield of two loaves makes it a good value. The approximate cost for a household of 4 people is around $25. The rich flavors and festive appeal make it a delightful addition to holiday gatherings. Overall, I rate this recipe an 8 for its taste, texture, and the joy it brings to the table.

Is Traditional Stollen a Healthy or Unhealthy Treat?

The traditional stollen recipe is a delightful holiday treat, but it's not the healthiest option due to its high content of refined flour, sugar, and butter. While dried fruits and nuts provide some nutritional value, the overall recipe is quite indulgent and calorie-dense. The generous amount of butter and sugar used in the dough and topping contributes to the high calorie and fat content. Additionally, the recipe calls for a significant amount of dried fruits, which are naturally high in sugar and can add to the overall calorie count.

To make this recipe healthier, consider the following suggestions:

  • Replace a portion of the all-purpose flour with whole wheat flour or almond flour to increase the fiber and nutrient content
  • Reduce the amount of sugar in the dough and topping, or use a natural sweetener like honey or maple syrup
  • Opt for unsweetened dried fruits to minimize added sugars
  • Replace some of the butter with healthier alternatives like Greek yogurt or mashed avocado
  • Incorporate more nuts and seeds to boost the protein and healthy fat content
  • Serve smaller portions and enjoy in moderation as part of a balanced diet

Editor's Opinion: Why Traditional Stollen Recipe Is a Must-Try

This traditional stollen recipe is a delightful blend of flavors and textures, with the perfect balance of sweetness and richness. The combination of dried fruits, nuts, and warm spices creates a festive and aromatic treat. The detailed instructions ensure a successful outcome, and the final touch of spiced sugar and powdered sugar adds a beautiful finish. It's a classic recipe that captures the essence of holiday baking, and the patience of letting it rest for a few days allows the flavors to meld and develop, resulting in a truly exceptional stollen.

Enhance Your Stollen Recipe with These Unique Side Dishes:

Mashed Potatoes: Creamy garlic mashed potatoes with a hint of parmesan cheese, topped with crispy bacon bits and chives.
Roasted Vegetables: Colorful medley of roasted vegetables drizzled with balsamic glaze and sprinkled with fresh herbs for a burst of flavor.
Fruit Salad: Refreshing fruit salad with a zesty citrus dressing, garnished with toasted coconut and mint leaves.

Delicious Alternatives to Traditional Stollen Recipe

Creamy Tomato Basil Soup: This creamy tomato basil soup is a comforting and flavorful dish that is perfect for a cozy night in. The combination of ripe tomatoes, fresh basil, and creamy texture makes this soup a crowd-pleaser.
Grilled Lemon Herb Chicken: Grilled lemon herb chicken is a delicious and healthy dish that is perfect for a summer barbecue. The combination of zesty lemon, aromatic herbs, and tender chicken makes this recipe a go-to for any outdoor gathering.
Mango Coconut Panna Cotta: Mango coconut panna cotta is a tropical and refreshing dessert that is perfect for a hot summer day. The creamy coconut base paired with sweet and tangy mango makes this panna cotta a delightful treat for any occasion.

Ideal Appetizers and Main Courses to Serve with Stollen

Stuffed Mushrooms: For a delicious and elegant appetizer, try creating stuffed mushrooms filled with a savory mixture of cream cheese, garlic, and herbs. These bite-sized treats are perfect for entertaining and are sure to impress your guests.
Bruschetta: Create a refreshing and vibrant bruschetta by topping toasted baguette slices with a flavorful combination of diced tomatoes, basil, garlic, and balsamic glaze. This classic Italian appetizer is a great way to start off any meal.
Main Courses:
Beef Stroganoff: For a comforting and hearty main course, consider making a rich and creamy Beef Stroganoff. This classic dish features tender strips of beef cooked in a flavorful sauce, often made with onions, mushrooms, and sour cream. Serve it over a bed of buttery egg noodles for a satisfying meal that is sure to please your taste buds.
Chicken Parmesan: If you're in the mood for a delicious and indulgent main course, look no further than Chicken Parmesan. This Italian-American favorite consists of breaded and fried chicken cutlets topped with marinara sauce and melted cheese. Serve it alongside a generous portion of spaghetti for a classic and comforting meal that is perfect for any occasion.

Why trust this Stollen Recipe:

This traditional stollen recipe is a time-honored holiday treat, passed down through generations. The combination of dark and golden raisins, currants, and candied orange peel soaked in rum and orange juice infuses the loaf with rich, fruity flavors. The dough, enriched with butter and fragrant with cardamom, cloves, and nutmeg, is meticulously kneaded to perfection. The finishing touch of spiced sugar and butter adds a delightful crunch and sweetness. Trust in this recipe for a decadent, aromatic, and authentic stollen experience.

Share your thoughts and experiences with making Stollen in the Baking and Desserts forum section. Join the discussion and let us know if you have any tips or variations on this classic holiday treat!
What is stollen?
Stollen is a traditional German fruit bread that is typically enjoyed during the Christmas season. It is made with a rich, yeasted dough filled with dried fruits, nuts, and often marzipan, and is usually dusted with powdered sugar.
Can I make stollen in advance?
Yes, stollen can be made in advance. In fact, it's recommended to let the stollen rest for at least 3 days before cutting into it to allow the flavors to develop. It can be stored in a cool, dry place for up to 2 weeks.
Can I substitute the dried fruits and nuts?
Absolutely! You can customize the dried fruits and nuts to your preference. Feel free to use a combination of your favorite dried fruits such as apricots, figs, or dates, and nuts such as hazelnuts or pistachios.
Can I freeze stollen?
Yes, stollen can be frozen. Once it has cooled completely, wrap it tightly in plastic wrap and then foil before placing it in an airtight container or freezer bag. It can be frozen for up to 3 months. Thaw at room temperature when ready to enjoy.
What is the best way to serve stollen?
Stollen is delicious on its own, but it can also be served with a spread of butter, honey, or jam. Before serving, dust the stollen generously with powdered sugar for an extra touch of sweetness.

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