cooking oil recipes

Cooking Oil Recipes

Recommended Cooking Oil Recipes


25 mins

Taiwanese Sesame Cucumbers Recipe

Savor a simple and tasty side in this Taiwanese sesame cucumbers recipe that tosses crunchy cucumbers in rice vinegar, sesame seeds, and rice vinegar.


25 mins

Baked Sesame Teriyaki Salmon Recipe

Baked Sesame Teriykai Salmon is a five star salmon baked with the best homemade sesame teriyaki sauce. This is easily one of the best things that you will eat!

Pan-Fry & Skillet

25 mins

Sesame Orange Shrimp Recipe

Crispy and yet sticky sweet, this sesame orange shrimp is a fun, Asian-inspired seafood dish that you can whip up in less than half an hour.

Dip, Sauce & Condiment

10 mins

Sesame Vinaigrette Recipe

Perk up your typical salads with this sesame vinaigrette. It combines the flavors of soy sauce, honey, tahini, and sesame in one rich and creamy dressing.


25 mins

Olive Oil Pancakes Recipe

Olive oil pancakes are a healthier version of a breakfast staple that doesn't compromise on anything- taste, fluffiness, and ease.

Pan-Fry & Skillet

45 mins

Sesame Crusted Tuna with Ginger Cream Recipe

Perfectly seared and seasoned, this sesame crusted tuna is an Asian-inspired dish that balances the delicate flavors of the ocean with ginger and chili.

Ice Cream

1 hr 40 mins

Olive Oil Vanilla Ice Cream Recipe

If you've never tried olive oil as a dessert, then you should definitely try to make this vanilla ice cream. It's infused with the oil for a savory twist.

Pan-Fry & Skillet

20 mins

Sticky Sesame Garlic Shrimp Recipe

Sticky Sesame Garlic Shrimp is coated in the most amazing sticky Asian sauce and topped with green onions and sesame seeds! This is a quick and easy 30-minute meal that you will make again and again!

Pan-Fry & Skillet

20 mins

Honey Sesame Beef Recipe

You only need 20 minutes to whip up a flavorfully rich and sweet honey sesame beef dish! Enjoy tender bites of skirt steak and peas, all in one meal.

Pan-Fry & Skillet

25 mins

Skillet Sesame Chicken and Broccoli Recipe

Fill your belly up with this hearty and savory sesame chicken and broccoli, that's tossed and lusciously coated in a sweet-tangy sauce, for a tasty meal!


40 mins

Maple Sesame Kale Chips Recipe

Kale chips were all the rage back then, and this recipe is another way to enjoy them with a medley of flavors- partly sweet, slightly salty, & a bit spicy.


17 mins

Thai Peanut Sesame Noodles Recipe

Bring together the classic combination of peanut butter, ginger, and chili sauce to make these sweet and savory Thai sesame noodles.


15 mins

Easy Garlic Sesame Noodles Recipe

It doesn't get any simpler than these garlic sesame noodles with soy sauce, rice vinegar, and ginger. You can add veggies or meats or keep it easy & basic.

Dip, Sauce & Condiment

5 mins

Olive Oil Vinaigrette Recipe

You can never go wrong with a tangy and tasty vinaigrette! This vinaigrette recipe comes with vinegar, olive oil, and dijon mustard for the best dressing.

Dip, Sauce & Condiment

1 hr 35 mins

Olive Oil Poached Cherry Tomato Sauce Recipe

This cherry tomato sauce is a flavorful concoction that is brought by the combination of poached cherry tomatoes, the minty taste of shallots, and herbs.


20 mins

Green Beans With Orange Olive Oil Recipe

Tender yet crisp, these steamed green beans coated with zesty orange olive oil goes best with your proteins. Make the glossy dish in just 22 minutes.


1 hr 10 mins

Citrus Olive Oil Cake Recipe

Delight in a soft and tangy dessert with this olive oil cake infused with the flavors of your chosen citrus fruit, and drizzled with a simple sugar glaze.


10 mins

Olive Oil and Parmesan Popcorn Recipe

Hosting a movie night party? Jazz up your snacks with this popcorn recipe that's full of flavor. The olive oil and parmesan cheese make it fancier.
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