Lebanese Recipes

Lebanon may be a tiny country, but its food is diverse and rich. A sensory play on your tastebuds, Lebanese food brings you a melting pot of different cultural flavors. You'll definitely enjoy a healthier diet of aromatic Mediterranean food with Lebanese recipes such as fattoush and baklava.

Lebanese recipes

New Lebanese Recipes

Tabouli Salad Recipe

Tabouli Salad Recipe

Tabouli Salad, or Tabbouleh, is a healthy and delicious salad made from bulgur…
Total 20 mins

Lamb Fattoush Recipe

Lamb fattoush upgrades a traditional Lebanese salad dish of tomatoes and mixed greens…
Total 50 mins

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Popular Lebanese Recipes

crockpot fasolia

Crockpot Fasolia Recipe

Fasolia, sometimes spelled Fasoulia, has it's roots in the Syrian, Greek and Lebanese…
Total 3 hrs 10 mins

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