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Duck Recipes

Recommended Duck Recipes


35 mins

Pork Banh Mi Sandwich Recipe

Up your sandwich game with this Vietnamese pork banh mi recipe. Simply stuff the baguette with pulled pork, pickled veggies, and flavorful condiments. Enjoy!


50 mins

Bubba Gump’s-Inspired Jambalaya Recipe

Explore more of Southern cuisine with our homemade jambalaya recipe inspired by Bubba Gump’s. It’s a seasoned mixture of rice, shrimp, meats, and tasty vegetables, which you can serve to your family tonight!


30 mins

Fried Chicken Livers (Cracker Barrel Copycat)

Here is a simple and delicious fried chicken livers recipe that brings out a savory and mild sweetness to chicken livers. Served with a delicious dip, it can surely turn into a scrumptious meal.


20 mins

Bread and Orange Stuffing Recipe

Add some zest into your food with this stuffing recipe. This citrus-flavored creation pairs deliciously with chicken or turkey!


1 hr 15 mins

Duck Breast with Cherry Chutney Recipe

Tart-sweet cherry and raisin chutney is glazed over this succulent, fall-off-the-bone roasted duck breast, for an indulgent dinner meal!


2 hrs 45 mins

Roast Duck with Citrus Pan Sauce Recipe

Steamed before being roasted, this roast duck recipe is also brimming with fresh citrus flavors, thanks to the juice of lemon and orange in the dish.


1 hr 30 mins

Maple Glazed Duck with Savoy Cabbage Recipe

Juicy and tender whole duck is glazed in a sweet sauce, packed with earthy herbs, and served with tender cabbage to yield a tasteful maple glazed duck dish!


45 mins

Duck Legs in Green Curry Recipe

The rich and deep flavors of the duck legs are complemented well by the even richer Thai spices and flavors in this green curry recipe.

Air Fryer

45 mins

Air Fryer Chinese Egg Rolls Recipe

Enjoy crispy Chinese egg rolls made healthier with the help of an air-fryer. This recipe combines ground pork, carrots, and cabbage for a crunchy bite.


1 hr 15 mins

Game-Bird Stock Recipe

Made of giblets and other parts of ducks, this simple Game-Bird Stock results in a delicious stock that can be used for any dish that needs chicken stock.


1 hr 45 mins

Lamb Chops in Duck Sauce Recipe

Sink your teeth into these succulent lamb chops, seasoned with hearty adobo seasoning with an extra layer of duck sauce, for a savory meal!


20 mins

Duck Roll Ups Recipe

Enjoy a big bite of these duck roll ups assembled with savory roasted duck strips, celery, and more wrapped in egg crepes and served with a sweet plum dip.

Pan-Fry & Skillet

30 mins

Moo Shu Chicken Recipe

This moo shu chicken can be made in less than 10 minutes. Main ingredients include breast fillets, mushroom, cabbage, and flour tortillas for serving.


55 mins

Juicy Jambalaya Recipe

This creole jambalaya has the best mix of meat and spices which makes this famous Southern comfort food. Make this one-pot dish with mouthwatering savory and spicy flavors in under an hour.


1 hr 40 mins

Duck Fat Fries Recipe

For a full-flavored dish, try these duck fat fries. The duck fat really rounds out the flavor and gives this dish a unique sumptuousness.


1 hr 40 mins

Duck Soup Recipe

Each spoonful is brimming with hearty flavors in this rich duck soup recipe. This Asian-inspired dish even has bean sprouts and mushrooms.

Dip, Sauce & Condiment

5 mins

Homemade Duck Sauce Recipe

Have a great barbecue with this homemade duck sauce recipe. Made with apricot preserves and pickled plum for a tangy, sweet, and salty taste perfect for meat.