We Asked Restaurant Chefs For Their Favorite Chewy Snacks

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Bob evans Published: October 2, 2023
We Asked Restaurant Chefs For Their Favorite Chewy Snacks

We Asked Restaurant Chefs For Their Favorite Chewy Snacks

When it comes to satisfying our snack cravings, there’s nothing quite like a chewy treat. The texture, the flavors, and the satisfaction of sinking your teeth into something deliciously chewy are unparalleled. So, we decided to reach out to some of the top restaurant chefs and asked them what their all-time favorite chewy snacks are. Prepare your taste buds for a delightful journey through the world of chewiness!

1. Soft Pretzels

Who can resist a warm, soft pretzel? It’s the perfect combination of chewy and slightly crunchy. According to Chef Julia from The Gourmet Bistro, soft pretzels are her go-to chewy snack. Whether enjoyed on their own or paired with mustard or cheese dip, these twisted delights are a crowd-pleaser.

2. Fruit Leather

If you’re looking for a healthier chewy snack option, Chef Carlos from Fresh n’ Flavors recommends fruit leather. Made from pureed fruit, these chewy treats are packed with natural flavors and nutrients. They come in a variety of fruity flavors and are perfect for satisfying your sweet tooth.

3. Beef Jerky

For those who prefer a savory chewy snack, Chef Michael from Savory Delights swears by beef jerky. The tender, chewy strips of dried beef are full of protein and make for a satisfying snack on the go. Whether you prefer it spicy, teriyaki-flavored, or classic, beef jerky is sure to satisfy your craving.

4. Gummy Bears

Who doesn’t love a classic gummy bear? Chef Lisa from Sugar Rush confesses that she has a soft spot for these chewy, fruity candies. Whether you enjoy them by the handful or use them to decorate cakes and desserts, gummy bears are a timeless chewy snack that brings out the kid in all of us.

5. Coconut Macaroons

For a decadent and chewy treat, Chef Anthony from Coastal Flavors suggests coconut macaroons. These little delights have a crispy exterior and a delightfully chewy interior. With their sweet coconut flavor, they are the perfect afternoon pick-me-up or a delicious addition to your favorite dessert.

So, there you have it! The favorite chewy snacks of some top restaurant chefs. From soft pretzels to fruit leather, beef jerky to gummy bears, and coconut macaroons, the world of chewy treats is vast and delightful. Whether you’re in the mood for something sweet or savory, there’s a chewy snack out there waiting to satisfy your cravings. So, why not pick up one of these delicious treats and indulge in some chewy goodness today?

What are some of the chewy snacks that restaurant chefs recommend?
Restaurant chefs often recommend a variety of chewy snacks that are flavorful and satisfying. Some popular choices include dried fruit, such as mango or figs, beef jerky for a savory option, gummy bears and other chewy candies for a sweet treat, homemade granola bars with added nutty textures, and soft-baked cookies like chocolate chip or oatmeal raisin.
Are there any unique and lesser-known chewy snacks that chefs enjoy?
Yes, chefs also enjoy exploring lesser-known chewy snacks that add an interesting twist to their culinary adventures. Some examples include mochi, a Japanese rice cake with a chewy texture and various fillings, Turkish delight, a gel-like confectionery flavored with rosewater or other unique ingredients, and rice paper rolls filled with vegetables and herbs for a light and chewy snack.
Do chefs have any preferences for chewy snacks that are healthy?
Absolutely! Many chefs prioritize healthy options when it comes to chewy snacks. They often recommend dried fruit without added sugars, like apricots or cranberries, as a nutritious and chewy snack. They also enjoy chewy granola bars made with wholesome ingredients such as oats, nuts, and honey. Additionally, chefs appreciate homemade fruit leather as a healthier alternative to store-bought versions.
Can you suggest any vegan or vegetarian chewy snacks preferred by chefs?
Chefs have a variety of delicious vegan and vegetarian chewy snacks that they enjoy. Some popular options include vegan fruit gummies made with agar or pectin instead of gelatin, chewy roasted chickpeas or edamame for a savory protein-filled snack, homemade energy balls made with dates, nuts, and seeds, and dried seaweed for a unique and nutritious chewy treat.
Are there any international chewy snacks that chefs recommend?
Definitely! Chefs often draw inspiration from different cuisines and enjoy international chewy snacks. Some favorites include Arabic halva, a dense and chewy dessert made from tahini or nut butter, Korean rice cakes called tteok with their signature chewy texture, Italian taralli, a chewy and savory biscuit-like snack, and Swiss B√ľndner Nusstorte, a chewy pastry filled with caramelized nuts.
Can you suggest any chewy snack combinations that chefs particularly enjoy?
Chefs love to get creative with chewy snacks and enjoy combining different flavors and textures to create unique combinations. Some examples include dipping dried apple slices in almond butter for a sweet and nutty chewy experience, combining beef jerky with dried mango for a savory-sweet balance, pairing gummy bears with crunchy popcorn, and crumbling macaroons over creamy yogurt for a chewy and indulgent treat.