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Ghee Recipes

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Instant Pot

Instant Pot Shrimp Biryani Recipe

The multi-cooker makes this beloved Indian dish an easy clean-up. the shrimp and spices are first sautéed in the pot, then the rice is well cooked.


45 mins

Yogurt-Marinated Lamb Kebabs Recipe

With the meat marinated in yogurt, these lamb kebabs serve a tender and juicy dish in under an hour. It's also basted with lemon butter for more tang.

Stir Fry

40 mins

Pot Sticker Stir-Fry Recipe

A wrapper-less version of pot sticker, this tasty stir-fry is packed with cabbage, ground pork, mushroom made flavorful with a savory mix of seasonings.

Rice & Risotto

50 mins

Saffron Rice Pilaf Recipe

Make your meals more colorful with this bright and fluffy saffron rice pilaf, made flavorful with saffron, orange zest, and cloves, for a spiced side!


3 hrs

Lamb Curry Recipe

Tender meat, potatoes, and a flavorful, spiced sauce come together in one plate with this delicious lamb curry. Serve with rice for a satisfying meal.

Bread & Dough

6 hrs 25 mins

Simple Naan Recipe

Enjoy a soft and pillowy dish in this easy skillet naan recipe. Flour, yogurt, and yeast are combined for this simple and tasty Indian-style flatbread.

Dip, Sauce & Condiment

27 mins

Ghee Recipe

Add some nutty, buttery notes to a ton of dishes with this ghee recipe. This clarified butter famous in Indian cuisines takes just a few minutes to make.

Fried Rice

2 hrs 15 mins

Spicy Goat Curried Rice Pilaf Recipe

This spicy rice pilaf recipe combines curried black goat meat and fluffy brown basmati rice for an exotic tasting dish made with aromatic spices and herbs.

Fried Rice

1 hr

Coconut Basmati Rice Recipe

Coconut basmati rice is not usual coconut rice. This one is savory made with fresh herbs and spices perfect to be paired with a curry dish.

Rice & Risotto

30 mins

Low-Carb Chicken Biryani Recipe

Make a low-carb version of this popular Indian dish by cooking chicken biryani with cauliflower rice. You wouldn't even notice the difference.


2 hrs 20 mins

Vegetarian Palak Moong Dal Recipe

Have a hearty warm bowl of this palak moong dal. This Indian dish is boiled with ghee and a handful of spices, served with a squeeze of lemon juice.

Fried Rice

1 hr

Easy Vegetable Biryani Recipe

Whip up this bold and rich Indian vegetable biryani for your next meal! It's made with spiced rice and tasteful vegetables for a filling meal.


50 mins

Creamy Saag Paneer Recipe

Find new comfort food in the form of our Indian saag paneer! It's loaded with seasoned spinach and cheese for a tasteful dish.


50 mins

Classic Chicken Saag Recipe

Cook up an authentic Indian meal for dinner of chicken saag. It's a tasteful, herbed curry loaded with tender chicken for a belly-filling dish.

Rice & Risotto

1 hr 15 mins

Chicken Biryani Recipe

Chicken biryani is an Indian classic that's packed with tender chicken bites tossed in a spiced rice. Serve up a hearty plate of this for dinner tonight!

Pan-Fry & Skillet

50 mins

Lamb Keema with Peas Recipe

Switch dinner up by making a rich lamb keema with peas dish. Ground lamb is seasoned with spices then simmered in tomato sauce along with tender peas.


25 mins

Paneer Bhurji Avocado Toast Recipe

Go Indian for breakfast with this paneer bhurji made with Indian paneer cheese sauteed with spices as a topper for a tasty avocado toast with a fried egg.


Murungai Poriyal Recipe

For this healthy poriyal dish, the Moringa leaves provide a nice green color and an earthy, slightly bitter taste that go well with mustard seeds and chili.


Ground Masala Sambar With Okra Recipe

The mix of the sour and savory flavor of this sambar is emphasized with the use of okra instead of the usual lentils. Try this inexpensive vegan dish!


4 hrs 45 mins

Patholi Recipe

Grab a bite of this unique and flavorful Indian patholi recipe for dinner tonight! It's loaded spicy flavors and lentils, and takes no time to make.

Slow Cooked

4 hrs 15 mins

Slow-Cooker Venison Tenderloin Recipe

This slow-cooked dish tenderizes the venison meat that's cooked for four hours with spices, porcini mushrooms, and tomatoes in a rich and flavorful broth.


2 hrs 30 mins

Dum Adai Indian Tart Recipe

If you've never tried a tart recipe like this, well, you should. It's got the flavors and a unique bite which makes it a popular Indian tart.


40 mins

Freekeh With Chicken Recipe

This broiled chicken thigh recipe is a tasty and well-balanced meal made with the ancient grain, freekeh, and served with toasted nuts and herbs all in one flavorful dish.
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