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Sweet With Heat: Simple Spring Beet And Horseradish Salad

Sweet With Heat: Simple Spring Beet And Horseradish Salad

Sweet With Heat: Simple Spring Beet and Horseradish Salad

Spring is the perfect time to experiment with refreshing and vibrant salads that celebrate the abundance of seasonal produce. If you’re looking for a salad that is both sweet and spicy, look no further than this simple yet flavorful Beet and Horseradish Salad.

Beets are a versatile vegetable that offer a natural sweetness and vibrant color to any dish. Paired with the fiery kick of horseradish, this salad delivers a unique flavor combination that will awaken your taste buds.

Fresh Ingredients:

Before we dive into the recipe, let’s take a look at the fresh and healthy ingredients that make up this delightful salad:

  • Beets: Look for small to medium-sized beets, preferably with their greens still attached. Beets are packed with essential nutrients and have a natural sweetness that complements the horseradish.
  • Horseradish: This pungent root adds a spicy kick to the salad. Make sure to use freshly grated horseradish for optimal flavor.
  • Greens: The beet greens are not to be wasted! Chop them up and use them as the base of your salad for added freshness and texture.
  • Walnuts: Toasted walnuts add a delightful crunch and nutty flavor to the salad.
  • Goat Cheese: Creamy and tangy, goat cheese pairs beautifully with the earthy beets and spicy horseradish.
  • Spring Greens: Add a handful of mixed salad greens to balance out the flavors and add freshness.
  • Lemon Juice: A squeeze of fresh lemon juice will brighten up the flavors and add a hint of acidity.
  • Olive Oil: Use a high-quality extra virgin olive oil to dress the salad and enhance the flavors.
  • Salt and Pepper: Season the salad with salt and freshly ground black pepper to taste.


  1. Preheat your oven to 400°F (200°C). Trim the beet greens, leaving about an inch of the stems attached. Wash the beets thoroughly and wrap them individually in aluminum foil. Place the wrapped beets on a baking sheet and roast for about 45-60 minutes, or until they are tender when pierced with a fork. Once cooked, let the beets cool slightly before peeling and slicing them into bite-sized pieces.
  2. In the meantime, toast the walnuts in a dry skillet over medium heat until fragrant, stirring occasionally to prevent burning. Set aside.
  3. Prepare the dressing by whisking together the freshly grated horseradish, lemon juice, olive oil, salt, and pepper in a small bowl.
  4. Take the beet greens and chop them into manageable pieces. Place them in a large salad bowl along with the mixed spring greens.
  5. Add the roasted beets, toasted walnuts, and crumbled goat cheese to the greens.
  6. Pour the dressing over the salad and toss gently to coat all the ingredients evenly.
  7. Transfer the salad to serving plates and garnish with a sprinkle of extra toasted walnuts and a drizzle of olive oil if desired.
  8. Serve this Sweet With Heat Beet and Horseradish Salad as a refreshing side dish or add some grilled chicken or tofu to make it a satisfying meal on its own.

This delightful salad is a taste explosion with its sweet beets, spicy horseradish, and creamy goat cheese. The combination of flavors and textures will have you coming back for seconds.

So, why not embrace the flavors of spring and give this Sweet With Heat Beet and Horseradish Salad a try? It’s a simple yet satisfying dish that will surely impress your friends and family.

Enjoy the refreshing taste of spring with this delightful salad!

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Can I use cooked beets for this salad?
Yes, you can certainly use cooked beets for this salad. If you have pre-cooked or canned beets on hand, simply drain them and slice or dice them as desired before adding them to the salad.
Where can I find horseradish?
You can typically find horseradish in the condiments aisle of your local grocery store. It is available in various forms such as prepared horseradish, horseradish sauce, or grated horseradish. Look for jars or bottles labeled as “horseradish” or ask a store employee for assistance if you’re having trouble locating it.
Can I substitute horseradish with a different ingredient?
While horseradish adds a unique and distinct flavor to this salad, you can substitute it with a few other ingredients if needed. Grated or minced fresh ginger can provide a similar heat and depth of flavor. Alternatively, wasabi paste or Dijon mustard can also be used as substitutes, though they will impart a slightly different taste.
Can I make this salad ahead of time?
Yes, you can make this salad ahead of time. However, for best results, it is recommended to add the dressing just before serving to prevent the ingredients from becoming too soggy. You can prep the beets, shallots, and herbs in advance and store them separately in the refrigerator. When you’re ready to serve, simply toss everything together with the dressing and garnish.
Can I adjust the spiciness of the horseradish in this salad?
Yes, you can adjust the spiciness of the horseradish to suit your taste. If you prefer a milder flavor, use less horseradish. Conversely, if you enjoy a stronger kick, feel free to add more horseradish. Start with the recommended amount in the recipe and adjust as desired, tasting the dressing as you go.
Can I use a different type of lettuce in this salad?
Absolutely! While the recipe suggests using arugula, you can certainly use a different type of lettuce if you prefer. Baby spinach, mixed greens, or even thinly sliced kale would all work well as alternatives. Choose a lettuce that you enjoy and that complements the flavors of the beets and horseradish dressing.
Can I add other vegetables or toppings to this salad?
Certainly! If you’d like to add more vegetables or toppings to enhance the salad, feel free to get creative. Sliced radishes, roasted carrots, or even crumbled goat cheese would be delicious additions. Just be mindful of the flavors and textures to ensure they harmonize well with the beets and horseradish dressing.

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