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Fig Recipes

Recommended Fig Recipes


45 mins

Sugar-Free Old-Fashioned Berry Cobbler Recipe

This Sugar-Free Old-Fashioned Berry Cobbler Recipe is a traditional American dessert with a twist. The twist is that you can still enjoy this baked good without the added sugar. What’s inside is a gooey and naturally sweet berry of your choice.


3 hrs

Fig Newtons Recipe (Copycat)

Our iconic copycat Fig Newtons scream nostalgia. With its freshly baked aroma, thick yet light crust, and sweet filling, you’ll surely want more.

Slow Cooked

55 mins

Pressure Cooker Stuffed Pork Chops Recipe

This recipe for stuffed pork chops with stuffing made with apples, bacon, and nuts turns simple pork chops into a fancy meal. A sweet and savory dish that’s reminiscent of the holiday season, yet perfect to serve any time of the year.


35 mins

Baked Cream of Chicken Pasta Recipe

Cook a hearty pasta dish with this simple and easy-to-follow chicken pasta recipe! Enjoy a delicious plate of pasta with this classic homemade dish.


56 mins

Confetti Macaroni Salad Recipe

Serve this refreshing dish on a summer day with our macaroni salad recipe. It's a combination of delicious vegetables and delightful seasoning!


Gateau Recipe

Gateau is what the French call their cakes. In this particular recipe, strawberry is the main flavor of choice, making it a summer-appropriate treat.


1 hr

Holiday Mulled Wine Recipe

Give your holiday guests a festive buzzed with this mulled wine recipe that features a combination of dried fruits, spices, and your favorite brandy.


25 mins

Marshmallow Bones Recipe

Kids and kids-at-heart will definitely enjoy these sweet homemade marshmallow bones! It combines gelatin, sugar, and corn syrup for pillowy treats.


Salmon Wrapped in Fig Leaves Recipe

Whip up the easiest salmon wrapped dish in this 5-ingredient recipe. Flaky salmon fillet is simply seasoned and covered with fig leaves for a tasty bite.

Pie & Pastry

1 hr 20 mins

Fig Galette Recipe

Honey-sweet figs are baked open-faced atop a flaky and buttery pie crust, then topped off with whipped cream, to create a decadent and fruity fig galette!


20 mins

Boozy Frozen Yogurt Recipe

Treat yourself with a spiked frozen yogurt that's rich in coffee tones from the Kahlua and coffee beans, for a sophisticated dessert!


2 hrs 50 mins

Pork Tenderloin With Figs Recipe

An excellent pork tenderloin dish for date nights. It looks and tastes like a million bucks but it’s easy to make and needs minimal preparation.


1 hr 25 mins

Chicken with Port and Figs Recipe

Enjoy a classy dinner with this chicken with port wine sauce. It’s baked and broiled until golden, then topped with poached figs.


1 hr 45 mins

Fig Cake Recipe

This fig cake is a moist and perfectly spiced dessert treat, loaded with delicious honey-like figs and pecans! The perfect teatime dessert to make anytime.


30 mins

Honey-Baked Figs with Ice Cream Recipe

A drizzle of honey and a slice of butter give these baked figs extra sweet flavors. Serve with a scoop of vanilla ice cream for a wonderful dessert pair!

Air Fryer

40 mins

Air Fryer Bacon-Wrapped Figs Recipe

Spruce up your holiday table with these bacon-wrapped figs, a sweet and savory appetizer that you can make with just two basic ingredients.

Dip, Sauce & Condiment

20 mins

Whipped Goat Cheese 7-Layer Dip Recipe

Spice up the party with this 7-layer dip packed with the crisp and crunch of bacon, pistachios, and sunflower seeds mixed with creamy whipped goat cheese.

Bread & Dough

1 hr 25 mins

Fig and Banana Loaf Recipe

This banana loaf offers a sweet and earthy bite from cinnamon, soy milk, and dried fig. Enjoy the moist and delectable bread baked in under an hour!
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