Braised Recipes

Taking it nice and slow? These braised recipes may just be what you're looking for. Bring out the taste and aroma of the best parts of the meat as you cook them on low fire. Get to do other tasks even while cooking using these braised recipes.

New Braised Recipes


Braised Oxtail Recipe

2 hrs 40 mins


Birria De Chivo Recipe

13 hrs 5 mins


Galbi Jjim Recipe

2 hrs 45 mins
Braised Beef with Shallots and Mushrooms Recipe


Braised Beef with Shallots and Mushrooms Recipe

Savor a delectable braised beef and veggies, cooked in just one pan! Juicy…
2 hrs 55 mins

Popular Braised Recipes

Scaffata Recipe


Scaffata Recipe

1 hr
red wine braised short ribs recipe


Red Wine Braised Short Ribs Recipe

3 hrs 30 mins

Pan-Fry & Skillet

Spanish Braised Monkfish Recipe

34 mins
korean-style braised (slow cooker) baby back ribs recipe

Slow Cooked

Korean-Style Braised (Slow Cooker) Baby Back Ribs Recipe

Take 15 minutes to prep these delicious baby back ribs in a flavorful…
3 hrs 26 mins
braised pork with bacon and onions recipe


Braised Pork with Bacon and Onions Recipe

Savor a bite of this palatable braised pork accompanied with crisp bacon strips,…
50 mins

Recommended Braised Recipes

wakandan jeweled vegetable pilau with berbere braised lamb recipe

Rice & Risotto

Wakandan Jeweled Vegetable Pilau With Berbere Braised Lamb Recipe

This vegetable pilau filled with exquisite flavor from spices and veggies is paired…
2 hrs 5 mins
braised chicken with carrots and potatoes recipe


Braised Chicken with Carrots and Potatoes Recipe

Sink your teeth into this tender braised chicken, cooked in spices and white…
55 mins
turmeric braised chicken with golden beets and leeks recipe


Turmeric Braised Chicken with Golden Beets and Leeks Recipe

Loaded with complex flavors, this braised chicken has layers of herbs and vegetables…
1 hr 20 mins
braised mushroom chicken thighs recipe


Braised Mushroom Chicken Thighs Recipe

These braised chicken thighs are rich in flavor from the mix of butter…
1 hr 1 min
braised short rib ragu recipe


Braised Short Rib Ragu Recipe

With sour undertones from tomato paste, this short rib ragu is full of…
3 hrs 25 mins
filipino adobo chicken recipe


Filipino Adobo Chicken Recipe

This recipe for Filipino adobo is chicken that's been braised in a combination…
2 hrs
braised chicken breast with mushrooms recipe


Braised Chicken Breast with Mushrooms Recipe

Enjoy succulent bites of this seasoned braised chicken, that's cooked in a flavorful…
55 mins
kapusta with mushrooms recipe


Kapusta With Mushrooms Recipe

This kapusta recipe is a great side dish for vegetarians made with baked…
1 hr 30 mins


Braised Brisket with Potatoes and Carrots Recipe

Don't be fooled by this simple braised brisket dish. It's flavorful and tender…
4 hrs
smothered pork chops recipe


Smothered Pork Chops Recipe

Impress your famiy with this recipe. Pork chops are cooked until tender and…
50 mins
braised lamb shanks recipe


Braised Lamb Shanks Recipe

Sink your teeth into this tender and savory lamb shanks meal for dinner…
3 hrs 20 mins
whole braised cauliflower recipe


Whole Braised Cauliflower Recipe

Enjoy a flavorful batch of braised cauliflower for your next dinner meal! It…
1 hr 24 mins


Green Beans Braised with Tomatoes and Fresh Basil Recipe

This recipe calls for green beans to be braised in a tomato and…
25 mins
braised short ribs recipe


Braised Short Ribs Recipe

You can prepare these decadent braised short ribs in just 15 minutes with…
2 hrs 20 mins
pollo in potacchio recipe


Pollo in Potacchio Recipe

An Italian favorite, Pollo in Potacchio is a braised chicken dish cooked to…
1 hr 40 mins
easy braised red cabbage recipe


Easy Braised Red Cabbage Recipe

This bright red cabbage is braised in a tangy mixture for the best…
1 hr 40 mins
chicken & mushroom manchurian with a twist recipe

Chicken & Mushroom Manchurian With A Twist Recipe

Here's what you need: chicken, egg, garlic, pepper, cornflour, green chiles, coriander roots,…
braised chestnuts


Braised Chestnuts Recipe

1 hr 10 mins


Beer Braised Chicken Wings Recipe

2 hrs 25 mins