persimmon recipes

Persimmon Recipes

Persimmon is a seasonal fruit that's often overlooked. Little do most of us know that this bulbous, orange fruit is actually delicious! It has a distinct honey-like sweetness, perfect for satisfying your sugar cravings. You can even transform it into the tastiest of desserts, from luscious persimmon jam to moist and chewy cookies. Take your pick from the persimmon recipes below for inspiration.

Recommended Persimmon Recipes

3 hrs 15 mins
Persimmon Cake Recipe, Persimmon cake topped with whipped cream and powdered sugar, served on wooden chopping board
Easy Persimmon Cake Recipe
Caramelized Baked Persimmon, Baked persimmon served on silver metal plate
Caramelized Baked Persimmon Recipe
5 mins
Spice Persimmon Smoothie served in short glasses
Spice Persimmon Smoothie Recipe
1 hr
Persimmon Tart Recipe, Persimmon tarts served on plate
Persimmon Tart Recipe
25 mins
Spiced Persimmon Muffins, Muffins on brown board
Spiced Persimmon Muffins Recipe
Persimmon Chutney Recipe, Persimmon chutney topped with star anise and served on mason jar
Persimmon Chutney Recipe
25 mins
persimmon salad recipe
Persimmon Salad Recipe
1 hr 15 mins
Persimmon Pudding Recipe, Persimmon pudding being scooped from ramekin using a wooden spoon
Persimmon Pudding Recipe
Persimmon Pie Recipe, Slice of persimmon pie with nuts on top
Persimmon Pie Recipe
Bread & Dough
1 hr 30 mins
Persimmon Bread Recipe, Persimmon bread sliced and served on white plate
Persimmon Bread Recipe
Persimmon Jam Recipe
25 mins
persimmon cookies recipe
Persimmon Cookies Recipe