Transform your kitchen into a Popeye's cooking station with these recipes that offer the best approaches to recreating the signature Popeye's fried chicken flavor.

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Popeye’s Copycat Popcorn Shrimp Recipe

Crispy, tender shrimp seasoned with spices reminiscent of Southern-style cooking, this scrumptious popcorn shrimp dish from Popeyes is the perfect seafood meal. Recreate it in this easy recipe!

25 mins


Popeye’s Jambalaya Recipe

A mouth-watering dish to cook in the kitchen, it’s a hassle-free dish made up of various spices, fresh vegetables, and the rich culture of the South.

35 mins


Popeyes Mac and Cheese Recipe (Copycat)

Try your hand in this copycat Popeyes mac and cheese for the ultimate comfort food, made with spinach pesto & cheese sauce, for a mouthwatering baked dish.
35 mins


Popeyes Fries Recipe (Copycat)

Make Popeyes fries in your kitchen with this easy copycat recipe. You get crispy snacks that are bursting with flavor in every delicious bite.

55 mins


Popeye Biscuit Recipe (Copycat)

This Popeye biscuit recipe gives you a rich and flaky baked dish that you can now make at home. These biscuits are the perfect side dish.

45 mins