arugula salad recipes

Arugula Salad Recipes

Recommended Arugula Salad Recipes

BBQ & Grilled

4 hrs 20 mins

Diabetic Friendly BBQ Chicken Breasts Recipe

Have a guilt-free and satisfying meal with our diabetic BBQ chicken recipe. Grilled to perfection with garlic and marinated with olive oil and chili sauce for an additional spicy kick.

BBQ & Grilled

2 hrs 20 mins

Grilled Lamb Chops Recipe

For this grilled lamb chops dish, rosemary and thyme provide a minty and earthy flavor mixed with the spice from the peppers and tanginess from the lemon.

Sous Vide

1 hr 25 mins

Sous Vide Salmon Recipe

Taste tender and flavorful salmon fish seasoned with fresh lemon and herbs cooked to perfection. This sous vide salmon recipe will surely grant you and your family a delicious and hearty meal.