Buckwheat Recipes, Bowl of buckwheat porridge

Buckwheat Recipes

Technically a seed rather than a grain, buckwheat is a superfood that you should include in your pantry for its versatility. You can have a simple buckwheat cereal or salad on busy days. And when you're in the mood for something special, enjoy it in the form of gluten-free savory noodles or sweet pancakes. There are endless possibilities you can try with this healthy alternative to rice. Embark on a healthier journey with our selection of buckwheat recipes now!

New Buckwheat Recipes


Buckwheat Granola Recipe

Gear yourself with a healthy breakfast with this buckwheat granola dish that is…
1 hr 50 mins


Buckwheat Double Chocolate Cookies Recipe

Follow this buckwheat cookies recipe to get your kids to eat healthy without…
37 mins