Slushie Recipes

Recommended Slushie Recipes


1 hr 10 mins

Adult Slushies Recipe

This adult slushie drink combines apricot, orange juice, lemonade, grapefruit and lemon-lime soda with that kick of vodka.


40 mins

California Pinwheel Sandwiches Recipe

Sandwich roll-ups made with white bread smeared with sour cream onion dip and filled with ham and cheese. These California pinwheel sandwiches make an easy-to-make appetizer that everyone will love!


5 mins

Watermelon Berry Slushies Recipe

Beat the heat this summer with this easy delicious berry watermelon slushie recipe. This refreshing drink comes together in just 5 minutes.


5 mins

Sonic Ocean Water Recipe

This 5-ingredient Sonic ocean water with Sprite and coconut extract is a real refreshing and thirst-quenching treat during the summer.


1 days 15 mins

Lushie Slushie Recipe

This slushie recipe yields the right sweetness and kick of booze, from the lemonade and orange juice concentrate, and ginger ale!


3 hrs

Watermelon Lime Granita Recipe

Create a refreshing and boozy-version of a watermelon slushie with this lime granita recipe. It's sharp, tangy taste is added with a warm kick from the rum.


10 mins

Frozen Mojito Slushies Recipe

Stay cool with these frozen mojito slushies made with tangy fresh lime, sweet agave nectar, and refreshing mint. Blend a batch in 10 minutes!


5 mins

Strawberry Rosé Slushies Recipe

Beat the heat with this delicious 2-ingredient strawberry slushies recipe made fancier with Pink Moscato, which might be your next favorite summer drink!


2 mins

Tropical Wine Slushies Recipe

Enjoy a tropical vibe with these refreshing wine slushies that you can customize with your favorite fresh fruits and wine for a delicious summer drink.


10 mins

Frozen Bloody Mary Recipe

Make Friday nights exciting by introducing this frozen bloody mary recipe. Enjoy the goodness of the classic bloody mary as a slushie. You'll love it!


5 mins

Frozen Mojito (Frojito!) Recipe

Try this cool, refreshing drink with a ticklishly tangy twist. Apply generous amounts of honey if you want your concoction to be sweet.


20 mins

Golden Beetle Juice Slushie Recipe

If you love slushies, check out our refreshing slushie recipe! This slushie has notes of apricot, peaches, orange, and lemon. What more can you ask for?


4 hrs 20 mins

No-Bake Banana Split Cake Recipe

Make this easy no-bake layered dessert with simple ingredients like cream cheese, bananas, pineapples, cherries, and nuts to create the perfect sweet summer treat.