nectarine recipes

Nectarine Recipes

Recommended Nectarine Recipes

Jam & Spread

2 hrs

Fruit Butter Recipe

Whip up a tart and rich fruit butter in this easy recipe. It combines peaches, plums, and cherries for a fruity condiment.

Fruit Dessert

15 mins

Grilled Nectarine Sundaes Recipe

By grilling fruit, it brings out a lot of the natural sugars and sweetness in the fruit. Plus, the fruit part is still healthy. Totally a win – win.


15 mins

Sparkling White Sangria Recipe

Here's a unique sangria recipe for a night with the girls. Sparkling white wine is mixed with brandy, lemon-lime soda, orange, lime, and nectarine.

Fruit Dessert

45 mins

Quick Fruit Salad Recipe

Enjoy a refreshing bowl of this quick fruit salad any time of the day! Apple, orange, and grapes are topped with low-fat yogurt for a healthy snack.


20 mins

Stone Fruit Smoothie Recipe

Our tasteful fruit smoothie is loaded with sweet stone fruits of mangoes, peaches, and more! Whip this cold drink up on a hot summer day.


2 hrs 10 mins

Watermelon White Sangria Recipe

Quench the summer heat with a glass of white sangria! It's infused with the enchanting sweetness of the watermelon, St. Germaine liqueur, and peaches.


35 mins

Nectarine Cupcakes Recipe

These nectarine cupcakes are a great summer dessert that uses whole wheat flour and less butter and sugar. Still, they come out deliciously!

Crisp & Crumble

45 mins

Summer Fruit Crisp Recipe

This fruit crisp is loaded with the freshest summer fruits! It's topped with a crunchy oatmeal topping for a crispier and more flavorful dessert.


28 mins

The Best Red Sangria Recipe

The perfect red sangria recipe to share with your friends! Spruce up you small gatherings with a more elegant drink than just regular old wine.

Fruit Dessert

45 mins

Balsamic Stone Fruit Sundae Recipe

A super simple summer dessert featuring balsamic roasted stone fruit sundae that will give you a refreshing and filling dessert on hot days.


45 mins

Simple Peach Cobbler Recipe

Easy as pie! Our simple peach cobbler recipe is just waht you need to satisfy your dessert cravings. Soft and sweet peaches in this amazing crumble dish.


1 hr 10 mins

Open Face Peach Cake Recipe

Come and have slices of heavenly goodness by making this best peach cake recipe ever. Made with fresh peach slices and roasted pecans, and topped with whipped cream or ice cream.