vegan casserole recipes

Vegan Casserole Recipes

There's nothing like chowing down on a serving of homemade casserole. The best part is, it's a fairly easy item to veganize! When you've got plenty of tasty vegetables to throw into your baking dish, who needs ground meat? Make a plant-based rendition of classics like shepherd's pie, Mediterranean moussaka, barbecue beans, and more! Get inspired with these vegan casserole recipes.

Recommended Vegan Casserole Recipes


2 hrs 5 mins

Mediterranean-Style Vegetarian Moussaka Recipe

A healthier version of the traditional Greek moussaka, this vegetarian moussaka is filled with hearty ingredients to make a satisfying and filling dish everyone can enjoy.


2 hrs

Mixed Vegetable and Farro Soup Recipe

Soothe your soul and your tastebuds with this vegan mixed vegetable and farro soup. Carrots and peas are made tender in tomato and farro broth.

BBQ & Grilled

1 hr 15 mins

Vegan BBQ Beans Recipe

Have a spoonful of these deliciously smoky and saucy vegan BBQ beans made with vegan-friendly ingredients and seasonings sauteed, then baked to perfection!