Famous for their world-class fried chicken and home-style sides, KFC delivers comfort food in affordable and quick fixes. You just might make a better version of Colonel Sanders’ secret herb and spiced chicken with our KFC recipes.

Recommended KFC


KFC Potato Wedges Recipe (Copycat)

These KFC-inspired potato wedges are double-fried for a crispy outside and a soft inside. They are perfectly seasoned, evident from the tasty flavors of garlic, paprika, and more.

3 hrs 35 mins

BBQ & Grilled

KFC Kentucky Grilled Chicken Recipe (Copycat)

This KFC grilled chicken recipe serves the best BBQ chicken inspired by the crowd-favorite Kentucky-style fast food. A grilled chicken dish that has been perfectly brined and coated with an herb-filled sauce for ultimate flavor.
2 hrs 30 mins


Copycat KFC Mac and Cheese Recipe

Think the small serving for KFC\'s Mac and Cheese isn\'t enough for your craving? No need to order another if you\'re making a big batch of its copycat at home.
10 mins

Pies & Pastries

KFC Chicken Pot Pie Recipe (Copycat)

Recreate the famous KFC chicken pot pie with this easy recipe that takes less than an hour. Savor on its buttery pie crust and hearty and moist chicken and vegetable fillings.

35 mins


KFC Tenders Recipe (Copycat)

Savor spice-packed bites in this copycat KFC tenders recipe for perfectly deep-fried chicken that's marinated in buttermilk and hot sauce.

1 hr


KFC Spicy Chicken Recipe (Copycat)

Enjoy a juicy bite with a kick in this KFC spicy chicken recipe, made with three kinds of pepper, for a finger-licking good dish!

40 mins


KFC Famous Bowl Recipe (Copycat)

There's not much fuss needed to make this KFC famous bowl recipe at home. Each bowl is complete with chicken, potatoes, cheese, corn, and gravy.

30 mins