white chocolate recipes

White Chocolate Recipes

Nothing compares to the lush creamy flavor of white chocolate. After all, it's specially produced without the cocoa solids that lend darkness to a standard chocolate bar. And did you know that you can also enjoy this confection in different desserts? From cookie chips, ganache, and other toppings to dessert drinks—the possibilities are endless! So, browse this collection of white chocolate recipes and find the perfect treat that showcases this decadent dessert.

Recommended White Chocolate Recipes

6 hrs 55 mins
White Chocolate Cheesecake Recipe
1 hr
banana pudding bundt cake with white chocolate ganache recipe
Banana Pudding Bundt Cake with White Chocolate Ganache Recipe
white chocolate peppermint hot chocolate recipe
White Chocolate Peppermint Hot Chocolate Recipe
15 mins
White Chocolate Berry Pancakes Recipe
blueberry lemon brownies with white chocolate glaze recipe
Blueberry Lemon Brownies with White Chocolate Glaze Recipe
Bread & Dough
1 hr 15 mins
white chocolate mango banana bread recipe
White Chocolate Mango Banana Bread Recipe
1 hr 20 mins
{my original} red velvet white chocolate chip cookies recipe
Red Velvet White Chocolate Chip Cookies Recipe
Chocolate Dessert
6 hrs 35 mins
white chocolate flan recipe
White Chocolate Flan Recipe
2 hrs 20 mins
White Chocolate Mousse with Strawberries Recipe
White Chocolate Mousse with Strawberries Recipe
white chocolate puppy chow (muddy buddies) recipe
White Chocolate Puppy Chow (Muddy Buddies) Recipe
40 mins
White Chocolate Oreos with Heart Sprinkles Recipe
White Chocolate Oreos with Heart Sprinkles Recipe
matcha tea cookies with white chocolate macadamia nuts recipe
Matcha Tea Cookies With White Chocolate Macadamia Nuts Recipe
25 mins
salted white chocolate macadamia nut cookies recipe
Salted White Chocolate Macadamia Nut Cookies Recipe
50 mins
white chocolate gingerbread star cookies recipe
White Chocolate Gingerbread Star Cookies Recipe
1 hr 7 mins
white chocolate dipped peppermint chocolate cookies recipe
White Chocolate Dipped Peppermint Chocolate Cookies Recipe
43 mins
tasty galaxy stuffed cookies recipe
Tasty Galaxy Stuffed White Chocolate Cookies Recipe
33 mins
Raspberry-White Chocolate Muffins Recipe