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Wendy’s has never let us down with their fresh burger patties straight off the girl served with their famous fries. Our copycat Wendy's recipes not only guarantees the same foodgasm experience but you’ll be surprised by how easy they are to make.

New Wendy's Recipes

Vegetarian Wendy’s Copycat Buffalo Nuggets Recipe

Vegetarian Wendy’s Copycat Buffalo Nuggets

These meat-free nuggets might just trick you into thinking you're eating regular chicken nuggets! Try these tofu nuggets for a healthier snack that tastes just as good as the real deal.

Total 20 mins
Copycat Wendy’s French Fries Recipe

Copycat Wendy’s French Fries

Make your own Wendy's french fries with this easy recipe.

Total 20 mins
Copycat Wendy’s Apple Dumplings Recipe

Copycat Wendy’s Apple Dumplings

A crunchy exterior that surprises you with an apple filling you'll never forget.

Total 40 mins
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